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  1. johnpa

    Winch time

    Naw, it was the one it came with
  2. johnpa

    Winch time

    Finally got the winch plate to mount the winch. Had to relocate the vacuum pump but otherwise no it to bad.
  3. Notice they didn't even use a Rubicon for comparison. It is probably a sport model.
  4. Maybe it is me, but Jeep has been doing this for along time. Give the Ford 70 years and see how it compares.
  5. This applies to all vehicles but I just helped a friend change out their rotors on a JKU and the bracket that holds the caliper has two bolts which are 18 mm. If you have the need to access your axles this 18mm will help you get there. Point is, carry a 18 mm wrench or travel with someone who does. John
  6. Looks like a good time to install some flat fenders
  7. Kris, I know we talked about your air up system. Do you think we could replicate your system using my co2 tank instead of a pump.
  8. Awesome video Kris. You need to start your own channel
  9. Great overnight trip. Good to see Dan again and Arturo's family is awesome. My buddy Al did great and had a good time. Thanks to Brady and Kris for their help and be I'll bringing the fire ring.
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