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  1. @JCW, I’m sorry, no. I sold it quite awhile ago. I had it posted on several forums and thought I had cleaned them all up. I guess I missed ORP. FWIW, I used this to mount my RTT on my lifted LJ. It wasn’t really very good for that. The tent is about 95 lbs, but it made the hoist sag enough that I could barely get it to the rack. Plus it’s tedious because the hoist part is geared so low. Lots and lots of cranking. It may work better to remove the top, but I never tried that. The guy who bought it was going to use it for a heavier tent. He planned to strengthen the components a bit and extend the height.
  2. This is an easy to use hoist for removing and storing your Jeep hardtop. It's in great condition. (I was using it to hoist and store my roof top tent.)
  3. Well, we were going to be late, and now we're sick. Jackie and I are going to sit this one out. I hope everyone has a great weekend.
  4. Just sent payment. Jackie and I will have to drive up Saturday; I doubt we'll be in time for the Cinders, but perhaps we can help with the prep for the afternoon.
  5. Sounds better than that night we all sat around a lantern. I didn't find that particularly warm... But the bugs liked it.
  6. I voted for a meeting because I think it's difficult to use the threads for productive outcomes around a question like this. The threads lack context and real interaction. I do agree with the folks above who noted that the club might be less fun to run if it becomes a democracy, but I think we could have a meeting with the intent to help carry the burden of ideas for trips. Seems like it would be a fun and useful meeting.
  7. Kris, Per my note, I'm out for this weekend... Have fun. And sorry Scott, I'm going to miss you again with the Spot.
  8. Home safe. Thanks for leading the trip, Kris. That was a cool area and I learned a valuable lesson about not obeying "Road Closed" signs. Cam
  9. Hi Scott, That works. I'm in Mesa. You can pick it up or get it from me at one of the ORP events. Let me know. Cam
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