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  1. bingo ty vm for the help
  2. I have talked about this on other forums with no sucess. History 2006 lj tanks over flows when ever filled up Not sure what causes this?? I pulled the inner fender and checked the vent and fill hose for kinks damage- everything was fine. When ever we fill up the tank top top it will splash about .25 gal out and down my flare(grrrrrrrrr) I thought the vent hose was kinked at first but nope. possibly a problem with the roll over check ball system? Any ideas are great Thanks Tyler
  3. hum for the hefty price I will just use mulitple units for now. Between my rhino and my nuvi and the wifes android phone i think we about have it all covered. Wish the rhino had caught on morer I love using it in groups with it showing real time where everyone else is at.
  4. yea that tru cool looks like a beast. I wonder how it does in front of a full ac condenser and a winch for air flow?
  5. Thanks Diane. Yea I may try that or put up with it till the 33" are toast drop on the BL throw some of that barrier in and pop on some 35". I remember my other tj's getting warm on warm days. I do live in hell er St George, and this is my 1st auto so it is all probably a combo of issues. The cats should be fine. It is low miles over all 66k, and I have plenty of power for the 4.0. This winter I will be doing some more mods along with a tranny cooler, rubi crawler, and some new axles with 4.56 gears. So I'll just wear boots till I get everything gather lol. THe cooler will be going on soon tho
  6. yep still fully carpeted atm. factory flooring all in place
  7. The heat issue is the trans hump right at the gas pedal. Makes my right foot hot, not a lil- a lot. I will get under there and review the exhaust route, but unless there is something very odd on the 06 I don't remember then, the exhaust crosses over to the pass side and should not be up that high. It does get worse when driving on hills or in areas when i crawl and have low air flow. It is such a pita I have been looking into fabbing up some old style kicker vents down at the foot rest level of my tub. This is my 1st auto jeep so I was surprised at how much heat there seems to be comming off of that area. This is also my newest jeep so maybe I am taking something for granted/memory and not seeing an issue I have glassed over.
  8. Just a heads up, the forestry gang just popped out new maps this week here in Utah. High qual locals for the surrounding 2-4 counties. I was up at a spot near Veyo looking at the volcanos(wondering how much crap would spill if i took 6 black tires and lit them on fire on top of one ) and the kiosks were full of shiny new maps. So I am off to their office tomorrow to grab what I can
  9. ok throw out how ya liked your if you have used one. There are a lot of companies out there making them. I plan to mount it in front of the radiator and condenser. I would like about the largest one possible that will fit and work well. Getting tired of wearing boots so my feet don't burn while I go up hills. The tunnel next to the gas pedal gets freaking hot. Wondering how much a 1" bl may help with this also- IF anyone has done that for heat reasons?? 2006 lj auto 33" on 4" lift
  10. watched the show with the fc in it. They took a whole interior of a jk(front half) and dropped it in there. Guess they had a bit of a time withe the steering tho. I remembered the tipping with the original, so did they, they weighted it and balanced it out at all 4 corners with a 60/40 weight split front to rear.
  11. yea lets hope all the little dictators out there get those. We will not see those used for the U.S. military in any form. without a v hull to minimize mine blasts carry capacity of a squad of people with gear, the ability to be up armored and fit inside a 53 helo it just wont fit the bill. The no close windows(think down 1") to help relieve over pressure from IED blasts and the possibility of being modular. Slice vehicle into 4 quarters, so it can be repaired faster. upper body then driver front quarter, pass front driver rear pass rear. come apart like one section so 5 total legos bolt together to make 1 jeep. The small size of tubing for the cage would be a downer for using the 40mm grenade launcher too, probably rattle the 4 doors right off
  12. any good spots to get one at? I was looking at rock auto but the details are light. It looks like I would be buying the knob and not the switch. now that would be anoying
  13. nice set up. only thing I wonder about is between the come along the strap and the hi lift, couldn't you ditch the come along as redundant gear?
  14. I have the same sort of set up. I have the smitty build molle hanger for my tail gate. I have put one of my ole mil butt packs on it with a selection of emergency items inside it. My fire starting all weather kit. some 1st aid( we have a nice mil 1st aid store in town to get stuff cheap at) a back up compass, some stripped down MRE's. I need to add a poncho to it also. I also have my etool and a mag light on the rack system so I am good to go with the jeep atm. I have 5 gal of water in an anti freeze jug for radiator duty, but I should change jugs so the water can pull double duty if needed really.
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