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  1. Choice 2 is a better spot, #1 is pretty rocky ground for any tent campers. I've been to the aircraft arrow. It's only a couple hundred feet further down the road.
  2. It looks like Milk ranch point is in Coconino forest and the surrounding valleys are Tonto. Tonto forest had a stage 1 fire restriction which expired on Aug 30. See page 2 under Implementation: https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd638467.pdf
  3. Sounds like it. Will probably aim for early afternoon. It's only an hour from home. As far as fire restrictions, I can't find any info for sure, but If the spot is in Coconino forest, there are no restrictions. On the linked page, it shows none under current restrictions. On another page it shows fire danger high. https://www.fs.usda.gov/main/coconino/fire
  4. Are you looking for weekday trips or weekend only?
  5. And I thought that a RTT was a new thing until I saw this.
  6. Not 100% sure, but I believe Schultz pass road is closed until sometime in 2020 due to logging (Tree thinning- 4 forest initiative) No idea on Elden, haven't been up that since the late 70's. Also, the Aspens will begin to turn in early Oct, great time to go see them in Hart prairie or up in Snow bowl.
  7. I recently had a tire damaged on I-17 and decided to upgrade from the factory tires to a better off road tire. I have 3 tires for sale. These are off a 2017 Ram, 19,000 miles. Specs: Goodyear Wrangler SRA P275/60R20 Date Code 13/17 (May 2017) 1 tire at 6/32, 2 @8/32 $60 for all 3. Smoking deal! I am in Cornville, just south of Sedona. If you are interested, I can bring them to the Anniversary event Sept 6-8, or I will be in the Phx area (Cave Creek rd and 101 area) Sept 21.
  8. One example from a quick google search: https://hamexam.org/
  9. I took the on-line practice tests. You can take them over and over and they are free. I also bought a ham radio test book with questions and tests in the back. Looking back, I wouldn't have bought the book. (I did read it.) It's not that hard a test and it is multiple choice. I took the online tests and the ones in the book until I was averaging 95% then took the real test. Easy Peasy.
  10. You can either pull the engine or the trans. Since this is 4wd, I would think pulling the engine is easier, unless you have a hoist/lift (not a cherry picker/engine crane) My labor guide shows 5 hrs to R/R the trans, plus .3 for each core plug. Most shops will charge you labor rate, not a flat fee. Up here in the Verde Valley, labor runs about $100/hr.
  11. Looks like there are 2 back there. The large plug up top is the Camshaft, no coolant there.
  12. Rear freeze plug is leaking. If one is gone/going, it would be best to replace them all.
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