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  1. Katie and I are going up to Flag for the weekend and we’ll be at the expo on Saturday - hope to see you guys there!
  2. Awesome Marc! Glad you’re here! This event is going to be so fun. I’m going to try and get there early and save spots for you and the other 1st gen guy Chad so we can all park together
  3. I’ll have 2 other 1st gen 4Runners with me.I sent them both a link to this event so they can sign up and become part of the ORP family
  4. I think Cecil and I can make this before they shut it down for Covid, they used to try and have all the 4x4’s park in the first row right off Pavilions Blvd. But I haven’t been there in a Saturday since they reopened to the car show. when I used to meetup there with my 4Runner group, we would all meet in the parking lot between Red Robin & Target then all roll over together.
  5. We are going to have to back out from this years Gala - we're bummed to miss out on all the festivities, but we look forward to hearing all the stories and seeing pics of all the fun we missed.
  6. Yes please! I would love to know more about Gaia
  7. I thought I signed up already - please put Katie and I on the list for this! unfortunately Maya will be with her dad this weekend
  8. Apparently I’m only allowed to upload 48mb of pics, so here are the rest: https://photos.app.goo.gl/DX6zFQfxQkmApVcV6
  9. I don’t usually take many pics - but Katie takes all kinds of pics
  10. Just gassed up at the 4 Brothers and we’re getting some grub at Chili’s See y’all soon! we have Maya with us too, hopefully you guys brought your kiddos
  11. 4Runner mishap update - had the dent pushed out last week and it looks perfect - it’s like it was never dented in the first place. The guy who did it exclusively works on Toyota’s Now I’m waiting for the new trim piece and it’ll be like it never happened
  12. Quickie update on the 4Runner: I spent an hour or so today with a clay bar, some black paint specific rubbing compound, cutting polish, scratch & swirl remover then finished it off with a couple coats of a hybrid wax - it looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself! I didn’t bother doing anything with the flare because it’s too far gone so I’ll just replace it. I’m planning on painting the new one a flat black then go around and paint the rest of them flat black too, maybe that will give it a little more rugged look too.
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