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  1. Was great to finally wheel with you two as well as Kris!!
  2. Wow been almost a year since I've posted here. Between a radical switch of jobs after being in banking for 5 years, attempting to manage and run my own Jeep WJ group here in AZ, and fixing item after item on my Jeep I haven't been able to attribute much time to much else. I have also been going out as much as I can in between fixing stuff. My Jeep now has no bumper fascia in the front. I still need to trim the fenders more and also want to chop up the stock bumper a bit. I've plastidipped the Jeep emblems (I know, I know) because I didn't like silver on silver. I've also added two pod lights to the front behind the grill (idea from Jeff H) and rewired (those are wired into my fog light switch. Haven't added much else. Hopefully after I get some control arm bushings replaced, motor mounts replaced, and see where the leak is in my account system I should be ready to start putting some more money into upgrades. Here's a recent picture from our exploration trip out at Seven Springs / Bloody Basin Rd.
  3. Unfortunately I am out for this one due to a serious family event, and requires me to be elsewhere this weekend. Sorry
  4. Thanks guys! It definitely is alot of work. My girl also drives one so we have two lifted WJs. Double the trouble as they say!
  5. LOL still haven't trimmed either... Since this my radiator and some power steering hoses have been replaced.
  6. Wow it has really been a year since I've posted here. Haven't added much to the Jeep. There are two leds in the grill now that have definitely made a difference. Now I want to add more when time and money permits. Other then that, nothing much new to report. We take it on camping and wheeling trips whenever we can. One day I'll be able to afford dumping more $ into it, but that day has yet to come.
  7. Holy shit, I just saw this... I can't believe it!!! Your WJ would be a dream to own haha. Its definitely still a Jeep, at any rate. Good luck your new build, will be watching.
  8. Was going to sign up for this one but there's a wait list.. Hoping I can finally make it out on a run this year with orp. Add me to the reserve list please.
  9. Damn nice WJ dude! I need to checkout that skid too, looks beefy!
  10. Nice WJ and good find on the 4'' lift! Are you going to be on short arms or long arms once you get that on?
  11. LOL it was actually me that started it.....but I guess I'll forgive you for thinking that though since I have yet to attend a run I can see how you would think Jeff is the main admin lol. Looks like a fun run. One of these days
  12. Dang thats crazy haha, I was watching that when it aired. I usually watch that channel for news haha.
  13. So haven't really updated much. I've finally got the sway bar disconnects fixed, and replaced a couple of tie rods thanks to Jeff again. Always appreciate his help so much. Next is going to be some control arm bushings that have worn out, both up front and in back. I definitely want to start working on some armor other than the skid plate I have up front. Desert shot 1 Stance! Favorite driveway pic The view
  14. Holy crap that scary! Glad you're okay. Mind sharing what tire shop that was? Thats a serious issue....
  15. Looking good! Whats the lumen output on those? Looks great!
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