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  1. My camera freaked out an gave me a "lens error" for this trip. This evidently means that the photos come out blurry. However I did still manage to get some neat shots. Thanks to everyone for another fun trip! This certainly was some beautiful country. Album Link: https://picasaweb.google.com/110968346826086888564/Thanksgiving2012?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCKPJq-6nq8SY2QE&feat=directlink The road after breaking camp was challenging but fun! Glad I got out to take pictures for this tippy spot: We noticed after stopping that Chris's jeep had footprints on the top of it. Evidently something checked out his jeep while he was sleeping in it: This picture doesn't show how steep this was or the slot he could fall into: Some beautiful scenery after making it over the pass: Entering Box Canyon. The traffic jam was amusing at first and then annoying when a different jeep group couldn't figure out how to get a lifted wranger over a small rock and almost hit Chris's Jeep. The spotter was screaming at the driver and telling him to turn right which would have caused him to hit Chris's jeep. Made me so thankful for our patient spotters. Thanks again for a great trip! Next time I bring my good camera.
  2. I had so much fun and will be stealing Chris's Jeep in the future! A big thank you to all who came and the patient instructors! Here are some highlights of the photo's Chris took: Making the ledge look easy Using those shiny new rock rails: Think she figured out the Jeep she wants for Christmas: The group heading out after lunch: Final View: Here is the link to our album: Kaspily
  3. Anyone have a good idea to easily make coffee or warm water for tea? I checked out the 12v water heaters/coffee makers on amazon and so far haven't found something that impressed. What do you do to get your shot of energy on the trail? Thanks! -kaspily
  4. Here is another article on this. Guess another person died after staying in Curry Village: http://news.yahoo.com/2nd-yosemite-visitor-dies-rodent-borne-illness-060224989.html
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