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  1. I've got that same engine hoist, bought it to move my spare engines/transmissions when I moved here. Its come in handy several times since, but even folded it takes up space.
  2. I shared my pics on a FB group for exploring Az and someone shared the location of some more indian ruins. They are on the hill just above the road near the mine ruins. They are about 200ft in elevation higher. Once I looked at the shared co-ordinates, I saw a bunch more ruins I didn't know existed. In the attached pic, if you look between the arrows marked Ruins, you will see quite a few. I also labeled the Mine office and Chimney for reference. Note: The photo is rotated with North on the left side of the screen. It is .25 miles from the chimney to the ruins marked with the yellow pin.
  3. @Lichen If you are talking about the Air Tags, they are intended to help you find things that you have misplaced or have been stolen. There are lots of Videos on Youtube about them. Here is one:
  4. Finally got around to installing some accessories on Bumble. First up: Tailgate table by Rough Country Next, a set of Roxblox mud guards for the front fenders ( thanks to @ob1jeeper ) And for my Ham/GMRS install, I bought a Bulletpoint mounting set up for the dash. I was able to reuse all the wire and cabling from Barbie, just had to purchase an Antenna mount.
  5. I thought this was going to be about Brake bleeding! 🤪
  6. Added my first Duck to Bumble. My Daughter gave it to me. She was so excited to have found a "Bumble Duck" to match the Jeep. And we found a plush Bumble at Hobby Lobby in the Xmas aisle.
  7. We keep our rear seats folded up 99% of the time. The original idea for a 4 door truck was to allow us to haul one set of our married children w/spouse, but that was before we had grandkids. Now that we are at 5 grands the truck won't be used for that. Instead, it has become an internal trunk. I've even had my Jeep fridge in there for weekend camping trips.
  8. @4x4tographer Thanks Ryan. OB1 has reached out, I'm going to send him some plans.
  9. I really like our Ram 1500 w the 5.7 Hemi. It rides nice enough we are taking it on a long road trip rather than the new jeep
  10. Lets just hope it doesn't Diesel when I turn it off! 😁
  11. Can't go back now, trimmed the opening. It's Ok, I like sexy too!
  12. I had a broken A/C vent on my 77 Cherokee and couldn't find a replacement. I found a chrome plated replacement for Kenworth trucks that was almost an exact fit. A little trimming with the dremel and it is in. Now to order 3 more to match! Opening trimmed: New Vent:
  13. @SonoranWanderer Thanks for the info. I had looked around on google/JL forums/FB and haven't seen what I want yet. I am thinking of making my own extension for the camera in the stock space. Problem is, I don't weld. The extension over the tire also seems like it would be fairly easy.
  14. @4x4tographer Ryan, I was trying it on my desktop (Android/not apple/what ever its called) I did check the dropdown menu, I guess I didn't look hard enough. I'll try again. Thanks
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