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  1. Thanks to the Orp staff for a great weekend. Kris, the trail ride was perfect. Good to see new faces and old friends. John
  2. Ryan, please give my spot to Mike buckner. It looks like I will be in wisconsin longer then I thought. Thanks
  3. The store has been cleared out. Business next to them says they closed a few weeks t
  4. Just an FYI, the sierra Expeditions on broadway is closed, no longer in business.
  5. Just an example of teaching the youth of this world to sit down, buckle up, mask up, and hang on tight
  6. Not sure about the steps but if you want quality sliders I have always gone to White Castles. They are the best. IMHO. Make sure you order them with cheese.
  7. We had a really bad rain storm, lightning, thunder one night. Blew my tent over with me and Gunny in it. I need to gain some weight.
  8. Thanks, Im just glad you let me back in the club
  9. Yes, we tried to see if there was a trail down but there isn't
  10. I took my buddy Al up to Mt. Graham. We stayed at Riggs flat lake at almost 9000 feet. Nice little lake you can kayak. Also the views to the west were majestic. I would have posted but someone forgot to pay his dues so he got kicked off the site. My bad.
  11. johnpa

    Have a beer

    Order here : https://zshorten.com/QlBj8 Darryl (azrn) your famous. I wish I had a shirt with my name on it
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