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  1. 5 Black Rhino 20” wheels 5 Nitto Extreme Terrain tires 37x13.50R20LT 6000 miles cost $5,000 asking $2,500 located in Wyoming will be able to deliver to Phoenix February 2022 Gold Digger 307-262-4403
  2. Been working on rebuild of THE REAL JEEP 1978 CJ5. It has been a very long project but progress is being made!
  3. Trying to do something to 78 CJ5. Ordered new seats and discovered I look like a gorilla driving a VW micro bus. Does anybody have any ideas about what might fix as a replacement??
  4. Obviously don't look at this often. 5 wheels off 2004 TJ. Needing hard top for same. Gold Digger
  5. Got back safe and sound last night. Wash jeep. Have to do that when they are so new. Thanks for a great trip. Gold digger
  6. DIANNE, will see ya soon. Seems like the meet up point is in closer to Gold Canyon. According to the map. See ya there. You can find me 307-262-4403 or KG7LFA. 146.46. Gold Digger
  7. DIANNE Thanks for everything. Will meet you in goldfield 0900 hrs tomorrow. We will pick up my rider at cottonwood canyon when we turn off of hwy 79. I thought there were 2 entrances but one is pipleline road. Looking forward to the trip. Gold Digger
  8. Thanks I will get him organized. I wonder if you will go in on the North or South entrance or does it make a difference. I suspect that is where we will air Down. I will try to guess a time we will be there. If you have any idea of arrival let le know.,Thanks I know I am PITA but I always was. Thanks. Gold Digger:o
  9. Got the map. Are we going to to in thru cottonwood canyon road. If we are I Might meet him there. Let me know. Thanks. Gold Digger
  10. Chris. Lost your phone number could you please tell me again Thanks Gold Digger
  11. I am picking up a rider from Casa Grande. He would like to meet me in Superior if this is possible. I wonder which route we will be taking after we Gold Field. Anything is possible just need to know where I could tell him to meet us. Thanks. Gold Digger
  12. Thanks. Looking forward to it. Hope to be a little more alert next time I sign up for something. Thanks again. Gold Digger
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