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  1. Hard to tell, the video is too short. Sounds like a tie rod end popping. My suggestion is to put your hand on the outer tie rods, one at a time and feel for the clunk while someone turns the steering.
  2. I could be interested in 12/30 or 1/1. It's always good to start/end the year wheeling. (Yes, I know 12/31 is the end of the year. )
  3. I think you need to LEGO of your emotions.
  4. I have a yaesu 8800 in my TJ. I bought it because most of the people in the club I was in ran it. It was great that they could give me tech help,etc. I like that it has a removable face plate with remote mounting. The actual radio is under my seat, the faceplate and Mike are above the sunvisor. I like the radio, but it has way more bells and whistles than I need. My advice would be to go with a basic radio unless you expect to get an upper level ham radio license. 4x4ham.com is a sister club to this one. You might want to ask your question over there. Also, Dan, one of our members sells mike mounts and other goodies for radios. I forget his user name, I'm sure someone will chime in with it. Edit: JeepUnique is the name Dan uses on here.
  5. No pics of it, but it passed over us in the Kofas a few years back. Mark and Jake Engdahl were trying to talk to it on Ham. It was pretty obvious if you were looking for it. It went by really quick!
  6. Tried, I can rename it, but it remains a .xml file. Maybe I should stick to fuel injection.
  7. Add me please. Edit: I can't open the file. .xml file doesn't seem to work in Google earth or Base camp. What program did you create that file with?
  8. We could be interested. Depends on extended family plans post Turkey day.
  9. It does help to have quality plywood. I tried to make my daughter a Lectern using Home Depot plywood, unfortunately, the veneer is micro thin and chips/spits easily. I don't have any other choice of wood in the area. I've been to woodworkers supply. Good place.
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