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  1. I agree w/Jason, turning the engine over w/o spark to get the oil flowing. A couple of 10 second cranks should do it. I would disconnect the fuel line coming into the pump so it doesn't suck any of the old gas into the carb. Gasoline does not last like it used to, at least without some Stabil in the tank. Ideally, I would pull the plugs and put a shot or 2 of oil or marvel mystery oil in and turn the engine by hand, but since its only been a year, its probably not necessary. Good luck, have fun!
  2. All this talk of upgrading compressors, I thought I'd share my solution. With this, I can air up my tires and get a good cardio workout at the same time. Work smarter, not harder.
  3. @WILL E If you are going to upgrade the Alt, I hope you have done the Ammeter Bypass.
  4. Pulled the distributor on the Wagoneer today and took it apart to replace the centrifugal/mechanical advance springs. I installed a lighter set of springs that will allow full timing advance at a lower RPM. The pic is a generic photo of the springs. My first time fooling around with this mod, it did make a difference, but I still need more low end acceleration. The engine runs amazingly smooth for its age/mileage (~200,000). The search for power continues.
  5. It loads slow for me too, I'm trying to find an new photo hosting site. I used to use photobucket, but we all know what happened there.
  6. Testing imgbox.com <a href="http://imgbox.com/8fjWsLNI" target="_blank"><img src="https://thumbs2.imgbox.com/56/de/8fjWsLNI_t.jpg" alt="imgbox"/></a>
  7. I live in Cornville, so the tourists aren't as bad here as they are in Sedona. Traffic in the area has definitely increased since we moved here. Page springs road and Cornville road have lots more traffic than they did 10 years ago.
  8. My front door faces House mtn, but the funny thing is, when I am up there, I can't see my house. The angles don't work. Views are great though.
  9. Finally finished the projects I started last month. After replacing the exhaust manifold and freeze plugs, I found that I had a short circuit in the fuse box wiring. That took some time to track down. All good now. Engine with the new exhaust manifold and the intake painted Ford Blue. I'm hoping the F.O.R.D. paint will help the Jeep be First On Race Day and not Found On Road Dead. Replaced the ignition and turn signal switches and fixed the Horn Button.
  10. I've been enjoying watching their videos. Seems like they are having a lot of fun on their recoveries.
  11. For your favorite older car or technology challenged adult, I give you the ViewMaster GPS
  12. Been pushing to get Project Wag done in time for some Holiday wheeling, but I don't think this jeep wants to wheel. Pulled the intake and exhaust to repair an exhaust leak and replace the freeze plugs. You can see the temporary one I put in when I first got it running. Well, that started leaking yesterday, so today I decided to get after it. You can see the temporary plug, and if you look closely, you will see 3 small freeze plugs in the cylinder head. Those are getting replaced as well. The big surprise was the numerous cracks in the manifold. Not sure what I am going to do about it, replacements are available. It doesn't look like they are leaking.
  13. Did that trail a few years ago w/ John Pa and Jim G. We stayed at Windy point campground. We had it to ourselves except for one other camper. Great views but the flies were bad and there were Rattlers in the campground!
  14. No problem with the tilt joint. I've done plenty of them, so if and when the time comes, I'm ready.
  15. Started out an easy day changing the ignition switch ( not the lock cylinder) in the project Wagoneer, but of course, nothing is ever simple. Found the Turn signal switch was cracked and going to break soon, so off comes the steering wheel. I'll be finishing this Job Thanksgiving afternoon.
  16. Did one of the last interior items I intend to do on the Wagoneer. Installed some slip type seat covers from Seats Unlimited in Mesa. Before and after pics below. Carpet was done a few weeks ago while I was waiting for the seat covers to come. Still need to redo the Sun Visors.
  17. Just an fyi, I was able to buy an entire distributor for Barbie, complete with pick up, cap and rotor for $35 from autozone. I put a better quality cap and rotor on it, and it been running fine.
  18. I've been looking at this area on G.E. Lots of roads out there!
  19. Following up on my post from a few months ago, I replaced both front seat belts in the Wag with new ones from Juliano's. The retractor reel was acting up and we decided to play it safe and go with new. Installed easily and ready to go.
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