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  1. Count us in for this one! We’ll bring Maya too so there will be 3 of us. we can do trash duty like we used to if that works. Or we can bring something if we don’t need to do trash. let us know!
  2. You mention AWD, I assume it’s a V8? I have not heard of this swap but it makes sense. You may be able to just swap the 3rds and wire it up. In my 89 4Runner, the rear diff with factory elocker is from a 99 4Runner and the front diff with factory elocker is from a 97 FZJ80 - both have wire harnesses from Low Range Offroad.
  3. Then there is another beautiful red classic Jeep out there - now you have to go to Coffee & Crawlers to meet your doppelgänger 😁
  4. Thank you, it’s been a labor of love for 20 years. a PM would be great for the next one, we’ll do what we can to come. do you go to coffee & crawlers at Desert Rat? If so, we’ve met and chatted a few times about your Jeep, but would be great to hit the trails together.
  5. I just learned that we’re not going to be able to make it after all. Hopefully we can get out with ORP again soon!
  6. we’ll be in for this - we’ll bring our 89 4Runner please sign us up!
  7. Katie and I are going up to Flag for the weekend and we’ll be at the expo on Saturday - hope to see you guys there!
  8. Awesome Marc! Glad you’re here! This event is going to be so fun. I’m going to try and get there early and save spots for you and the other 1st gen guy Chad so we can all park together
  9. I think Cecil and I can make this before they shut it down for Covid, they used to try and have all the 4x4’s park in the first row right off Pavilions Blvd. But I haven’t been there in a Saturday since they reopened to the car show. when I used to meetup there with my 4Runner group, we would all meet in the parking lot between Red Robin & Target then all roll over together.
  10. We are going to have to back out from this years Gala - we're bummed to miss out on all the festivities, but we look forward to hearing all the stories and seeing pics of all the fun we missed.
  11. Yes please! I would love to know more about Gaia
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