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  1. Over-done. Nothing like having limb risers guide those branches right into your roof lights and fiberglass roof top tent.
  2. My family and I had a great time. Thanks to everyone for setting this up. - Kurt, Paula, and Mikaela.
  3. We would love to join. This will be our first outing with the Offroad Passport group. Myself + 2. Thx, Kurt T.
  4. Those look amazing all polished up. Can you PM me the location? My daughter loves collecting rocks and I would love gathering some with her. Thx, Kurt T.
  5. Hi Adriann. I have a set of brand new IRO ZJ 3.5 front springs you are more then welcome to @ no charge. I had a 94' ZJ as was going to a front to rear spring swap for a total lift of 3.5". I am in Gilbert. you can email me @ yz250wr at msn dot com if interested. - Kurt
  6. We are located near Higley & Guadalupe.
  7. I do. This is from the Mojave Rd last year, or the year before... I forget
  8. Hi everyone. I joined the forum sometime ago but I think this is my first post ? My family and I moved out to Gilbert AZ from Southern California this past summer. My daughter and I are looking forward to going on some runs out here. I belong to Expedition Portal and have been on a handful of trips over there. I also lead a Mojave Rd trip a few years back. I would like to do that one again. My current rig (also my daily driver) is a 2007 Jeep XK Commander 5.7, 2"lift and I tow a lifted Fleetwood Neon behind it. I might be switching this combo up in the future but for now it works for what we do. Thanks for reading, and I'll be around. - Kurt T.
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