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  1. I've been looking at this area on G.E. Lots of roads out there!
  2. Following up on my post from a few months ago, I replaced both front seat belts in the Wag with new ones from Juliano's. The retractor reel was acting up and we decided to play it safe and go with new. Installed easily and ready to go.
  3. Wow, a Mighty Mouse quote and a Terminator quote, both on the same day! Now I am wondering who would win the fight: MM or Terminator??
  4. Will, I think I know you from Az FSJ. We've been at TITD the last few years. I thought your handle was Will E.
  5. It is because you are a basic member.
  6. Curly

    Paradigm Shift

    Kind of figured you were the type to eat Staples. Elmers glue as a side dish?
  7. Just putting some suggestions out there. I'm in Phx till Thursday, can't check my info till then, but I think the slot canyon is on the N.E. side. @Ladybug may have that info. I've done Yuma to Phx for day runs w/o staying overnight.
  8. Some more suggestions: Alamo lake-either at the campground for the RR, or along the shore. There is a pretty cool slot canyon that you can drive thru and a different one you can hike into. 6 mile crossing in the Burro creek area, east side of the highway. I can't find any of my pics of it, but the area where the actual crossing is, is large enough for the group, and water for kids and dogs to play. Some pics from a camp trip to Alamo lake and the slot canyon.
  9. I've stayed at Burro Creek campground. Sites aren't large, don't recall what the day use sites looked like. Bonus-- a Rest room for the ladie
  10. I'm partial to the Agua Fria area, lots of places to hold a party. The west side of Bloody basin could be a possibility. @Ladybug Karen had a nice spot for a holiday party a few years back near Hope.
  11. We are planning on coming up Thursday morning. Hoping to be there between noon and 1 pm. Bringing the truck and trailer.
  12. I am working on the interior of a Wagoneer. Today was carpet day. Look what I found when I pulled the shoulder belt from the floor!!! The stitching in the seat belt was GONE. Just gone. No signs of critters or anything else. Luckily Devon is pretty handy with a Sewing machine, so she was able to save it. The other belt was just fine.
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