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  1. Gearhead or Diane, do you still need the permit if you go in through Weldon?
  2. I know it is on the devil's highway somewhere.. how far from Ajo is it. Tim, I know you have been there, any help?
  3. Can anyone give me the location of the abandoned tank in southern arizona? Thanks
  4. If you want to try it in your jeep it's yours, no charge
  5. NAPA Radiator for 4.0 six. New $50? JK switch plate. Fits under dash below climate controls. $5
  6. I'm going to need a bigger garage
  7. I am thinking of adding a thin piece of foam to my vent when I install
  8. johnpa


    Has anyone ever wondered what "STP" stands for? Studebaker Transmission Product
  9. True, I also thought the roof wasn't flexing on the black top so the seal was better.
  10. Thanks Kris, ordered one today. Also, you know we were talking about the a pillar leak. On the way home from mammoth, my a pillar did not leak through some good down pours. Leaked only on the trail?
  11. Jim and Ryan thanks for your advice. Jim, we are planning on taking the South Kaibab trail to Indian gardens for the first night. Then we will go to phantom ranch for the second. The third night will be back at indian gradens. I am going with 5 other guys who have done this trip before. We are looking at the dinner at phantom so i hope they have room. I was hoping to be able to carry food which does not requiring cooking or boiling. I hope i am not making a mistake. My equipment includes a pack, kelty tent, mat, sleeping bag, trek poles, I have weighed my pack with everything listed plus a change of clothes and 2 20 ounce water bottles and it weighs 22.5 pounds. My goal is to keep my pack under 30 pounds. I still need to buy the crampon's if the trail is ice. i am planning on taking a camel pack for the climb out and food. It is my understanding i can fill my water bottles at the campgrounds. If you have time to chat my number is 480-694-5175. I looking forward to any information you can provide. Thanks
  12. Thanks, staying at Indian gardens , phantom ranch.
  13. I will be hiking the grand canyon in March and wanted to ask for ideas on food. I will not be bringing a stove. I have thought about peanut butter y jelly sandwiches, pork sticks, granola bars. Anyone have any other ideas? It will be for three nights 4 days. Thanks
  14. For those of you on the trip, you probably have been wondering about the condition of the special overlanding piece of equipment I was able to obtain in mammoth. She is all repaired and ready to roll.
  15. Positives and negatives on this weekend's trip: Positives, Ran four really cool trails which had excellent scenery and challenging obstacles. Wheeled with some really cool dudes. Experienced sun, rain, sleet and snow. Absolutely epic. Negatives: NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Can you get your vaccine now? Just kidding
  17. Sounds like a wrenching party is in order.
  18. Diane, I could use the arizona and nevada topo maps if they are available, Thanks.
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