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  1. OK, my permit expired when I wasn't looking. So I go online to download the form to send to the state via snailmail. Then I start thinking. Bad move. 1. If I travel alone I need a single permit for $15. But I should have a navigator. So I either wheel with someone who also has a permit making it $30 for one vehicle/two people. 2. Or I can get a "family" permit good for one vehicle/two adults/two children under 18, = one vehicle 4 people or go with any one adult, =one vehicle/two people for $20. If I want a third person over 18 then that person must have a permit. That makes it $35 for one vehicle/three adults vs. $20 for one vehicle, 2 adults & 2 under 18. 3. If I have three passengers each with individual permits that's $60 for one vehicle /4 people. Of course if I don't stop on trust land I don't need any permit even though the"impact" to the road is the same whether I just stop to take a photo out the window or drive without stopping. What if I have no intention of stopping on trust land but have a flat tire. Am I allowed to change tires with out a permit? What if I have to stop to let my dog relieve himself? Do I need a family permit? Or a peemit? What if I park off trust land but my dog runs onto trust land to do it? still confused, td
  2. Yes, but I think Bill used negative magnification to make me look small and insignificant compared to the big boys. But then I always feel small and insignificant. td
  3. Bill, What did you do? Photoshop out the Weenie Jeep? I can understand that. The Stock WJ going everywhere you Rangler types with your 12" lifts, Claymore long legs, AirBlo Lockers, and 46"BFD mudslinger tires go. Seriously I too would like to have had a slower pace to view the scenery and take some photos. I don't think I have any photos to add but I'll check. td
  4. Thanks D. I have to give some credit (although I, myself am wonderful ) to the ORP Newbee off-road 101 class that showed me how to do things I didn't think the Weenie Jeep could do. td
  5. Hey, thanks for coming. Glad you got a ride back to your car. Everybody was gone when we got back from the Empire Gulch walk. td
  6. I suggested we use it for target practice after gear abandoned it but I got outvoted. Also prairie dogs were protected so the Kimbers, Glocks, and Brownings were not used. Oh well, next time maybe. td
  7. Sunday April 6th was the quest to find the remains of the steam pump that supplied water to the Total Wreck mine and mill. We started at the entrance to the Las Cienegas NCA on Hiway 82 just east of Sonoita. First stop was an oil well. Not producing at the moment. Further along we came across a herd of deer then soon after a herd of antelope. After a pit stop at the Empire Ranch headquarters for the mandatory line-up photo, we continued through a variety of landscapes. and came across a squadron of peccaries which scattered like cockroaches when you turn on your kitchen light. I caught only two of the group in my lens. At one point we were challenged by some local wildlife but were granted permission to continue. We got as close as possible to the site but that left about a half mile hike down a wash to Cienega Creek, a dangerous river crossing, and a bushwack worthy of Prince Charming. Through the magic of GPS, success at last! Ladies and gentlemen I give you the 1880's Although this was a slow paced scenic drive there were a few mildly rough spots and steppy, shelfy, thingys along the way and I hope the Wranglers weren't too bored (or embarrassed ) being led by a stock WJ. As always we followed all the rules for safety and to protect the environment. More photos at my gallery: http://www.pbase.com/tucsondave/steam_pump&page=all Thanks to those who joined me From Phoenix, Benson, and Sierra Vista on this mini adventure. td
  8. I had it originally planned for Saturday but there's a horseback ride in the area that day and the following Saturdays have other events (and crowds) at Empire Ranch.
  9. On Sunday April 6th there will be an easy drive along the Las Cienegas Conservation Area road from State Hiway 82 to the Empire Ranch Headquarters. We will stop for any photo ops. From Empire we will get as close as possible to the where the steam pump that supplied water to the Total Wreck mine and mill was located. I estimate it will be about a half mile hike from the road to the site. A report from a few years ago suggests that shorts are not recommended. Most of the trip is on BLM land but if we explore any nearby canyons and 4WD roads after the hike (and lunch), they are on State Trust Land. Later we can visit the ranch headquarters. BLM website: http://www.blm.gov/az/st/en/prog/blm_special_areas/ncarea/lascienegas.html We will meet at the Las Cienegas National Conservation Area entrance 4 miles east of Sonoita on hiway 82, approximately milepost 35, at 9:00 am, Sunday, April 6th. Why Sunday? The Empire Ranch Spring Trail Ride is on Saturday and I don't want to dodge horses. td
  10. Ok. Here's an honest trip report. Well maybe. First an IQ test. Pick the object that doesn't match the rest: At least I have 7 holes in my grill. Easy? EASY? Did someone say EASY? Back to school to learn the definition of "easy." Stand in the corner and repeat "easy" 500 times. And no cookies for you. On to Tombstone! Doc Holliday checking out the new dude. Lost ORPies on the street corner. Get out the cookies. Parallel parking Only? I guess no Jeeps allowed. On to Empire and Total Wreck. Airing down for the Total Wreck run. No, not that total wreck run. This one. Just before the dashboard "Check Brain" light came on. Looked up code. First display: P-HOLY. Second display: P-****. Can't post it here. This is a family site. I'm sure I read "easy" somewhere. Found it: "This trip is easy. No rough trails (that we are aware of)." Nearing the end. Flat land at last! Almost. All seriousness aside, I had a great time! I survived, the Green Weenie Jeep survived, and there was cold beer and a wet nose when I got home. Perfect ending to a perfect day. Thanks 10E6 Karen and Jim. Here's the link to all my photos: http://www.pbase.com/tucsondave/total_wreck_run&page=all Click the thumbs to open the image. Click on "Original" for the full size image. td
  11. I just got back to Tucson at 7:30. Me and the Weenie Jeep in one piece. Thanks all for a great time. Beer and Chili beckon. Bye td
  12. There was also a slip of paper in with my Land Trust Deed that says: " Maricopa county and all of the cities within "Area A" have adopted ordinances prohibiting parking on un-surfaced lots and operating a motor vehicle of any type on un-surfaced roads." Is the March trip in Maricopa county? Is "Area A" anything like "Area 51" Will you be shot if you park on un-surfaced lots in "Area A" or is that just for "Area 51?" If you wear board shorts and have a surf board are you exempt? Inquiring minds want to know. We have two rules here at the rock: 1. Trust your Trust Land Permit. 2. Obey all rules. td
  13. I can bring my Tates compass, just in case. Got my State Trusty Land permit today. Says I can't look at ruins if they're on Trusty Land. Drive blindfolded? But at least I'll be legal for this run. td
  14. The Green Weenie Jeep (WJ) and I will meet up with you guys on Friday morning at Motel 6. Sounds like a fun day. td
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