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  1. Grunt, I don't think the TC seal is leaking, that would put the fluid closer to the flywheel, and the pic of the wiring connector makes me think this is where the problem lies. If I were doing the work, I would replace the wiring seal where the plug exits the case, and if that entails removing the pan, then replace the pan gasket then. The shift shaft seal doesn't appear to be leaking either. Another suggestion is to get some UV die, available at NAPA, Auto Zone, etc. Clean the mess as best you can, add the fluid to the trans and then run it. You check for a leak with a black light and special tinted glasses. To answer your original question, maybe. Depending on the trans, the shift seal may need a special tool. Front seal (Input seal) probably doesn't but I can't say for sure.
  2. Annnnnndddd.....................I have 4 of them. Got an email from HF yesterday, good thing they are proactive about this.
  3. I just dealt with this today. My 77 Jeep with a GM TH400 (factory) was doing the same thing. I haven't been driving it much. I am thinking that the Torque Convertor is bleeding down into the oil pan, overfilling it. That can happen on an older vehicle that sits a lot. I installed a Lube Locker gasket. Hopefully that will fix it.
  4. Honakai ruins on a weekend will be busy with tourists. May I suggest some other local easy trails---House Mtn for views of Sedona, Blue Grade road up to Apache maid cabin and look out tower or a Hike along Parsons spring trail.
  5. The amount of restriction during lockdown varies quite a bit across the country. Some states have been very aggressive about 'shelter in place', while others have been much more relaxed. Here in Az, it is much more relaxed than others. I haven't camped yet this year but have been out in the jeep quite a bit.
  6. I'm not going to make it either. I wanna go camping! Please remove Devon and I from the list.
  7. Looks like campfires are banned. Anyone have campfire in a can? https://www.knau.org/post/campfires-banned-all-six-arizona-national-forests?fbclid=IwAR1SYurxm05WT5EX-pYctpuBD-bAcknD92x8gPkwpXBzG4iTPOv_WdEVMPU
  8. I had the 1st gen spot, let it go because the subscription was too much $$$. I now use a 10inch tablet in the jeep for mapping and carry a Garmin 64s for hiking/geocaching. I don't have any maps loaded on the Garmin, I just use the background map and waypoints that I have preloaded.
  9. @gearhead This is a SPOT track from my trip several years back. It's not complete, lost satellite coverage a few times due to trees/hillsides but good enough to give you a basic idea. We did sidetrack to Sheeps bridge on this trip. We camped 2 nights. sheeps bridge, verde river, dugas road.gpx
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