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  1. Ryan, how come you have not posted the menu items for our breakfast on Friday?:)
  2. Kris, is Joe putting in new/ corrected rockers? Just trying to understand why it keeps going bad.
  3. I am not sure about plants but my buddy Al has been trying to grow french fries in his JKU. He keeps planting them underneath his seats any chance he gets
  4. She never talks to me about stuff. We need counseling
  5. Okay, glad it's just not me. I guess I will keep the jeep
  6. Kris, when you changed your diff. fluids did you have some fine material on the magnetic plugs? I just did mine and the rear had more than the front but it was a fine material.
  7. Wow, I just missed the fun. You're correct, those crampons saved my bacon on this trail. Glad you are safe.
  8. During a recent trip the wind was very strong and required something other than standard tent stakes. I borrowed/stole this idea from Steve (ob1). They worked awesome. They are made out of 3/8 rebar. Along with my professional welding skills I now have my own set. Thanks Steve
  9. johnpa

    Flex Friday

    Whatcha gonna due when these 24 inch pythons come down on you
  10. You guys have a nice lot. Needs some trees though
  11. Diane I have you covered. I stopped by your lot today a carved your initials
  12. Ryan, coming up kicks your ass but it was a great hike
  13. I made it. Three nights four days. Thanks to Jim, jgaz, for the valuable information
  14. johnpa

    Flex Friday

    A big thanks to Stacey for my Kodak moment
  15. Awesome pics and video. Gunny says thank you for the pictures. Whoever was spotting those jeeps has some nice moves
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