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  1. Mud doesn't bother me. That is why I bought mud terrains. The trails were perfect, no dust, no traffic. It was a perfect day. The jeep is almost clean
  2. Hey Kris, we are at the meet up spot, saw it was cancelled but Al and I are going to check it out. Don't worry we have a safety plan. It the water level is over the hood, let Al go first. Will try to get picks
  3. I did that for along time. They make an adapter which allows you to connect a quality antenna to your handheld
  4. Make sure you buy a good antenna. There is a ham radio shop in Glendale with everything you need
  5. Yea, I think I am going to get wet
  6. I have been to the Canyonlands and the Badlands but I am exploring the best Land of them all.
  7. Mike Buckner, I found the knuckles to repair my tent. Search Mike's reel repair, they are in Canada. Part number 5010005275. There number is 18884041119. My tent is like new now
  8. Well I installed some pretty beefy rock sliders and I now can slide my refrigerator back without it falling on the ground. Thanks Kris but I am not posting pictures because it is amateur compared to your install. That is supposed to be a compliment.
  9. Ryan thanks for the great day trip, saw some turkey, deer, javelina, Darryl hope camping went well, Kris your Jeep setup is five star, Karen your cookies were awesome, Al did great even though he is 3/4 of a century old, Steve I always enjoy our conversations.
  10. Al Andrus turns 75 today. Wishing him a happy birthday.
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