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  1. We had a great trip to see the Fort Tule ruins! The weather was great once the sun set (with no wind I might add). We left early enough that everyone was able to see the Fort Tule ruins before it got dark. We also had another side stop to check out the old USGS gauging station in Humbug Creek, which I navigated in the dark without getting lost this time! I didn't take any photos, but hopefully @4x4tographer @Trail Toy @lofreqjeff @K2man56 have a few that they can add to this trip report. I want to thank everyone again who was able to make it out last night!
  2. Only two more days! You might want to throw in a hat since the air down spot has no shade. Hopefully we will not be there long. I choose the early start time in the hope we will all get home at a decent hour.
  3. Probably an hour. It is a haul to get out of there, but if you want to stay for a while feel free to use my gps track. Bloody Basin road is long but just a dirt road. Thanks
  4. Hi @shellback91 I am planning on spending a little time at Sheep's bridge and then heading all of the way out to the I-17 via Bloody Basin road. In this manner we can see more scenery than taking the same track back home. You are most certainly welcome to come with. It will be about 90 miles between fuel at the Shell gas station in Cave Creek and Cordes Junction (gpx track attached) ....thanks! FR 24_Bloody Basin road.gpx
  5. Thanks for leading Jason......great day on the trail!
  6. Not to beat a dead horse, but I can't help but think about the irony of a brand new Polaris SXS broken down and "dead in the water" on the side of the trail needing help from a beat up 30 year old YJ puttering by.
  7. What an adventure today! Thanks to Ryan for leading! It is amazing how much that section of the trail has changed over the years.......not like I remember at all!
  8. The issue to me is that the sun rises so early in the summer it would be beating down on us the whole time, which is very unpleasant for someone like me with no AC. This is why I like night runs. Yes, it is still hot but we dont have the blistering rays of the sun adding to it.
  9. Trail/Area: Fort Tule Night Run (North of Lake Pleasant Description: Fort Tule is a 8.0 mile easy to moderate trail that starts off Cow Creek Road just north of Lake Pleasant. Our destination is the old Fort Tule home stead. It features an old mining cabin and the grave of the miner’s beloved dog. SIGN UP HERE
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