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  1. We got a ton of rain in Cornville last night. I've got some minor flooding and clean up to do. I'm going to have to drop out. Have fun.
  2. @4x4tographer Ryan any way to record that meeting? I'll have company that morning and can't participate.
  3. Gas is cheaper away from the freeway. Drive to Finnie flat road, turn left. Circle K is right there and there is a Maverick across from the Basha's 1/2 mile away.
  4. Add Tim and Devon to the list please. We will be in our trailer. We can bring a Pop up shelter and a table.
  5. Add us please. FYI, last time I was on the road to Cedar flat, it was horrible washboard. It got better once we got up on top.
  6. I spent the last few days in Kachina Village. We got a couple of really good hard rains, thunder, lightning. The whole shebang. Its good to see the rain return. Got a good downpour in Cornville this afternoon.
  7. Thanks for that image. I'm glad it missed the ruin, but it does look to have burned the old ranch house.
  8. Another update. The Rafael fire damaged a Sinaguin ruin. The article isn't clear which one, but I'll bet it is the one we are headed to. It's a shame about the cabins. https://www.knau.org/post/rafael-fire-burned-historic-cabins-damaged-cultural-sites
  9. Its official. PNF has reopened with 2 exceptions, TIger and Rafael fire area. Link to the closure area of the Rafael fire. https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd929107.pdf
  10. I am hearing that the Prescott forest will reopen Friday morning. Fingers crossed.
  11. Looks like the trip can go on! Kaibab and Coconino forest opening tomorrow, with a few exceptions around the Rafael fire area.
  12. Some pics of the Rafael fire taken a few days ago. http://www.redrocknews.com/2021/06/29/rafael-fire/?fbclid=IwAR2kttsZYlug_nsodscNur-XJUl747yQ1Ql_dkRsrHJWcdFHDIFRbx7tFIg
  13. Looks like the Rafael fire is almost contained. 78% as of today. Unfortunately, it is burning right along the path Ryan ( @4x4tographer) laid out. From FB: The Rafael Fire has largely been contained and burning within the current acreage. No measurable growth in the fire since yesterday except for along Lonesome Pocket Road and Forest Road 105 on the west side of the burn area. Posted by the Sedona Red Rock news.
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