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  1. Received it last week and it is installed. Certainly does make the steering feel more responsive. And the 30 minute install would have been dead on, iffffff, 1 bolt wouldnt had broke off. That added about an hour or so to it.....but after taping it out out, it went smooth. Nicely made product and fast shipping....
  2. NIce...yes, ratrod that badboy. I've been eyeballing pre70 Dodges on craigslist to make a lil ol ratrod out of.
  3. Just ordered one up. It's funny, they have them on e-bay for 124.95 or best offer. Tried 3 different best offers and it wouldn't go....so just ordered it from their site and saved 5 bucks. Now if it gets here in time to install before our trip to Yosemite.
  4. If you do it yourself, how about velcro....velcro each section and you can regulate the temp inside...
  5. Number7, Just saw their add on craigslist here and googled the company name....and your review popped up in the search. So this seems like a really well made product ? and the company was easy to do business with ? I am looking for something for my 97 Ram. The 35's seem to have put a bit of a strain on the steering and want to tighten things up....any more feed back is appreciated. Matt
  6. I put a new radiator in the Dodge and the mfg instructions said that the warrenty is void if it is filled with anything other than coolant and distilled water....first time I have ever heard of having to run distilled water.. Good luck with the fix
  7. CampnFever

    My VX build

    Neat lil wheeler. Who makes that ? Haven't heard of it before. What are the specs on it ?
  8. Gotta love how the media embelishes its stories...stunts right by spectators...open course race and signs were posted to stay back....at least from what I have been able to pick up on the races boards.... Very sad day..prayers and condolences go out to the families and friends of all involved. Oh, and the driver did not flee from rocks being thrown...makes you wonder sometimes about the media and where they get their info.
  9. FYI I believe it is for sale http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=45023
  10. Just did a search on craigslist and there are a bunch of tents for sale http://phoenix.craigslist.org/search/spo?query=tent and of course there is the one I want for the XJ for sale there too...never fails, always in the wrong part of the country when I am looking for something specific.
  11. Look on craigslist for used ones...no sense in spending a bunch of money and finding out you don't like it.
  12. Thanks for the info...what I'll do is measure the one in there and see if I can find a good one at pic-n-pull of the same length. When I bought the XJ, I had to change out the steering column(theft recovery) , so the column may have been shrtoer, thus making the shaft have to extend pass its working length..
  13. nice set up. I see you even have some RE stuff in there...but it is the steering shaft that is loose...the thingy between the steering column and the steering box. I may go to pick n pull and se what I can scrounge there before throwing a hundred bucks down for a new one. Now what years are compatable with my 93..hmmmm:confused:
  14. I'm guessing just wear and tear ....it is right in the middle of the shaft, where the to pieces slide into one another. I found one on e-bay from a company called my4x4store out of Utah for 98 + 10 for shipping. Says it made by Crown , so I may pull the trigger on it . I've got a trip next month and don't need the shaft coming apart on me while driving:eek:
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