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  1. Maybe we can make a deal with Kris's guy and get a bulk discount on buffing
  2. Glad to see they came in. Now your ready for rocktoberfest
  3. I just visited one of my favorite fast food joints and found out they are no longer selling an American staple. I have been eating these since I was a little yonker. Arby's is no longer selling the vaunted "potato cake". This is an attack on my rights to a delicious staple.
  4. No, I once saw him create hello world in C#
  5. I would recommend Kristopher. I hear he is pretty good at coding.
  6. johnpa

    China Virus

    Watch out Sheep
  7. Maybe we could get Ladybug to lead a trip to see it in person
  8. Sounds like Curly has invited us to his house for the party, thanks Tim
  9. I was just looking at a more central location for everyone
  10. Rotopac blemished gas cans are now available online
  11. I go to my local landscape rock shop and they weigh for free
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