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  1. here is the jeep CJ7 prototype jeep/truck. It never went into production because the frames kept cracking. What was this owner thinking?
  2. any idea when you will be done. i have tickets to the world baseball game at 7 johnpa
  3. i have a 2006 dodge 2500 4X4 with the 5.7 hemi and I tow a 12,000 pound tow hauler just fine. i slow on the hills but it has plenty of power. johnpa
  4. Thanks for sharing. Took me 2.5 minutes. Could not remember my address Johnpa
  5. For those of you who have traveled the white rim trail in moab, can this trail be done in a dodge durango all wheel drive stock height vehivle? my father in-law wants to run it and he owns the dodge. thanks in advance for your thoughts, johnpa
  6. Looks like a nice set-up. What did it come off of? Has it been abused? I just installed an air system in my TJ for $50.00. johnpa
  7. thanks ob1. you are always the voice of reason
  8. I am looking at new tires and I really like the cooper atp. I have a set on my dodge truck and they are quiet but also have an agressive tread. I want to put a set on my 2004 tj rubicon. the size i am looking at is a 285X75X16 which is a 10 ply tire. Does anyone run a 10 ply? Besides being heavier and stiffer is there any drawbacks? thanks johnpa
  9. ob1, may i ask what height is your garage ceiling? I am looking at putting a lift in my garage but my ceiling height might not be enough. thanks john
  10. Click on the link below and it has hundreds of manuals for all types of weapons. http://www.stevespages.com/page7b.htm This is a great resource if you need to know more about your weapon. johnpa
  11. Ken, great pics. thanks for sharing
  12. my bad!!. i need to start thinking in terms of vehicles. toyotas were pretty bad ass. johnpa
  13. 22 jeeps, great trail, good food, and a recovery utility tool. what a great day. johnpa
  14. Hi George, do you make a cb mount for 2013 jk which goes from door to door. I still use the one you made me for my cj. Al just bought a 2013 rubucon and needs to find a place to mount his cb. thanks john
  15. Hi Diane and George, how about mynnr1, kmayesaz, and johnpa joining this trip. I am the chaparone for the other two. johnpa
  16. No changes to the engine, I was fully loaded with camping gear going from 1400 feet to 8000 feet in elevation. I have read all the posts and just keep counting the extra money in my pocket.
  17. Well I have been conducting a test and here are my findings: Subject vehicle, 2004 Wrangler Rubicon TJ, Stock everything except 32 inch tires When I use 87 octane in the jeep I get approx. 16.7 mpg, at $3.50 per gallon that costs $62.85 for 300 miles. When I use 91 octane in the jeep I get 19.8 or better, at $3.80 per gallon that costs $57.58 for 300 miles. You pay more per gallon but less for the fill up. johnpa
  18. in jerome you take the road along side the fire station. thsi is the perkinsville road. there are many side roads but if you take a left at all intersections you will wind up in williams, az. johnpa
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