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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! The beaches look wonderful!
  2. We would be interested too. Just can't do this weekend.
  3. Starting the tread for the fun weekend with ORP going up and over Four Peaks. Link to full photo album: https://goo.gl/photos/Lz7DGYkkhowkx8xG7 This was our first time doing this trail and we enjoyed the scenery. We found a shady spot for lunch and then continued up to the higher elevation. George found us a great camp site with amazing views of Roosevelt Lake below. We got to camp early but it was really enjoyable to relax in the shade with great people! Jeff's rig looked great. He then made me jealous with hammocks to relax in! Love that view: Our camp for the night. Glad we slept in the Jeep as during the night the winds really picked up. We were all spoiled with Scott's new addition to the family. The puppy was adorable!! We then relaxed by the two propane fire rings. Sunset was beautiful Then since you know me I was up early and got to watch an amazing sunrise too: The group split in half with one leaving camp earlier. As we were going down the backside of the mountain towards Punkin Center we noticed a new wildfire towards the direction of Payson. More great views as we flew down the dirt road: Scott has found the most relaxed puppy. She was helping supervise the airing-up: Thanks to all for coming out and making this another fun adventure with ORP! See you on the next one!
  4. Love the profile! Nice job! You certainly are an inspiration to many women!!
  5. We had a fun time with the small group from AZ WJs. Link to full photo album: https://goo.gl/photos/5z3AkpjtkmUrH4TS7 GPX Tracks for the loops and associated mines in the area is attached. The day was hot but we had a fun time on the trail. There were some sections with some good washouts but overall this was an easy to moderate trail. We climbed up above Wickenburg and had some nice views of the valley. The temps started around 75 and ended up at 94. Some cool boulders to go with the views: We found "spider hollow". One of the few places with shade the entire day and it was filled with with creepy spiders! One of the mines. Not much left at most of the sites and very overgrown. Nice quartz rocks all over this area. Another tippy spot for the WJs: Lunch at Issac Bradshaw's grave: Old truck that had been stripped right after our lunch spot: We had some good steep hill climbs to get up to the Copperopolis spur trail: Views from here did remind me of the Superior, AZ area: Only building we found at Copperopolis. There were a ton of mine shafts but didn't see any sort of permanent mining camp. We climbed a little used trail to the what the map said was the town site for Copperopolis. Nothing but a giant filled in mine shaft now. Grave near there: He finds a rock to park on: We made our way out through a sandy wash that had a small trickle of water. The canyon walls provided some nice shade. It was a really pretty area. After this the group found a camp site. There was thankfully some shade trees so we all relaxed until it got cooler. We hung out by the fire till around 11pm and then left Jeff and Jonathan to camp for the night. Wickenburg-Mountains-Copperopolis-Trail.gpx
  6. New sale. 50% off device. https://www.findmespot.com/summer17/lander.php
  7. So cute! Can't wait to meet her!
  8. Please add us. We are interested in leading some weekend or day trips.
  9. We like our Spot Trace device. Won't stop the theft but I get an alert when my Jeep moves. Can then track it.
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