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  1. Diane, I could use the arizona and nevada topo maps if they are available, Thanks.
  2. Not bad for a non-mechanic. Built this 2700 piece Porsche. Alit of fun and just amazed at how they developed this model. Next up, a Ferrari
  3. Thanks but I found one. Be safe
  4. Just checking to see if anyone has a bike carrier for a receiver hitch they no longer need. Thanks
  5. Before and after, thanks Kris
  6. Kris, did you happen to notice an increase in oil pressure since you fixed the leak?
  7. Kris, I was able to dial in the speedometer by selecting 33 inch tires.
  8. Happy birthday Captain. Stay safe.
  9. My buddy Al got me this little unit and it is awesome. It has started everything I throw at it. A must for your traveling toolbox.
  10. Sorry Grunt, I did respond to your request for price but did not hear back from you.
  11. Looks like this is taken. No longer available
  12. Primary oil is used to lubricate the primary chain on my harley
  13. It comes with the 110 ac cable and the 12 volt battery cable
  14. I changed the engine, transmission, and primary oil
  15. 25 inches wide,21 inches tall, 17 inches deep, price for you is a Chandler fire hat or shirt
  16. Any one want a fridge. Works great but the outside has a few scratches. Do you have anything to trade?
  17. Thanks to Kris, I purchased a Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth 4.0 OBDII scanner for Android & iOS to program my jku. It has many settings but I was most interested in the tires size and gear ratio change. Now my odometer and speedo are correct. The cost was only $50. 30 for the scanner, 20 for the app. You can also add more vehicles to the one device.
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