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  1. P0743 It's an AW-4 (4x4) I believe? it only has one Speed Sensor.... PS The vehicle runs great.....
  2. Some time ago I got a check engine light. . I had the codes read and it said the shift solenoids might be bad. . Replaced the Solenoids but no luck. . Took the vehicle to an shop to have it looked at and they said the Transmission was bad. . Had them replace the Transmission.. (Got scalped on that deal as I was in the Middle East and had to have my wife deal with it. Not her fault! Just the way it goes.) . Still no good! . Now the code says something to do with the Torque Converter Lock up. . Decide to replace the Transmission Control Unit. (Which by the way the Shop that replaced the Transmission assured me that my vehicle did not have) . The check engine light went out for several days and then came back on. Same Torque Converter Code. . . >Now I'm wondering< . . Could the fact that I have larger tires and thus incorrect speed readings be causing the computer to not allow (or not allow) the torque converter to lock up properly or something alone those lines? If so, Might correcting the speed discrepancy, by way of a Programmer, also fix my problem? . Or am I looking at this all wrong? By the way I'm currently in Afghanistan so I may not get right back if you post a reply. Thanks!!!
  3. Excellent! Look forward to trying this out sometime.
  4. Well I tried to replace the A/C clutch today (as I've done 1/2 a dozen times over the years) but it was so jacked-up and rusted that when I went to pull the pulley off the center seal blew spewing oil all over my shop and nearly taking out my eye. Glad I was wearing glasses. Long story short I ended up replacing the entire unit. Tension pulley adjustment bolt: Compressor removed for access to Clutch Assembly: Disconnect the wiring: Clutch plate removed: Sorry the picture with the removal tool did not turn out... Bear completely shot. That's what happens when you drive 500 plus miles with it howling..... While trying to remove the pulley and bear which were welded to the shaft, the inner bearing and seal blew out. Pull the old Compressor out: Put in a new one:
  5. I want one of these. http://www.jgms.com/products/personnel--cargo-carrier/
  6. CAMartino

    Oh no!

    I'm always thankful when stuff happens "before" the trip and not during... Hope you get it figured out in time!
  7. http://s1161.photobucket.com/albums/q513/Firelineridgegunworks/July%201%202012%20Broken%20Arrow%20VJC/ All in all our recent trip to Broken Arrow was fun if not terribly challenging. The run was in response to a young ladies notice that she was jeep trekking across the US and her hope of running some trails in and around Sedona. The VJC really stepped up for her. Ultimately we had some 30 vehicles broken into two groups. Hope you enjoy the photos.
  8. The guns I'd strip for parts, and turn in the receivers (I am a Gunsmith) The money I'd keep as you're not likely to find the owner. Artifacts stay where they are and I'd contact the museum to find out who should be notified of their location.
  9. Thanks! The tires on it right now are 31x10.5x15 Firestone Destination ATs. They've done well on everything I've thrown at them so far. I don't air them down for trail runs. My only complaint is that they are wearing like iron and making me wait to upgrade to 33s...
  10. My current configuration is: Rusty's 4.5" springs F/R. 6 deg wedges 2" Shackles and 2" spacers. RC Shackle Relocation Brackets to be installed. SYE Woods Shafts Earls extended brake lines RE Track bar Short arm that was one the vehicle when I got it. Rancho? Sliders I built Misc other..... I will be doing a long arm upgrade, gears, lockers, 33" tires, front bumper and tire carrier. I'm not in a hurry as the current setup gets me where I want to go pretty easily. It is my daily driver so if I wreck it I'm screwed.
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