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  1. Happy Birthday Diane. Hope you have many, many more.
  2. Well, as of this writing, the site is down...either for maintenance or a problem. Will try again in the morning.
  3. I am using exactly that setup, although my 4:1 t case is from Teralow, along with 4:10 gears. I have also found that 4 Low and second gear is a bit more useful than First gear. My engine is a 4.0L but George (Number 7) has a 4 cylinder (gear ratio unknown at this time) goes anywhere he wants. I like it a lot and wouldn't go back.
  4. I think the scenery here would be absolutely awesome.....if you could look at it....like away from the eight feet in front of your wheel. Intense.
  5. I know it is late, but if not too late, please sign me up for this trip. If signed up will meet at the Chevron as scheduled. Thanks.
  6. Boring trip report follows....no photos obtained. I think the Apache Trail is arguably one of the top three scenic trips in Arizona. Here is the aprs track http://aprs.fi/?call=KC9PKI-9&dt=1325116800&mt=roadmap&z=11&timerange=86400&_s=sd Interestingly enough, on this site we traveled on both the 29th and the 30th. Search KC9PKI-9, last 24hours and 2011, December. PM me with any questions re: this trip.
  7. Just a heads up. A local Bronco club is planning a run in the FJ area, the same trails mentioned in this thread for December 31. I don't know if this makes any difference at all.
  8. Yup, The whole road is graded. Truly a sedan could make the trip with care. I am sure you will recall the stone ledge that you drop over going south. That is all filled in. It had a bypass, but now is just filled in. Many "area closed" signs were in evidence also. The moguled hill just after the hill you are referencing was marked "closed" as was the really tall hill to the left (southbound) just alongside that hill. I repeat, the whole road is graded. I aired down to make the ride a bit better than just relying on the old leaf spring suspension, but was never in four wheel drive.
  9. Well we made the trip today through Bulldog Canyon from north to south on Forest Road 10. Previous posts on VJC had mentioned that the road has been graded completely. This is true and, without being derogatory, with care a sedan can now make the trip. We were only about an hour from end to end. The scenery, as usual, was great. Many areas of "play" space now are posted closed.
  10. These people would be the ones to ask about tire pressures and types in the snow? What do you think?
  11. This trip for me is weather dependent since it supposed to be more fun than tribulation. I am looking tentatively at this coming Friday, the 16th of December. I am not sure how many jeeps will make the trip and it might not be any more than two. Prior to going into this area you should look into the links I have posted below. This canyon is near Fountain Hills and we access it from entrance #1 via the Beeline and then the Bush highway. We would ordinarily leave Fountain Hills about 0900 and plan to come out in Apache Junction in the midafternoon depending upon stops for photo ops and the like. If your interest level stays up, go get the permit from the Mesa Ranger station and post up here. Take a look here: Mesa Ranger District 5140 E. Ingram St. Mesa, Arizona 85205 (480) 610-3300 and here: http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5182021.pdf
  12. GOOSE! Happy Birthday and more to come.
  13. I could see a Bulldog Canyon run Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this week. You will need a no cost permit, available in Mesa at the Tonto Ranger station on Ingram prior to the trip however. Nice, easy, scenic and easily doable in a stock jeep. Just post up and let me know.
  14. George, I would like to go on the Log Corral trip, but have a scheduling conflict. I had been thinking about just running up there to play on that first obstacle anyway, just haven't felt like I could handle the bouncing around just yet. That issue has improved greatly over the last couple of weeks. What would be your thoughts on this: I could go up there, do the first obstacle and then turn around and come back home? Would that bend the trip too much? Thoughts? Thanks. That is fine with me. If you want post this because others might want to do the same quick run. See you Sunday. G:cool: OK, then sign me up as a partial (?).
  15. This is a nine minute video that even I as a non mechanic found fascinating. It should be killer for the mechanics in the group. http://wimp.com/tiniestengine/
  16. I have a lightly used 2 ton floor jack for sale. 5 1/2" to 13 1/2" lift range with handle. It is located in Fountain Hills. This is a good jack for lifting ATVs or go carts and it works just fine. $20
  17. For the OP thatoneguyaz, I think that is what this wash is called. Needle Point to Bartlett Dam road - this is nearly in-town. take Dynamite road east out of Scottsdale till it T's into Ft. McDowell Road. Head north to the last recreation parking area along the Verde River, then there is a wash heading north and slightly west out of there that is a legal trail that will take you to Bartlett Dam road. It is in my backyard, if you want to go, let me know ( in keeping with the axiom, Don't go alone, even in a well equipped jeep). This wash is very easy...but scenic and easy to find. More later.
  18. It is apparently true that some lift kits come with T case lowering shims. I am not sure this is a good thing, since clearance of the T case is important. If you lift it, put in a slip yoke eliminator and if it is a pretty good lift add in a CV ujoint. Then you can lift the T case and some other stuff under there in a "tummy tuck" to increase ground clearance for some pretty important parts. Just my thought.
  19. Helpful as always. I am still working on it. This jackstand/jack combo is good, but I think I need a regular jack and then add the stands. Not sure, I will let you all know when I decide.....thanks for the input. Great.
  20. It appears that I have outgrown my smaller, but serviceable, floor jack and am looking for something larger that does not need blocking up to pick Jeep up for jackstand placement. I ordinarily use it twice a year, in the spring for jack stand placement and the fall for jack stand removal. I don't see spending a fortune on this, but am willing to pay for quality. Any suggestions for brands to avoid or seek out. Is something like this viable from Northern Tool? Any suggestion/help will be welcome, thanks.
  21. I've heard about cooler and hotter spark plugs, based, I think, on the amount of thread that goes into the head. Do spark plugs have anything at all to do with cooling? Disclaimer: I am not a mechanic
  22. Well, I read over the "Rookie" portion of the rules since my level of curiosity kept me from going to bed at a decent hour. So I read this and can assure Goose that I would not likely be an asset to this hunt. It sounds really complicated, but it could be also a lot of fun. I am a bit left brained so would fail in competition with a right brained person doing this project. But, you won. wow. good stuff. Congratulations.
  23. macinyart

    Number 7

    I feel better already. Thanks, sometimes I feel like a little old lady.
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