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  1. I just updated my Garmin maps on the jeep radio. It was not an enjoyable experience
  2. Ladybug, are we picking up the apature this time
  3. Your right Kris. I put a cover on it and parked it in the garage. Guess I will use Lori's Tacoma from now on
  4. He did such a great job I have decided to no longer take my jeep out of the garage
  5. Well I was not able to correct my paint after the Bradshaw trip so I took it to a professional. The jeep no longer has any pinstripping. Amazing job by a guy named Eddie. If you want a professional job done I highly recommend him. It easy cheap$500 but we'll worth it. His number is 4803054009.
  6. Maybe we can make a deal with Kris's guy and get a bulk discount on buffing
  7. Glad to see they came in. Now your ready for rocktoberfest
  8. I just visited one of my favorite fast food joints and found out they are no longer selling an American staple. I have been eating these since I was a little yonker. Arby's is no longer selling the vaunted "potato cake". This is an attack on my rights to a delicious staple.
  9. No, I once saw him create hello world in C#
  10. I would recommend Kristopher. I hear he is pretty good at coding.
  11. Maybe we could get Ladybug to lead a trip to see it in person
  12. Sounds like Curly has invited us to his house for the party, thanks Tim
  13. Rotopac blemished gas cans are now available online
  14. Did you ever find my initials in your concrete?
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