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  1. The JK is looking great. I am very impressed. You and others keep the trail runs scheduled. Have a great 2018.
  2. Jeff. Great new motor; sounds very healthy. We should get together soon. Ken Twichell.
  3. The clarity of this shot of Everest is fantastic. At first I thought all the yellow items were left over hiker items but as I zoomed in I see tents; hundreds of people at the base of Everest. I have read a couple climbing Everest storeis and the traffic on the mountain can be a real issue; both getting up and down.
  4. Three Jeeps on the Crown King trail? Ken.
  5. Have a great offroad run. I did the pre-run and the area has some fun challenges and great views. I would join you all; however, I am involved in a special fund raising event that benefits women who have been diagnosed with cancer and they are in need of funding, counseling, and more. The fund raising event is put on by Trillium and is at the Grand Canyon with a group of folks hiking down and back in one day. Yours truly is remaining at the top to watch over everyones items. In case you have been watching the weather there is a possiblility of rain on the trail Friday and only 77 degrees on Saturday; perfect trail conditions with little dust. For me, at the Grand Canyon, they are calling for a low of 26 degrees Friday night with snow and Saturdy around 55 degrees. Thanks goes out to the team at Offroad Passport; George, Diane, and Kristoffer; great folks. All the best >> Ken Twichell.
  6. As we departed Monday morning there was a red and gray mesh camping chair. Let me know how to get you the chair. Thanks >> Ken (Twich50).
  7. What idiot would check creek depth like this; oh, that's right me. For the record I did not go any further and I did back out. It took several miles for the dirt to clear from the front left disc and the scraping sound to stop. I have no doubt a new rotor is in the future. This was a fun day and due to the monsoon storms the trail had some fun challenges. The leaders at Offroad Passport really did a great job of preparing for this pre-run. Thanks for a good pre-run day and I have no doubt other off roaders will enjoy this run. Twich50.
  8. The wife and I watched the show last night (Sunday) and the wheel and shaft come out. The Jeep is 8 or 10 years old. Guess who the shows sponsor is; Jeep. I was surprised this could happen but it did. The guys kept jacking up the jeep, shoving the axle back in, and continuing. This went on for several shots and finally they stopped to repair the issue but the axle was broken. So they took off the tire and strapped on a log which they dragged for another five minutes until they came across people. The driver is supposed to be some four wheel drive expert but I was not impressed and the guys like to argue for TV drama even though the passenger is a survival expert. The show has it's good moments but there "B" rated acting is tough to watch. Twich50.
  9. Hey Jeff. The 4-Runner is looking great. Ken.
  10. Thanks to all of the team at Offroad Passport. I received my email and look forward to some one-day wheeling and weekend camping. Ken.
  11. Thanks for including the official link. The website I listed has better photos and videos to let riders know about the trail types but having the forest service site will help folks find the location. I might head up Saturday late afternoon and camp so I can get out of this horrible heat. Thanks.
  12. Prescott Ride in Alto Pit... This Sunday (08/19/2012) a group is getting together for a dirt bike and quad ride in Prescott at the Alto Pit. Meet us between 9am and 10am. This is an area with over 14 miles of trails. The location is just West of Prescott. To learn more about Alto Pit, obtain the driving directions, and view photos and videos go to: http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/arizona_02781/ride_df3b.htm I have a Blue FJ and a Kawa 250f. There is a main staging area where we will be meeting other riders between 9am and 10am. There are over 15 different trails and we will go on several rides during the day. Reply if you plan to attend and we will keep an eye out for you Sunday for a fun day of riding. Twich50.:mobile:602-909-7873 (call with any questions)
  13. Thanks for the confirmation. There will be two of us and a pop-up. I see the address where to send a check but the bigger question is how much. We will be there Saturday and leave Monday. I ready the payment amount information but I was not 100% sure on how much. Thanks >> Ken (Twich50).
  14. I am a new member and I plan to attend with a camper and dirt bike. I understand that to get to the cinders I will need a carrier to get my dirt bike there since the campground is not directly in the cinders; no problem. I look forward to a fun weekend. Ken (Twich50).
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