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  1. I also spray-adhered a reflective barrier to the bottom of the carpet. I wanted to keep the jeep cooler while the carpet's in but wanted to be able to remove the carpet when wheeling. The bedliner and barrier combo were the best solution I could come up with to have the best of both worlds. Here are some temp readings. First is with the probe under the carpet against the transmission hump after a 7 minute ride in town. Ambient temp 80 F, windows down, no a/c. Then after a 2.5 hour cool down: Then after driving for 7 minutes for an apples to apples comparison for distance, probe relocated to the p side floorboard on top of the carpet: Then probe moved to d side t hump, on top of the carpet: I've also added some rear work lights and the front driving lights, an aux fuseblock, distribution panel, several relays, and a switch panel inspired by helicopter fuse panels. I have pictures somewhere, but I think they're on the home computer, so those will have to wait. Next up, 2" coil lift and 305/65R17's, once the wife approves! You guys take care and George, if you're ever in Texas, I will gladly pay you to paint my hardtop. It gets HOT. That may be the next thing I do, but in a decorative pattern Large white anchor maybe???? Any questions comments or complaints, just lemme know! Anchor
  2. Also bedlined the inside of the tub. This was a CHORE. 2 coats of primer, then 5-6 cans of Rustoleum bedliner. I took ksmith's advice to heart since I bedlined the fenders on my old WJ. I have since become a prep freak and the pay-off has been enormous. Thanks man!
  3. Hey guys. Long time. It's been a busy summer! First, a new job: [/url] Then, Tiffany (my daughter named the jeep that. No reason why) has suffered through several mods. No lift yet, but she's been rolling through most everything I've thrown at her. Don't worry, I've been easy. I smoked my tcase in 4lo (in reverse no less) about a month after I got her, tore it down, and found zero visible/palpable damage. My BP went down several points at that moment! Here are the mods. I've got a couple write-ups on deck and will have them up if you're curious about any of it. Woods Hi-Lift mount. It's a couple CNC'ed brackets for mounting inside the jeep. Keeps it out of the way and protected from weather when the top's up. Homebrewed c-channel shorty winch bumper and brush guard. I've relocated the lights to the c-channel and off of the brushguard (lights didn't fit up top) plus bedlined the grill.
  4. #&$*(&@%^#(*#(&^$@!!!!!!!! I don't get this. i can see the pics when I log in. Let me try just attaching them. Sorry bud.
  5. Hey guys, haven't been by in awhile. Work x3 is making me old. Anyway, at the FD the other night I put the Sawzall to my bumper and turned those stupid pointless wings on the sides of the JK stock bumper into planter boxes. First tentative cut Finished product I like my new stubby but will be replacing it with Nates 4x4 stubby.
  6. Ok, let me try this again...sorry.
  7. Hey guys, I haven't posted in awhile, but I wanted to share what my wife allowed me to get. I believe this is why I may have married her! 2010 Jeep Unlimited 4x4! Dealer threw in all sorts of goodies like the 7-speaker setup, satellite radio, hard top, tow package, tow hooks and other stuff I'm forgetting in my haze of delight... Not trying to be pompous, but I sure am happy. The transfer case and rear shaft still have tags on them and I took a stock label off of one of the springs today After 8 years in my WJ, this sure feels good. Anchor
  8. Negative on both counts sir. I thought (there I go thinking again) the rough-ish texture would serve to bond to. Acetone never entered the picture at all. I guess I'll spray over it again to mask the damage and to some spot damage control as it occurs, which should be pretty frequently now. Ah well, live and hopefully learn!
  9. Here's an update on the bedlining. As you can see, I put my foot on the bumper to tie my boot and voila....instant bedliner removal. Also spent the day installing a switch a la Mr KSmith's but a little different. We ran power to an auxilliary fuse panel under the steering column, hooked up four receptacles and a 120V converter. Came out looking clean. Near the end, I set up a rechargeable flashlight. Can you guess what's wrong with the picture? Here's a hint... I CAN'T OPEN MY GLOVEBOX. Give me a break, I was tired...I plan on fixing it tonight.
  10. Spray-on which made it WAY easier to apply. I just used 2" painters tape to tape off and applied several light coats. Takes about a minute to dry between coats and about a day to fully cure. Here's a shot of it a little dirty. Good luck with it! It made a great difference in how she looked. That cladding was getting sunworn anyhow
  11. Hahahahahahaha!!! Still and all, what a marvel of weekend ingenuity!
  12. Ah, I remember that campsite...I ponder upon it daily. You should start with the bedliner around the exterior! Trust me, I've done it once and am now an expert
  13. Got the bumper on too. I'll post pics soon. The trim bezel is NOT, depsite factory promises, a "quick and easy installation". A royal PITA!!! Go ahead and tackle your truck man. What's the worst that could happen?
  14. I first found this site by following a link a friend sent me from Expedition Portal. That link led to your roof rack post. I must say the idea of following the original groove and replacing it with something sturdier is absurdly simple and brilliant at once. Awesome awesome job man.
  15. I did not realize for the past 7 years my wife and I have been "Jeep" people. We purchased our Jeep new in order to have something safe and comfortable to bring home our new baby. I believe that by default (and great good fortune) that makes me a "jeep" guy? Maybe not.... I only realized it after we bought a mini-van for our kids and I inherited our old family van, an 02 WJ. 6cyl, 4x2, plainjane as all get out, but hey, I'm a "Jeep guy" right, so let's have some fun with it....bedliner over the cladding and bumpers. Used Rustoleum truck bedliner $8 at Wally Mart. Doesn't have the ridged appearance of other types and actually feels a bit grainy after it cures. Two coats minimum over everything and several over the rear bumper. I also did the cargo skid in the rear just because lots of junk gets dragged over it, plus I had a little left in one of the cans. The first picture is a "before", then everything else is after the fact. Here's the photobucket montage of it all... http://s905.photobucket.com/albums/ac256/two_ton_anchor/ I may never get to take her rock crawling or anything but it sure has been fun working on the old girl.
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