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  1. Friends! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. The DayDreamin' crew is bound for Montrose,Co. for a wintery wonderland. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the trail this New Year. Happy Holidays!!!!!:D:D:D
  2. got my aev procal in the mail today.. no more tpms light, set the computer for the right size tires(helped the shift points and the odometer is correct again too) slapped in a k&n filter. getting ready to ride...
  3. New shoes..... Duratracs 285 70 17s... its about fricken time!
  4. Howdy Folks! The Brown Bunch is headed for the East Coast this summer and one of our destinations is Vermont. Looking to see if anyone has any past experience traveling there. Looking for that jeep trail that screams bueatiful! Any input would be great.
  5. My Boyz raved about the great time they had in stellar company! Great day of wheelin' with awesome friends! Wonderful to know!
  6. Thank you for all the Birthday wishes! It's been a Fabulous Day!
  7. Hey!Hey! looking forward to seeing everyone! I will bring plates, napkins and forks! And some goodies too!
  8. Absolutely too cool! Crazy.. but way cool!
  9. It was still fun! We had a good time just hanging with some great folks under the sun. Do Over!
  10. I must say, it is just as spectacular as the pictures! What a complete blast. Hung out in some of the most gorgeous country I have ever laid eyes on. The company was an absolute pleasure- fabulous group of people! The trip was a perfect success and We had a trip that will last forever. Thank you to all for stellar trip. ~Annabel and crew
  11. We made it home safe and sound as well! That was righteous. What a great place to camp. Do over! My boys slept the whole way home and they were sooooo filthy. Luke was disgusting! All signs of a very good time! ~ Brown Bunch
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