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  1. @Bradywgn71 Can you help out HeyOK with some advice/experience?
  2. @SonoranWanderer @shellback91 @gearhead @Ken Ford I found one of the articles from Desert magazine I was talking about. It mentions the circle of 8 and the border patrol camp. The article is about rock collecting, but the first 2 pages may be of interest to you. Sept 1949 Read it here: https://www.scribd.com/document/2295888/194909-Desert-Magazine-1949-September Page 9 to start the article. Or you can read it on the page w/o downloading.
  3. I looked for this grave when we were there. I saw it on one of my previous visits, I think it is fake. If you look closely, it says the cause of death was Littering.
  4. I found this info on the Circle of 8. I know I read about it in Desert magazine, but can't find that issue. Anyway, I found this info: Mile 77.9. 32°15'24"N, 113°53'21"W. Parking for an easy walk of about ½ mile south to the Grave of Eight. The spot is also about 8 miles from Tinajas Altas and slightly more than 8 miles back to Tule Tank. In 1896 surveyor and soldier David D. Gaillard reported that "an entire Mexican family of six or eight persons" had the calamity of its glass demijohn of water breaking about eight miles east of Tinajas Altas; all perished and the site is now commonly known as the Grave of Eight. "The wagon tracks made when the [unfortunate] Mexican drove his exhausted team to one side of the road, were plainly visible thirty years afterward...." From here: https://cabezaprieta.org/destinations/el_camino_del_diablo_page_4b.php
  5. Sunday, we headed out and took a little used track from the East side of the Mtns to the West side. Gearhead (Mike) left us before taking the pass and exited at Wellton. We stopped to check out the Fortuna mine (no pics) and then headed out for home. We stopped to check out Yodaville from afar. (A bombing target made of shipping containers) Yodaville.
  6. Saturday morning we headed for Tinjas Altas (spelling?) or High tanks. Along the way we visited some graves that are along the road as well as taking a short detour to see a memorial to a party of travelers who died crossing the desert in the 1800's. The memorial is from the 1800's and the story behind it isn't clear, but it is referred to as the "Circle of 8". (I'll see if I can find more info on it and add it later) When we stopped at Tule well for lunch, I was very disappointed to see what the Border wall construction has done to the trail. It has been graded wide and flat. 45 mph in 2wd was easy. Very different from the other times I've run the trail. We ended the day at the High tanks. O'Neils grave, he drowned in a bucket of water. Another grave, the a name looks like Nameer, 1871 The Circle of 8 High tanks Woody checking out the lowest tank. The road from Tule well and out towards Wellton looks like this, only wider!
  7. 5 members of ORP spent Veterans day weekend running the Devil's highway. After meeting up in Ajo and airing down just off pavement, we headed for our first stop, Bates well. The road was in good condition and we made good time. Bates well is the remains of a cattle operation that finally closed in the mid 70's. I was happy to see some restoration work going on. Bates Home An old cabin stabilized An old cabin that has practically been rebuilt. Watering tanks After Bates well, we headed to our first night's camp, Papago well. I've never camped here before. It's a nice large area with picnic tables. Perfect spot to spend the night. Look closely, you will see a ~25 ft travel trailer. The trail has been groomed and improved to the point that it is passable by most stock vehicles now. Sunset Friday night more................
  8. Shut off valve is a good idea. I added one to my riding mower, I shut the fuel off and let it run dry. Its a good way to make sure the carb is empty. I've been doing it for about 5 years now, no problems. Are sure there isn't a shut off at the main fuel tank? I don't see one in your pic. I would think that if you take the line off the carb, the main tank will try and drain out through the fuel line.
  9. You didn't ask my advice, but here it is anyway.......... I'm going to disagree with your method. Nothing wrong with a little sea foam, but High Octane fuel does nothing for you. Hi Octane is for High compression engines that have a lot of combustion chamber heat. The high octane stops/reduces knock and ping, but has no other benefit. The gas companies would like you to believe different, but all you are doing is spending more money. I would also suggest you run the fuel in the generator tank so it doesn't sit there and get stale and turn to varnish. Put some Sta-bil or other brand fuel stabilizer in the tank. Thats what I use in my cars that don't see a lot of road time.
  10. Just remember, Carburetor is French for " Don't mess with it!"
  11. In August of 2021 Ryan ( @4x4tographer ) led a group on a tour of N. Az., along the Jerome Perkinsville road. We came upon a washout on FR 354 that was too big to cross, so we had to backtrack quite a ways to get around it. Yesterday, a friend who lives here in Cottonwood ran the trail and made it all the way through. He says the road closed signs are still up facing one way, but not the other. From the pics, it looks like someone took it upon themselves to fill in the washout. Whether they replaced the culvert isn't clear, but the road is passable again. Here is what he told me " The signs are still on the North side going South but gone from the South side going North. We went North and only saw signs right at the washout but they were down, off to the side and heavily damaged. Not sure FS did the rough bypass but it works." Pic of the washout, repair on the left side of the pic. Video: Washout bypass 2022.mp4 Link to original trip report: https://offroadpassport.com/forums/topic/5930-820-8212021-northern-arizona-overland-traverse-photos-trip-report/ Tim
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