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    Gunny and me

    This is where Gunny will be this week. Hope his handler does his job. https://ktar.com/story/5366854/dogs-will-have-run-of-the-place-in-scottsdale-at-agility-world-games/
  2. 43 quart Edgestar fridge with cover. Works great. $300.00 Sold
  3. johnpa

    Doggy contest

    Gunny thanks you
  4. Please go to this link and vote for Gunny. Thanks https://www.overlandexpo.com/compass/dog-days-of-summer-contest-sponsored-by-kurgo/
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  6. johnpa


    I just drove seven hours in my son's Ford explorer. I had the air conditioned seat on and the full back and butt massage. It was the best seven hours of driving I have ever had.
  7. Your backside looks awesome, just saying
  8. Just asking if future ORP runs are going to require a GMRS radio with external antenna to participate? Are Ham radios no longer a useable form of communication? Thanks
  9. Working on a friend's Rubicon and noticed the sway bar motor was pretty loose and moved around. The motor still works and disingauges fine but not to sure on how the motor is mounted. Checked my rig and the motor was pretty solid. If anyone with a Rubicon could check the movement of their motor I would be appreciative. Thanks
  10. https://fb.watch/a8yczuoI9O/
  11. Spotted this jeep in the Gilbert area. That roof rack looks pretty good
  12. Al, Gunny and I ran the south Cherry Creek road yesterday and the first 20 miles were easy and scenic. The last twenty were pretty bad. There are many switch backs which were almost impassable. One was completely washed out and we only got through by driving over the culvert and tree branches. Pic's to follow Then we came across a Polaris and he made the mistake of making fun of Al's new York accent.
  13. I took the jeep out today through box canyon/ ajax road to see if the paint restore did not effect the wheeling capabilities. I am happy to say the jeep still has it.
  14. johnpa


    Thought this was informative. https://www.drivingline.com/articles/it-runs-forever-3-of-americas-most-successful-unkillable-engines/
  15. I just updated my Garmin maps on the jeep radio. It was not an enjoyable experience
  16. Ladybug, are we picking up the apature this time
  17. Your right Kris. I put a cover on it and parked it in the garage. Guess I will use Lori's Tacoma from now on
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