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  1. Looks like I snapped a cv while I was testing the 4wd. I'll try to meet y'all out there once I put a new one in.
  2. Hi all, happy to announce we'll finally be able to make it this year. We won't be camping, but we'll be there for the rest!
  3. Yikes! That would have been nasty if it let go completely... I've still got the build fresh in my brain so shoot me a message if you run into anything. It's kinda funny since I'm writing the build post for it right now... Just out of curiosity, do you need the 16 or the 24mm input bearing on yours?
  4. Hey WJ folks, We're trying to get a bunch of WJs from around Arizona to meet up for one epic trail run and to see some old friends and make some new ones. It doesn't matter how built, from stock to rock crawler, if it's a WJ, bring it out! Shoot me a message here for more info or you can join the AZ WJ group on Facebook.
  5. Thanks y'all! It was indeed a great one!
  6. Thanks! No Magic shocks though, that's just how my simple brain functions. I wasn't counting the shocks in that equation. I plan to make/relocate the brackets at some point, so they were out of sight, out of mind. Thanks for pointing it out though. I should reword that bit to make more sense...
  7. That looks like a great find! The superglue on all those other trucks' dashboards is because the plastic Dodge used during those years was notoriously brittle. Be careful if you put a radio in it! I find it so hilarious and awesome that y'all have a build thread here that's only one page long, lol! (I'm sure that won't last long though...)
  8. Hey everyone! I recently had the chance to build and install a 4 link on my WJ... It was an awesome experience, and was my first project of this type and scale. Here's a link to the build...
  9. Back in my tuner days, we used to fill the motor mounts with seam sealer to strengthen and stiffen them. The urethane idea is just the same. Should be a good mod. I'll be interested to see how they last compared to the stock mount.
  10. Likewise, it was good to see you again too ksmith! We need to get the clubs together for a run soon!
  11. I'm not totally sure. I'm still thinking on how I'm gonna fix these. What I will probably end up doing is moving the latches to the bottom of the drawer so that the latch slides into the spare tire cover or a catch attached to it somehow. The thinking is that I want the latch to slide down to lock, so, whatever I have to do to make that work. To clarify a bit, I actually rather like the latches themselves, they've got a chunky, tough feel. It's just how I've got them mounted that's poorly designed.
  12. It's been forever since I've posted any updates on my rig here, and it feels like forever since I've seen everyone! Fortunately we got to meet up with The Bradywagons for breakfast a few weeks ago, and it was great to hear about how the club is doing! At any rate, the last great thing I've had the chance to work on was the drawerset in the back of my Jeep. Check out the build thread here. And here's a couple teaser pics:
  13. I think I'm quite jealous of that rear bumper/carrier! Please post about these bumpers after you put some miles on them. I'm sure a lot of us are really interested.
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