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  1. Thanks, I looked it up on GE. That's part of Tom creek road, the trail folks take to hike to the hanging gardens. I've heard it's pretty rough.
  2. A mining company has received permission to mine for gold in the old Harquahala mining area. ORP visited this area back in 2015, along with a trip to the Kofa area. Access is blocked off now, and there is a bulldozer parked near the old mine building . Can't upload a pic, but it is a shame to see more Az history go away.
  3. This accident happened a few weeks ago. Skip to 3:15. Note: no one was in the jeep at the point seen at the video. A passenger had been ejected and seriously injured.
  4. @4x4tographer Ryan, I grabbed a couple of your pics of barbie and shared them on FB. I hope you don't mind. Nice shots btw.
  5. @4x4tographer Just a reminder I will meet you at the trail head on Beaverhead flat road.
  6. No, still in the 90's, but today is supposed to be the last day of 90+. Winds predicted tomorrow will help it feel cooler as well. It's almost noon and only 85 right now. Tomorrow morning will be nice. Hopefully the air will be clearer with the wind.
  7. Curly

    2021 JLURD

    Looks good Russ. How many miles did you get out of the TJ?
  8. Devon and I were geocaching today near the campsite so we drove over to look at it. We found 2 campers in 2 different spots, both looked like they had been there for a few days. We drove on a bit but found the road deteriorated about 3/4 mile from pavement, enough to discourage trailers and Motorhomes. We crossed over to the other side of 260 and checked over there, but didn't find any suitable sites. If you are into Geocaching, there are several caches nearby.
  9. We had a bit of (unexpected) rain up here today. Came from the Rim area. Cross your fingers for more rain to lift the restrictions.
  10. Here is another optional trail, very close to the House mtn trail. Beaverhead flat road is paved going N from Cornville road, but is dirt going South. The dirt road will dump you out on Middle Verde road, about a mile from I17. (Middle Verde road is the next exit up from the meet up exit, it's the one with the Casino). I drove it last week. It's 5 miles, took 1 hour, has 2 short but kind of steep hills, otherwise its mostly a 1.5 rated trail. Best views are going South (imho) The trail head is roughly 2.5 miles from either entrance/exit of House Mtn trail that Ryan mentioned. Beaverhead flat trail.gpx
  11. Please add us to the list. We will meet you at the trail head, its pretty close to us.
  12. As the owner of a FSJ, I can tell you the Facebook FSJ groups are going nuts about the new Waggy, and not in a good way. No one likes it. I agree with that, it just looks like any other bar of soap on wheels. Nothing special besides an old name brought back.
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