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  1. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/pts/d/glendale-teraflex-3rd-brake-light-ext/7647081250.html
  2. Just checking to see if anyone has a 28 volt and 18 volt battery for a Milwaukee tool. Also looking for the charger. Thanks
  3. https://www.foxweather.com/earth-space/view-perseid-meteor-shower-2023
  4. Ryan, currently the weather shows no rain for Saturday. Is this going to affect this run?
  5. If anyone needs rear arms you can have mine. No issues with the arms
  6. johnpa

    New shoes

    Yep, installed adjustable upper and lower control arms to move the rear axle back. After centering the axle I added a 1 inch spacer to rear springs to help with my sagging ass. Used teraflex arms and spacer. Cycled the suspension full articulation with no issues. A huge thank you to Joe at on point performance for educating me on all of the above
  7. Anyone interested in going to death valley to experience Hell?
  8. johnpa

    Knowledge Drop

    Kris, I need to upgrade my system
  9. johnpa

    Knowledge Drop

    Heaviest building in the world. 4.10 million tons. It is sinking 6mm per year. Bucarest peoples palace
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