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  1. Allen it was November 1-2-08 the start is around Klondyke west of Safford came out at Mammoth East of Oracle. I was not feeling very well at all. i went right into the hospital, didnt even unload the jeep. had a very serious case of diverticulitus.
  2. Hi George my friend!! thanks for being you.
  3. Hi Diane you and Chris did a good job on the site:) phil
  4. Hi Allen good to hear from you see ya in flag
  5. My name is Phil Shaw Sr. I have been on a few Expeditions forums, I have high expections for this forum. I have been wheeling my whole life but the Expeditions and wheeling with others are new to me. I have a 2004 jeep wrangler All locked up ARB with 3.5 in super flex rubicon express lift 2" body lift with 15-32 tires 44 back 30 front phil
  6. Nice write-up and pictures. Thanks for sharing those! Diane your trip reports are the greatest. phil
  7. Me and my wife had a 12 footer, we used to take it to blue ridge, launch the boat, park the truck in the parking lot, walk back down to the launch site, and camp on the lake at rock crossing beautiful place, lots of big trout. phil
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