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  1. Interested for sure. Cabins preferred so would appreciate more info regarding group rates if possible Mike. Thanks
  2. We just returned from Death Valley and don't recommend anyone going there for at least a few weeks, possibly much longer. Several paved and many dirt roads were closed due to previous storms when we arrived on Friday, March 8. On Wednesday evening and into Thursday, March 14 it rained very hard and washed out what few roads were open. We were lucky to get out at all. When we first arrived there was no access to Titus Canyon (no you can't go around the barriers as the road is impassable), Wildrose Road leading to Skidoo & the Charcoal Kilns, Westside Road and others and after that Wednesday night storm many other roads were washed out as well. Click this link to find the latest road closures: https://www.nps.gov/deva/planyourvisit/conditions.htm
  3. Sooo sorry but I can't make it. Up half the night dealing with everything exiting out both ends. Don't know if it's the flu or something I ate but I'll be spending the day close to where I'm sitting now. Call me and I'll walk you through.the details. This sucks!
  4. jkucrawler: See my post for this Saturday. Hope to see you there.
  5. ***CANCELLED*** Join us for a day run from Rio Rico to Patagonia this Saturday, 2/3/18. Steep hill climb to the 4 Metals Mine, over the top to the Mowry Mine, then explore the Harshaw Cemetery on the way to Patagonia. If enough interest we can make a quick stop at the border where the old railroad rail fence meets the new. Last stop will be in Patagonia by 5:00 where you can find a place to eat dinner or head home. From Patagonia it's about 60 miles via 82 & 83 to the intersection of I10 & I19 in South Tucson. No serious challenges on this run but the road running up to the 4 Metals Mine is loose gravel and steep. Suitable for mildly modified vehicles with good clearance and at least 1 locker. Stock Rubicons OK. Pack a lunch and plenty to drink. All attendees must sign a waiver that I will provide. Ladies are cordially invited.
  6. Dana 44 front axle shafts out of my 2009 JK Rubicon Unlimited with approx. 25k miles. Axle shafts are perfect only selling because I upgraded to RCV shafts a few years ago. Pickup in Green Valley. Will make great spares. $50.
  7. Upgraded to 456 so stock 410's up for sale. Gears are perfect and include bearings. Pickup from Kermit (Russ) in Green Valley. $100
  8. Butler/Comb Washes near Blanding, Utah (I will post this run) Kingman, AZ South of Tucson: Cerro Colorado, Arivaca, Ruby, Border fence near Nogales, Patagonia. (I will post this run)
  9. Chris - You have me on the first page as "Saturday through Tuesday" but I'm skipping Terry's Revenge on Saturday so it should be "Sunday through Tuesday". No big deal - I just don't want any misunderstanding. Looking forward to it!! Kermit
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