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  1. It's looking a little different to when you got her Chris!!!
  2. Glad to see your still having fun. But I have to ask..... Is your tie-rod bent?
  3. We are currently running 305 70 r17 with between 4 and 6" of lift. Right now i have 4" iro springs and 2" spacers, i will most likely put the 2" kings springs and spacers back in. It sits about 15mm lower but at the moment it feels like the rear end is steering (contant steering adjustment needed when traveling down the hwy). By the way kings supply arb so old man emu are the same spring. I've had to move the diff forward by about 1". I found some of the measurements on jeep forum i think, wj suspension thread. I only have a spacer in the a frame for the back standard lower controll arms. With 0 offset wheels the tires just rubbed at full lock. I now have +25 offset and every thing is a 3 point turn. I have bushwacker cuttout flares with 0 offsets they foul. With +25 they stuff in to the guard behind the flares. Ideally i wanted 34" 285 75r17 but no one imports them in to Australia and i got the 35s with less than 100kms on them off a h2 hummer cheap. A friend in Coffs Harbour had a dub with front locker, iro lift and axles standard housing with no problems. However if you have scene my thread you will know that i have bent my d30. He used his hard offroad but i think i do more high speed dirt driving so i think the constant hammering from corrigations etc with the large tires eas too much for it. My recomendation would be a slightly smaller tire i will most likely try 305 70r17 next time because i slill cant get the 285 75r17s here. Have fun whatever you decide. P.s. just spoke to the guy from coffs. He did have his 30 sleeved. From memory i think the K Smith ran 35s for a little while before swaping to the jk diffs.
  4. No idea what is worth, but that looks like too much fun to sell.
  5. You mean it's going to be getting hotter. i might have to move 2 meters south.
  6. Thanks Scott and Loren. I think it should be overkill for anything i'll ever need. I was looking at the calculator on Jeff's (UnderlyVerbose) build, I know a bit about suspension design (anti dive etc) but there are alot of variables. If nothing else its been raining its cold the jeep is outside and I dont feel like crawling around in the dirt with a tape. so I'm going to try moving the lower control arm mounts up about 2". If it is realy bad I'll just have to cut them off and try again. If I ever finish the long arms it should give me better results just noy sure how it will work with the original mounts.
  7. Chain is loose in the last photo.
  8. Started off with dad cutting most of the bracketry off. Then I ground the welds out of the inner Cs. hit them with a big hammer to rotate the angle to suit the lift. Re adjusted and first layer of weld. Truss installed trying to get every thing straight we put cardboard circles at the ends and where the seals go, bit hard to hold the ph and the torch (cammera is not quite in the centre) but you get the idea.
  9. Progress has stalled for a week or so now. I went in to the local parts shop last week to order a tre, they had the lhd one listed so i orded it rang them a few days later "oh sorry we cant get that one but we can get other brands" again asked them to order it. Rang them back today " the order i JUST placed we cant actualy get either" so i then started looking for Chevy tre, but then i would have to make another drag link (7/8 18 thread, and ive already got costom draglink and tierod made out of hollow bar, i think its 45mm od and 12 id) so gave up and ordered it from rock auto.will get it in about a week. Any one know what kind of tolerances are acceptable on the dana 30? Ive got it back within a couple of mm on the long side. We could get it closer but i think im at the point of diminishing returns. I will try to put some photos up when i get on the computer. P.S. Kris i seam to recall you had a bend in the 44a did the 30 give you any grief or should i really check my back diff too?
  10. So how are the going after a few years?
  11. Yep. The axle was actually rubbing on the metal part of the seal. Had a fair bow in it.
  12. some time ago i mentioned on Diane's page that I had a leaking axle seal. Anyone see the problem?
  13. Are the photos still working for everyone else?
  14. Nice mod. Do you know if a similar thing can be done on the later grands and commanders?
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