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  1. well this weekend I installed a 40mm lift in my G wagon. Going to go shopping for tires this week. Want to keep them in the 31-32" range (currently have 205/16's) for last couple of years the G has gotten me around anywhere I have wanted to go but has touched a few times. This adjustment should solve that.
  2. 6x6pinz

    added a new toy

    factory listed top speed is 90mph. I have run it up to 85mph just to see how it does. It will run at those speeds but is much happier running 65 to 70 mph. For a military truck that is pretty fast. I am used to driving an Isuzu NPR for work which starts to overrun the diesel engine at 60mph and my pinzgauers that run 60 mph (on flat ground). Makes this truck seem like a speed demon. The idea for the G wagon is to have a military vehicle I can drive daily and take out for day trips. Still going to use the Pinz for any longer offroad/overland trips.
  3. 6x6pinz

    added a new toy

    no, it is an M102 4 cylinder gas motor. Drove it back from Vallejo Ca. and it managed 19.5 miles to the gallon. This one I am going to keep pretty much stock. So far just added seat belts to rear seats a radio and when the temps drop will install an AC unit to make things more comfy in the summers. I don't see a need for any other changes. Has locker in the rear, so that will do for what I intend to use it for. I can always take out my 6x pinz if I need more get around ability.
  4. Picked up another Swiss Army surplus vehicle. A 91 Puch 230GE. These are the same as the Mercedes G wagons just badged under the Puch name.
  5. I have also lost a valve stem on my ford while getting items out of the bed and using the axle as a step. Slipped off and broke teh valve stem. Had to change tire to get home. This would have been a lot faster and left me with a spare while on the trail.
  6. Ran into an Offroad Passport member in a maroon jeep on his way to the Redfield stone house. Hope you all made it down to the house and out before dark. Good to run into members on the trail.
  7. I have a friend who is looking for an early to mid eighties Toyota 4wd pickup in very good to excellent condition. He is willing to pay the price for the right truck. I have helped him find other vehicles and he is not afraid to pay the price to get what he wants. Hoping someone knows of a quality truck that he can get into. You can PM me with details or contact info if you know of one. thanks for your time Mike
  8. I will see if anyone in our group kept a copy of the file. I don't usually hang on to them very long.
  9. Sarah, glad to hear you are feeling better. I hate the heat related illnesses. People just don't get it until they experience them for themselves. Seems to drain me for days when I get hit by them.
  10. I stayed at the road to get the ambulance to the scene. By the time the ambulance got on scene the helicopter had the patient loaded up and ready to take off. Another emergency vehicle arrived on scene before the ambulance and called in the helo. Matt was led back to the scene by the son and he saw the father. Said it looked like an indian had tried to scalp the father. The father was awake and coherent but bleeding pretty good and head injuries are nothing to mess around with. The sheriff showed up as we were getting ready to leave and wanted everyone out so they could do their investigation. With all the foot traffic and a couple eye witnessed it should have been a pretty easy task. It was a case of a guy riding his quad way to fast for road conditions and not wearing any protective gear. Slid off the road, hit an embankment, flew out into the desert landing head first. He did have movement of his hands and feet so hopefully he will recover without too much difficulty. A few of us were thinking of taking the CPR/first responder class coming up and this just solidifies the need for such training. All of my certs are outdated and I was planning on attending to get them back up to date so now I am going to push for a few others of us in the pinz group to attend. Great information at these classes, never too much knowledge in first aid.
  11. Very good time. Hope Sarah got to feeling better. Sunday the FJ group joined us for another brief trail talk and then they led us to Chimney Rock and beyond. Unfortunately Matt (red pinz owner) and I did not have time to camp Sunday night. As things work out on the way out we ran into a quad guy who needed a cell phone to call for emergency help after his father crashed his ATV. The emergency units showed up and then brought in the helicopter to get him out. We were only a couple miles down the road from where we left the group to head home. After that bit of excitement we finally headed home around 8:30P. I got home around 11:30 which made for a really long day.
  12. I can remember several of the "die Offs" San Carlos lake has had. The water just gets low, the algae takes over and hte fish die off. Sad to see as in years past this was one of my favorite lakes to catch crappie in. Have not been there in a while because it never really recovered from the last die off. The loss of the fish really hurts the economy there also. The B.A.S.S. used to hold tournaments there that would generate a lot of money for the locals. The spring time fishing also brought in a substantial bit of income. Sad to see the lake in this condition.
  13. Just making plans with one of the other pinz owners. Might head down after work on Friday, any excuse to get another night in the truck works for me. Wife says I have to be home Sunday night so Monday is out for me but I am in for Saturday and Sunday. Should be a good time. Weather is supposed to cool down for the weekend. Hopefully no more wind. After the Expo I have had enough wind for a little while. See ya there.
  14. talked to a buddy in WA. He said they are having the same issues (wires, ropes and carpet with nails on the trails) When the officials have been lucky enough to catch some of the individuals the reason given is that they don't want people back where they are growing their illegal pot plants.
  15. I have not done many of them but have always wanted to. Chivo Falls is one of my favorites, always wanted to get there when the water was actually flowing at a rate more then just a trickle. Seems when I get down there for the clean ups, we spend the whole day cleaning up and have to get home the next morning. would be nice to have a designated run there to just enjoy the area.
  16. been out with another pinz guy and we both (simultaneously) had issues. We were close enough to walk to a point where we could get cell service and call for help. the next day we took two more pinzies in and fixed/recovered the original two and drove home. In my earlier years when I had a jeep I knew it would always break down so we just planned on staying on any trail we took. We were not what we would considered stranded but rather delayed in getting home. The wife knew if I said it was a day trip it would turn into a multi day affair with heavy repair bills. thank goodness I found the pinz and don't have those issues anymore.
  17. Going to check my schedule, would love to do this with you. The Reddington pass area is an area I have helped with clean up on before and done some of the trails in the area. I think it would be fantastic to get a little background of the area.
  18. tough call. Most of the areas will most likely be closing for fire safety in the near future do to the rain we had earlier this year. I would think the only places that would meet the criteria would be the old highway 666 up the Arizona border. Hannagan meadows area and a trip down to the San Fransisco river would keep you at elevation. Always enjoyed hunting in that area.
  19. having read the above postings I can tell my pet peeve won't be taken well. I don't know why people don't realize that it is a speed LIMIT not a recommendation. Someone doing five under the posted LIMIT is not in the wrong he just does not consider himself above the law. The 2, 3, 5, 10 or 15 mph above the posted LIMIT is just a sign of an arrogant driver to me. You will find you don't have to weave in and out of traffic if you just follow the law. flame on!
  20. No way around the rock garden. You are in a very narrow canyon and must go through it. I did not look at it from the perspective of taking a full size truck through it. I would think if it were lifted and had some protection it might be possible. I would expect some body damage and definitely going to hit bottom. Currently it is the hardest I have seen it. In the past, when I was called to go out and rescue some folks, the garden was just a series of shelves. You can get in to the lake via the FR393 from the north though. That way has its own challenges. They are no where near as difficult as the log corral side. The FR393 road is very scenic. I would like to get back up there and just do some exploring on that end of the trail. We did not stop at too many places and look around.
  21. we did this one last year. The tippy spots definitely get your attention. If you take your time, there is lots of wildlife in them lower hills. We must have seen close to 100 javelina in different places, a bunch of mule deer and countless small game. It is really an easy trail coming up from the slate creek end but coming down from the top is a different trail altogether.
  22. the farthest south one we went to was the best. a cove that has a slight bend in it and keeps the waves from the main lake down. It also kept people from coming back into the cove and bothering us with the noise of jet skis and the like. It is actually very open area with lots of trees in the wash, not suitable in bad weather though.
  23. here is a link to a google earth file. this is the route we took. the first cove we went down to the lake was occupied so we had to try another. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q7rken650cqjh9d/Track%20011.kmz Not too many pics but what we do have can be found here along with a couple vids https://www.facebook.com/groups/388375935390/?hc_location=stream
  24. Trip went really well. Mesa 4 Wheelers was out there this weekend doing trail maintenance and putting up some new signage. We ran the trail from the north end of FR393 to Barlett lake for the night and then out through Log Coral trail. The trail is a little weathered but still fun. the trees could really use a little pruning for taller vehicles though:eek: Great run and nice to see M4W doing their part to keep up with the trail signs, has to be a difficult project on that trail.
  25. yep they use a reverse rotation. the pinz has a somewhat different arrangement. With axle halves instead of a solid axle the issue we see is at the clamping mechanism. If too much power is applied (remembering we only have 89 hp available) the outer part of the axle housing with the portal will spin. The design does not allow the inner part to rotate. This usually happens when a wheel is lifted off the ground and dropped back while too much gas is being applied. It either spins the portal or breaks an axle. With solid axles you have options to help stop the axle wrap and those I would highly recommend. The added ground clearance provided by portals and the reduced strain on the rest of the drive train make is a very appealing option.
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