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  1. Put the Wagoneer on the back burner for now. (It is running) Barbie started making a suspension noise and locking the passenger rear wheel on slow stops. Found the rear upper control arm bushings were bad. I had replaced them not that long ago with new arms with bushings already installed from Quadratec. Bushings didn't last 10k miles. So I went to Napa and bought bushings from them. Spent today driving out the old bushings and installing the new ones. I'll install the arms tomorrow. "Old" bushing 3 of the older bushings U joint tool from Harbor freight made it easy. Done
  2. Devon and I drove up to Dog-town lake today to check it out. We've been there before but it has been decades since we last visited. While we were there we enjoyed a picnic lunch, did some Geocaching and enjoyed a nice rain shower. FYI- they rent Kayaks too! Dog town is a much nicer campground than we remember. We drove through both regular camp loops and the Host let us into the group area. We counted 8 pull through loops for trailers/RVs and tent areas that will also hold smaller trailers. The road in has some washboard sections, but not too bad. I thought the washboard was worse on the drive out. Some pics below. Group Ramada 2nd Fireplace at the Ramada One of the pull through spots One of the Tent areas The lake is a short walk away from the group site and can't really be seen. The lake is much bigger than this photo shows. This pic is from the Day use area.
  3. Might have to ask your mechanic to explain this......................I LOL'd...a lot.
  4. Got the replacement engine installed this weekend. Had my share of fun with it, I don't think this Jeep likes me. I had the engine down and in the engine bay fairly easily, and even got a few bell housing bolts started. But........... I couldn't get the left side of the engine to full seat against the bell housing. It took a bit to figure out what was wrong. There are pilot bushings on the lower sides of the block. What I didn't know was when I pulled the engine, the left side stayed in the transmission, instead of coming out with the engine. Area circled in red. The replacement engine already had 2 installed. I had to pull the engine completely back out, remove the offending bushing and then reinstall the engine. Considering I'm doing this by myself, the install was fairly easy. Replacement engine in the bay. Hard part is done. Now to finish the reassembly.
  5. We are going to have to drop out. Our son bought a new house, and that weekend is moving day. We will be helping with the move.
  6. We used to stay at the KOA when the kids were small and we had the pop-up. It was also a great spot to stay when taking update classes in the summer for NAU. But......as Ryan said, the spaces are tight and you are right on top of your neighbors. Pro tip- even if you don't stay there, you can pay to dump your RV tanks. $15 will allow you to dump twice. No expiration on the 2nd dump date. (Sounds weird, doesn't it? )
  7. Continuing with my engine swap... Boy, talk about getting Tunnel vision. I'll get to that in a minute. To pull the engine, I had to remove the interior transmission tunnel cover to access the engine to transmission bolts. No access from below. Once that was done, it was time to pull the engine. This was as far as I could get................. The engine wouldn't come out, no matter what I tried. So I gave up and went camping with Steve and Karen. Here is the tunnel vision part! Steve told me about this sneaky bolt. It was hiding behind the heater duct. I was convinced that there was no bolt in that spot. In my defense, I've pulled plenty of engines, never had one with a bolt right there. The final result.............. Note how close the oil pan is to the sheet metal. My lift was all but maxxed out. I barely squeaked by on clearance. I'd been sweating it, so I shortened all the chains to make sure I could get it out. Next is to swap the manifolds and other parts over before putting the other engine in.
  8. Marty, found your tire cover!
  9. Heading N on I-17 last Sunday, we passed 3 Water tankers hauling portable shower trailers. My guess, they were headed to the Expo grounds. Today, leaving Whitehorse lake, we saw 3 Jeeps w/adventure trailers headed for the lake. Williams had lots of Off road/overland vehicles on the main street.
  10. Well, the new Carb didn't make any difference in performance, the beast is still sluggish. So, its engine swap time. Pulling the original engine and installing the used one I posted about earlier. I've replaced the timing chain in that one, checked Main and Rod bearing clearances (in spec) and replaced all the freeze plugs as well as all the external gaskets and seals. My son helped me pull the hood off, and so it begins.......................
  11. Curly

    A gift for her!

    So,................a grill in the grill!
  12. Guys, Mother's day is coming up, time to step up your game. # Jeep Life.
  13. I was "misled"! Its easy, it'll be fun! he said.
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