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  1. hey buddy, doing well - at the moment i'm getting stressed yet excited trying to prepare for Colorado next week.


    been missing you on the runs lately! i think we're going to be announcing an easy day run in September, maybe you'll bring the Nissan out to that. oh, are you coming to the cinders?



    Kris, I would really like to go on both trips, but we will be doing scans and medical tests and looking for my cancer again. Been missing the gang and you too! Thanks!

  2. Wow Phil, you might have to get an RV or Roxie wont go camping any more. George:cool::D;)



    Hi George yeah Roxie said no more tenting. The rain was bad enough, but getting soppy wet was miserable, but the worst thing of all (for Roxie, not me, I'm a MAN), was the bears and the wolves!!! Seriously, there were 3 bears the day we got there, and 2 more the next. And wolves screaming all night long!! Couldnt believe it, but it was freaky!!! What a memorable camp trip( short camp trip)!

  3. awesome!


    how's the tent been other than the really sucky leaking issue?



    Hi Kris how are you doing. I really like the way the tent sets up, I also like the size for 2-3 people, not 6. 2 & a child with gear would be perfect. I would buy this tent again, but with the rain fly this time! I cant rate the rain fly yet, because they are out of stock for a month, but everything else I like the tent. I personally can set it up by myself in 1 minute. Tear down a little longer, but not much. (Not including staking it)

  4. I called Coleman again because I just couldnt believe that they didnt care...proved its all who you get on the phone that matters. i got a girl named tracy this time, and she immediately offered to ship me a rain fly free of charge for the inconvenience that we had. This will hugely improve my Coleman 6 person instant tent! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY for Coleman. I'm still going to spray the outside with Pro Tech, but surely this will help! Good outcome to a bad review!!!

  5. I bought the 6 Person Coleman Instant Tent 1 1/2 years ago, and on the 4th use, we went to Big Lake (during the Monsoon 3rd week of July) and it was a piece of cake setting up. But.......much to our surprise, the rain started coming down (just sprinkling) and about an hour into it the rain started coming iside the tent too!!!! By nightfall the whole inside was drenched, and that includes our bedding, blankies, dogs, us, and everything!!!! There is supposed to be a 1 yr warranty for the weather proofing, so I called Coleman to report, and all they said was "uh huh" and "uh huh" and "uh huh" and basically could not have cared any less, I finally hung up. Great company backup!! I will get several cans of Pro Tech weather proofing and spray it my self, and see how that works!

  6. 06/24-06/25/12

    My wife and I spent two nights at the Circle Pines KOA in Williams AZ exit 167. We rented one of their "Kabins" and got the shock of our weekend when on the way home, my hand and arm start burning and itching like crazy. By the time I got my shower, I realized that I have them all over my whole body! We called KOA to warn them and they could care less. I asked to speak to the owner, BRUCE, who said "how do we know that you didnt bring them in with you?" I was so upset, that I wrote to KOA inc to let them know. (Due to an injury, my wife slept in a separate bed and no bites on her) FYI, we took our own personal bedding with us, so we know that we didnt bring them with us. By the way, the employees that escort, and drive around, are rude, cold, and very impersonal. And to make matters worse, I-40 is right on the front of the camp so it was noisy beyond belief, and they boarded 3 mules behind our cabin in pens that paced all night long. What a miserable stay we had, and again, they could not have cared less. We will NEVER go back!!! (And now I'm drugged up on BENADRYL!!! Yippee!!

    Phil :mad:

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