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  1. Got a drone for myself as a post-back surgery gift. So far, really enjoying flying it (this was my third time out) and haven't crashed! Here's some video from above the SASCO (Southern Arizona Smelting Company) ruins: You can get more info on SASCO at: http://www.experience-az.com/adventures/4wd/sasco/sasco.html Matt
  2. In May we went out to 96 Ranch at night to capture some photos of "ghosts" with my friend (the model who did Jeep Topless Day with us) and her family. Although we didn't see any real ghosts (which I am happy about), it was a really fun shoot. Here are a few pictures from the trip. You can see both galleries by going to: http://www.experience-az.com/images/galleries/96ranchghosts/96ranchghosts.html
  3. Very sad. I had a similar (but a lot less severe issue happen to me). My friend and I were out at Chiva Falls at night. We both have 2010 Jeep Wranglers. He parked about 10 feet behind me on a slight grade. We both put our vehicles in Park, turned them off and got out. I went around back and opened up the tailgate. My daughter came up next to me to get something out of the back. All of a sudden, I hear yelling behind me and a loud clicking noise. My friend's Jeep was rolling toward me. He was trying to get back into the vehicle to see if he could stop it. My daughter jumped into the back of my Jeep. I tried to get out of the way. Unfortunately (and fortunately at the same time), I thought the closest way was the way I was facing which was toward the tailgate. It was only partially open and I began to push it open so I could get by it. I never got it all the way open. And that was very lucky. His Jeep "smashed" ( in quotes since he wasn't going very fast) into my tailgate. The tailgate was at a perfect 90 degrees to my Jeep and all that force went directly into the hinges and then into the frame. My Jeep rocked up and down, but it stopped his Jeep in its tracks. The edge of the tailgate road up his bumper and put a knife edged dent into his hood and grill. If the tailgate would have been open further or not as much, it would have broken it off its hinges and maybe have pinned me against the Jeep and broke a leg or two. The only damage to my Jeep was some paint missing from the edge of the tailgate where it knifed into his hood. My friend took his Jeep to the dealer (still under warranty) and I am not making this up, one of the service managers told him the transmission coming out of park when stopped was a "feature" put in by Jeep. After much arguing, he got a new transmission, though I think it's a design flaw, not a one off faulty construction. It doesn't happen all the time, but he could make it happen 1 out of 10 times given the right conditions. Super glad no one was hurt, but I did learn a big lesson. I ALWAYS use my parking brake now. ALWAYS. I used to use it only when I was on an incline I felt needed it. The incline we were on was very, very shallow and I wouldn't have thought twice about using it before this. So, now even on 100% flat surface, I use my parking brake. Should've known that earlier, but live and learn. I am sad Anton wasn't given this chance.
  4. Thanks! I hope everyone enjoyed JTD this year!
  5. Happy Jeep Topless Day 2016! To celebrate, I took some photos of actress, model, friend and hairdresser extraordinaire Taryn Gibson during sunset in a completely topless (and doorless) Experience Arizona Jeep. It was the first time I’d ever taken everything off. It was an awesome experience! Come take a look at the photo gallery and enjoy JTD 2016! http://www.experience-az.com/images/galleries/jeeptoplessday2016/jtd1/jtd1.html
  6. I finally completed my short horror film, Writer's Block. No bad words, not a lot of gore, buy you may not want to watch it at work (it is horror after all). Let me know what you think.
  7. Here's a quick teaser for my newest project - a short horror movie called, Writer's Block. All writers know the hardest thing about writing a book is finishing it. But what author Michael Rutter fails to realize is that sometimes the books are better left unfinished.
  8. Here's a site that I found on Google Earth and was finally able to visit after three tries. Not that it was difficult to get to (you can access Carpenter's Well with a 2WD vehicle), but it was just that there was so much other stuff on the way, we never had time to make it there :-). Anyway, it's a cool old homestead that started out as adobe, then was upgraded a few times. We also hiked to an old dam in the area. Found the buckets they used to build it. Wow. That must have been a job! Trying to get the history on the place. Here's some photos and a link to more photos, video, etc, etc. http://www.experience-az.com/adventures/4wd/carpenterswellruins/carpenterswellruins.html
  9. FYI, Helvetia has also now been closed off by the mining company. No surprise, but a bummer still.
  10. Allen, Sorry, the only information I can share right now is that it's north of Globe. I am not sure I will be allowed/able to share exact location of these sites.
  11. Want to start off 2016 in a grand way? Experience Arizona has you covered. We are teaming up with Saguaro Scottsdale and New Year's Eve 2016 to send you to Arizona's premier New Year's Eve Party. FOR FREE! You could win a VIP package worth over $425! Tickets include: - VIP Tickets to the event - Access to Private VIP Rooms - 3-Hour Ultra-Premium Reception - Lavish Hors d’oeuvres by Iron Chef Jose Garces - Midnight Champagne Toast - Video Countdown & Confetti Explosion - Party Hats & Favors - Live Casino & Silent Auction It's free and easy to enter. The more you enter, the better your chance of winning the tickets. But hurry, there's less than a week left before we draw the winning ticket. Go here for information on how to enter and links to the New Year's Eve Party website: http://www.experience-az.com/coolstuff/contest/newyearseve2016/newyearseve2016.html
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