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  1. I'm in! Hey, GOTMTNS, I'm going the river bottom too, and going to 4 Peaks Parking Lot, if you want to meet up at Ellsworth, Usery, or Power, give me a shout!
  2. looking good Jim George did mne this is my second summer staying cool
  3. There is a little pond at a meadow where there is water if the water is still there
  4. I dont no Elvis but you are right going to Martinez.
  5. Doing good thanks Steve. now to look for a picture
  6. Looks like every one had a good time. Good report D!!
  7. Sounds like a job for scott his went off at devils hwy couple times.
  8. While we are on the subject, George I need one more coat
  9. Scott, how did you get that photo of my sons jeep
  10. Scott it was good to see you again and to meet your dad. Nice seeing Goose always good wheeling with Paul. It was good seeing all the Ham Guys and Gal I learned a lot about Ham Radios Thanks guys. Good seeing Gearhead. G & D what can I say but thanks you guys are the best and my friends
  11. Wild Horse Pass & Maricopa Road - Meet at 10:00, leave at 10:15.
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