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    Knowledge Drop

    Nice one Kris, this is old video of Al taking his driving test
  2. For you old timers, Ken Mayes passed away this morning. He was battling cancer. Ken used to go on many trips with you and was always fun to have around. Ken's first trip down black bear pass was a success and he even threw up when he got down. Rest in peace my friend
  3. Mike, I would ask the members you feel best would help you when needed and add their contact information into your inreach/spot application. This would be on a personal basis.
  4. I was talking to Kristopher today and he had a great idea. For those members who use inreach and spot for emergencies, Kris mentioned using members from the club would be a great way to ensure someone can help in an emergency. I thought that was brilliant because not only does it spread the emergency call to more people it also allows for better coverage in the State. Just another way belonging to a Club can help!!!!
  5. Did you see that hill it climbed
  6. Just ordered one. https://youtube.com/shorts/hjsI-26D9Ag?feature=shared
  7. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/pts/d/glendale-teraflex-3rd-brake-light-ext/7647081250.html
  8. Just checking to see if anyone has a 28 volt and 18 volt battery for a Milwaukee tool. Also looking for the charger. Thanks
  9. https://www.foxweather.com/earth-space/view-perseid-meteor-shower-2023
  10. Ryan, currently the weather shows no rain for Saturday. Is this going to affect this run?
  11. If anyone needs rear arms you can have mine. No issues with the arms
  12. johnpa

    New shoes

    Yep, installed adjustable upper and lower control arms to move the rear axle back. After centering the axle I added a 1 inch spacer to rear springs to help with my sagging ass. Used teraflex arms and spacer. Cycled the suspension full articulation with no issues. A huge thank you to Joe at on point performance for educating me on all of the above
  13. Anyone interested in going to death valley to experience Hell?
  14. johnpa

    Knowledge Drop

    Kris, I need to upgrade my system
  15. johnpa

    Knowledge Drop

    Heaviest building in the world. 4.10 million tons. It is sinking 6mm per year. Bucarest peoples palace
  16. johnpa

    Knowledge Drop

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