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  1. Guy my nephew drilling holes in bracket Me welding Me welding Guy welding Done Don top view. Paint next.
  2. Well, I THOUGHT this was going to be a piece a cake to fabricate. The fabricating part was easy, but the WELDING is a different story! Lets back up just a step or two...I borrowed a gas welder from my nephew. (simple so far) BUT, since its been over 20 years since these old bones were certified heavy duty, earth quake, and 7 different certifications of welding, including pipe welder, and anything else you can think of, my old eyes just can't see the puddle or the line I'm supposed to be welding!!! Hence the problem!!! Thank goodness for grinders!!!!
  3. all ground off getting ready to put new receiver and braces on putting in the cross member side view of the cross member putting on the receiver side view of the receiver tacked in place the back view raining, had to shut down.
  4. sagging is not the problem the jack bracket was to weak and the tongue was mickey mouse it needed a new receiver tube
  5. Cut off jack bracket Bracket is aoff Cuting of tongue tongue tongue is off another look Thats it for now
  6. Hi Scott, Yeah, I drove up weds eve at 5:30 didnt get back till thurs eve 9:00 pm. What a long drive!!! Snow, rain, ice, what a trip!! Glad to be home with it!
  7. picked up my kamparoo trailer in sandy utah. My road trip Back shot of the trailer In my front yard The hitch turns in all directions! The front of the Trailer Back Jacks Front of tongue needs a little work. The bottom becomes the Top! And there she is!!! Yeah!!! A 2002 Kamparoo Weekender
  8. Happy Birthday Paul!!! have a good Day.
  9. no no that is Little phils B-day
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