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  1. I have used a ratchet strap to support the front of a transmission when I have removed the engine from a car. I don't see why you can't do that for the back of the engine. I wrapped the strap around the hood hinges and under the trans.
  2. These 2 guys are having way too much fun. Riding a home built rail cart to Goat Canyon Trestle in Carrizo Gorge, Anza Borrego park in Cali. George should ditch the bicycle for this!
  3. I know many members here have traveled this trail. This article details what has been done and is still being done to it. Glad I got to travel it back when it was still rugged. https://www.azfamily.com/news/investigations/cbs_5_investigates/arizonas-last-wild-space-now-has-smooth-roads-big-rigs-and-honda-accords/article_851aea64-44cb-11eb-9c46-3b6f8ad48398.html?fbclid=IwAR1n4wki5ha4g6SQFKmNsBBhuTrnVefCKgD0IvopVJC_H6a2g3kxP909o2Y
  4. Thats a really good price for those. I considered them for my new Waggy, but the rims won't fit and I don't want to change out the factory wheels.
  5. Dodged a big bullet on Friday. Taking the FSJ to Florence for a camp trip, some wires shorted against the exhaust manifold. Started an electrical fire. Luckily, I had a fire extinguisher handy. Tomorrow, I'll replace the burned wires.
  6. Again, not familiar with this engine, but a Dakota 3.x V6 I used to own had bad lower gaskets on the intake, that allowed oil to enter from the crankcase. I had to pull the upper and lower intake manifolds to access the seals. It was pulling oil out of the Crankcase into the manifold because of engine vacuum. The lower intake had what amounted to the equivalent of a oil pan seal that was defective. That may be what is happening here.
  7. I'm not familiar with that engine, is that the upper manifold in the 2nd pic? If so, I'd say it was the PCV. Strange that the oil seems concentrated around the seals and is not as bad in the runner.
  8. Had to replace the heater core in the FSJ today. Put a new one in 5 yrs ago when I got it. I spent $$ for the one I got in 2016, this time I cheaped out and bought one from O'Reillys. It fit..................sort of. I had to modify the housing and mounting points to make it work. At least I had real steel to work with, no plastic here.
  9. I looked at your link above and I see that Jeep refers to the lift as "Quadra lift". Made me laugh, Jeep has a thing for "Quadra". I've got a Quadratrac in the FSJ, TJ's were advertised as having " Quadra Coil" suspension. Wonder if they have trademarked "Quadra"
  10. I also pulled the front D/S and lubed that stupid centering ball. What a PITA. At least it's only once a year.
  11. Prepping Barbie for a Kofa run this weekend. Checked all under vehicle fluids, checked steering components and found a worn Track bar. Oil and filter, air filter.
  12. The seals in the master have failed, time for a new one. You could possibly find a rebuild kit, its easy enough to do, but with the lifetime warranties and the low cost of replacements, it doesn't seem worth it to me. That rubber grommet is available at any parts house in the "Help" section. That master and prop valve were designed for a Disc/Drum set up. You will have much better braking response with the correct Master. Disc brakes require more fluid to operate (larger piston) and the prop valve will limit fluid psi to the rear to prevent drum lock up.
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