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  1. We keep our rear seats folded up 99% of the time. The original idea for a 4 door truck was to allow us to haul one set of our married children w/spouse, but that was before we had grandkids. Now that we are at 5 grands the truck won't be used for that. Instead, it has become an internal trunk. I've even had my Jeep fridge in there for weekend camping trips.
  2. @4x4tographer Thanks Ryan. OB1 has reached out, I'm going to send him some plans.
  3. I really like our Ram 1500 w the 5.7 Hemi. It rides nice enough we are taking it on a long road trip rather than the new jeep
  4. Lets just hope it doesn't Diesel when I turn it off! 😁
  5. Can't go back now, trimmed the opening. It's Ok, I like sexy too!
  6. I had a broken A/C vent on my 77 Cherokee and couldn't find a replacement. I found a chrome plated replacement for Kenworth trucks that was almost an exact fit. A little trimming with the dremel and it is in. Now to order 3 more to match! Opening trimmed: New Vent:
  7. @SonoranWanderer Thanks for the info. I had looked around on google/JL forums/FB and haven't seen what I want yet. I am thinking of making my own extension for the camera in the stock space. Problem is, I don't weld. The extension over the tire also seems like it would be fairly easy.
  8. @4x4tographer Ryan, I was trying it on my desktop (Android/not apple/what ever its called) I did check the dropdown menu, I guess I didn't look hard enough. I'll try again. Thanks
  9. Thanks Mike, that was what I needed. I saw it on GE and Gaia, but couldn't find the road status. Of course, I now find that the other road I was going to use is closed. Oh well, back to the map!
  10. I need to extend my back up camera to clear the wider rim and tire cover I installed. If anyone has a take off factory carrier, I want to try experimenting with ways to extend the camera support before I cut mine up. thanks Tim
  11. I'm trying to find the MVUM for Kaibab forest, but I am not having any luck. All my searches keep leading to "access denied/no permission for this server". I am trying to find out if FR127 is still open. It is in the Williams area and leads to Sycamore canyon, a different overlook than we normally go to. I read the thread here about map options and a Gaia Overland Layer is mentioned. I cannot find that layer on my Gaia app. (I do have the premium option) Any one have a link to either one? Thanks Tim
  12. I installed a set of Apex Auto Sway bar links I got from Kristopher @theksmith . Install was going fine until a pretty strong Thunderstorm came along and knocked out the power for a while. It was too dark to see in the barn w/ the power out.
  13. I don’t think so. They belong to another club.
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