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  1. My FIL was a lifelong woodworker, and when he passed I got his entire inventory of tools. In addition to the usual saws and sanders, I have a full sized shaper and a Jointer that I haven't even tried to plug in. The shaper has large, exposed cutter that looks way to dangerous for someone w/o experience to use. Think of a router on steroids. I don't know how to use the jointer although I have watched plenty of YouTube videos on it. I keep telling myself that I need to try it. Right now, both are sitting in an unused corner of the barn. This is similar to the Shaper I have. (google image) The cutter heads look like this (about 3 inches in dia). Not getting my hands or finger near those!
  2. Part of the problem is that true Baltic birch plywood comes from Russia. The war is driving up the prices.
  3. Washed a bunch of Jeeps this week and decided that I should do a family photo shoot while all the Jeeps are still here. L-R 81 Wagoneer, 77 Cherokee " The Chief", 23 Wrangler "Bumble" and 97 TJ "Barbie" 😁
  4. I can attest to this! When I ran the trail, I had to keep stopping because the folks in front of me were taking pictures. Starting out again on that steep grade with a manual was challenging! The views were worth it though!
  5. We are sticking with the tent and cots. I'm a bit too tall to fit comfortably in the back of the jeep.
  6. Starting to do some mods to get Bumble Trail ready. Installed larger, wider off road tires today. Went from 31 to 33 inch. They sales guy at Discount tire talked me into wider rims and I am glad he did. These are about 1.5 inches wider and have a more positive offset, helping to visually fill wheel wells. Plus, I am VERY happy with how the new rims look. When we brought it home: New Tires and rims Installed Seat covers on the front seats. We always cover the seats in any vehicle we buy. This protects them from my butt sliding across the cushion on the way in and out. Removed the rear seats so we can maximize the room for camping gear. Lots of room back here! Next up, Rock sliders. We are leaning towards the LoD brand.
  7. I've always liked that the Kofas are so empty of people. I hardly ever see anyone else there. Except................ for hunting season. Place gets seriously busy then!
  8. If you haven't seen Grand Falls in the Navajo nation, you have missed a wonderful site. The Navajo nation has temporarily closed the falls to visitiors and it may remain that way. See article for info. https://gcmaz.com/kaff-news/kaff_news/grand-falls-closed-to-visitors-until-further-notice/?fbclid=IwAR3NcpbGTmiHljxS4OY4yrekHkWlLrl5imqaqw2nlKXoTsUogeMHfsG0meo
  9. Barbie had to sit out in the storm last night. Bumble is nice and dry. 😁 You may notice she is a bit too tall for the barn door. My morning view of Mingus Mtn, the Black hills and Jerome.
  10. No quick disconnects on the kit, but they are part of my future upgrade plan. I like the ones you have on your jeep.
  11. She has already been kicked out of her parking spot, so Yes, she is Jealous. :)
  12. Introducing Bumble, our new Jeep. Bumble is a 2023 Sport S with a V6/Automatic. After many years of driving Barbie, we decided an upgrade was due, so we made the change. We already have the Mopar 2 inch lift installed and will be buying tires soon. We named it Bumble after the snow man from the Rudolph cartoon. We are already having fun with the name. A Rubicon style name graphic is on order for the hood and the graphics shown below will go on the windows. No big plans for modifications. We will add or change what is needed to continue doing the trails we have done in Barbie. I am impressed with how high the jeep sits with the Mopar lift. It is supposed to be 2.5, it feels like more.
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