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  1. Hey Eric Is there some backpacking in your near future? I've been dying to get back into it. I have all the gear. Been doing nothing but day hiking and I'm itching to go for a day or two. Hopefully more down the road. So, any plans?
  2. Amazing pics! Looks like a great hike. And I love the climb out! I need to get down there someday.
  3. Hey Eric! How are things going? Here is a trail I've been looking into. Its actually a couple of short trails that link together to make a six mile loop. It's called Yeager Canyon. http://hikearizona.com/decoder.php?ZTN=586 I'll do a little more research and will get back to you about other trails. Maybe I can join you? I would make a day trip out of it. I've been hiking like crazy! Did Humphreys last weekend and was in Yosemite a couple of weeks ago. Yosemite is paradise! I might go back again before end of summer.
  4. Cool...I just noticed that around 8pm this evening. I'm pretty sure they were lined up almost the same this time last year. I'd like to learn more about the patterns of the sky. Very fascinating!
  5. Cool, I'm glad to see there is some interest in this! I will post a new thread in the coming weeks and we'll settle a date sometime in the late fall. John
  6. I'm thinking of waiting till October or November. I'm concerned about the rattlesnakes. I will be doing some research over the next couple of weeks to find out more details. From what I found in the last 24 hours, there are roughly four different cliff dwellings in the same 5 to 10 square miles. Devil's Chasm is number one on my list but some of the others look awfully good! Here is a map I found from HikeArizona.com that shows the general area. This is all located northeast of Roosevelt off FR203. It's roughly 22 miles back. It would be a perfect to spend a night or two and check out a couple of the dwellings. And more info on these dwellings is available on HikeArizona.com or you can buy a book by Dave Wilson called Hiking Ruins Seldom Seen. Mine is on order. More to come...
  7. Here is my dream hike. It requires some offroad but will be cake for this group. This takes you to an old cliff dwelling that is in the middle of nowhere. Getting to the dwelling is considered a strenuous hike and has a ton of rattle snakes! From what I read, this hike should be done during the winter when all the rattlers are hibernating. Any interested? Someday? I figure it would be a perfect overnight camping extravaganza! Devil's Chasm - near Roosevelt Lake Hike write up http://hikearizona.com/decoder.php?ZTN=581 Pictures from some random person http://hikearizona.com/photoset.php?ID=2208
  8. I've been keeping really busy the past couple of months with hiking. I made a trip to the Grand Canyon and another to the Tonto National Monument during the free National Park weekends in mid April. Both are a must do and both are fairly close to Phoenix. Pics below... Grand Canyon Cheryl and I posing for a pic with Plateau Point behind us. I hiked down (Cheryl slept it) the South Kaibab trail. Here is Oneil Butter. The trail takes you along the butte and down towards the river. The nasty switchbacks about half way down. This section is hell coming up! Fortunately this time I cut across the Tonto Trail and went up Bright Angel. I cut across the Tonto Trail and here is Indian Garden off in the distance. The top pretty much in dead center is the end of the hike...roughly 5+ miles from this spot. The hike up was brutal! Here is a look back towards the river. I met Cheryl at the top and we spent the rest of the day sight seeing and we made our way home before nightfall. Tonto National Monument View of the Lower Cliff Dwelling - This one is general access and you can hike up the paved path as you please. The Upper Cliff Dwelling requires a reservation. You hike with a park ranger and roughly a dozen people. It's 1.5 miles to the dwelling. Here is our first site of it. We slowly worked our way up some switchbacks and then headed towards the dwelling. Once we were up there, the ranger talked about the dwelling and then gave us the freedom to roam. A few of the rooms were off limits. Here is a view of Rooslvelt Lake from the dwelling. I highly recommend checking this out. The tours are seasonal. I believe they end in May.
  9. Nice to see you over here Eric! This group is perfect for you and Trinity! Cheryl and I made the Joshua Tree run a couple of months ago. We had a blast! I've been looking to get out but things haven't worked out. The good thing is George, Kris and Diane have something going on pretty much every month. Lots going on!
  10. Lifes a Jeep

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    Nice, welcome over!
  11. For all the comments about the mistakes, and there were many! I just want to say I really noticed how cool everyone kept after the dust settled. They immediately went for help and no one moved the driver. And then seeing the rescue crews arrive and all of them appeared very calm and cool. I know the situation wasn't life threatening and that probably made a big difference in pace. It was very informative for me seeing the entire rescue process from start to finish. Everyone can take something from this video! I give the taker credit because I could see the personal dilemma about recording while events unfolded. This is an amazing video and I'm glad to see she'll recover
  12. I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is I'm not going to make this run...I won't be able to get the day off on the Friday. The good news is Cheryl and I are heading up to the Grand Canyon that night. We're going to stay one night. I'm getting up very early and will be hiking down South Kaibab and then heading up Bright Angel Trail. It will be around 16 miles all in one day. I've done this before so I know what I'm getting myself into. Cheryl will hang out at the top and meet me on my way up. Have a great run everyone! Sorry I won't make it. I'll post some hiking pics after I recover. John
  13. Great trip report! I really love that trail and I'll be really sad if the park gets closed. Hopefully the state figures something out to keep it open. And the bottle necks can get really congested. I was stuck behind 50 boy scouts one time. Luckily they made decent time. This trail does take some patience. The views at the top are definitely worth it! Great pics to!
  14. LOL! It's good to keep busy. I'm in no rush to get out to Roger's Trough...next season will be fine. Afterall, we are only down to a month or two before the heat kicks in. I'm not looking forward to it.
  15. Good stuff Kris! You can never go wrong with a good pair of binocs. And I absolutely love REI...especially the yearly divident! I already spent mine on some hiking poles. http://www.rei.com/product/768624
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