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  1. I get that privacy codes are the elegant and sexy solution, but do I want to mess with them? Not really..... I think just switching channels or frequencies if there is a lot of 'chatter' is easy and works almost as well.
  2. Great point. It seemed like Ham was the standard for a while. I remember buying a single band VHF mobile HAM and thinking 'yes! last radio I will ever have to buy!' lol. Not having to take a test for GMRS may be a factor?
  3. Awesome! Run is full! See you at 4:45 PM @Scott and Kim Miller @Trail_Trekker @K2man56
  4. Huh......who else wants to run Charouleau Gap next spring?
  5. Join us November 26, 2022 as we run the challenging and scenic Sunflower Mine Loop Trail and visit Desert4x4's memorial. Sign up HERE. Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options →
  6. Join us for an evening / night wheeling trip as we run the Black Canyon City Overlook spur trail. Enjoy the panoramic views at the end of the trail from a night time perspective. We may even catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife! SIGN UP HERE! photo credit: 4x4tographer (Ryan)
  7. photo credit: 4x4tographer (Ryan) Description: Black Canyon City Overlook is a moderate 7 mile spur trail. It is Trail #37 on the Funtreks site. The trail follows Moore Gulch, then climbs along a high scenic ridge to a remote overlook of Black Canyon City which provides great panoramic night views, and we will also have a 'Hunter's' full moon. Deviating from the Funtreks route, we will start from the south side of the Table Mesa road exit and navigate switchbacks to traverse a ridge before joining the main trail. The narrow and winding trail is generally easy with a few moderate spots. Wildlife viewing opportunities have been abundant on this trail in previous years. This is a long trail, hence the early start time. We will be stopping on State Trust land, so get your permit here if you don't already have a current one. Requirements: - Driver experience with moderate trails - 4x4 with low range, aggressive MT or AT tires (32"+), skid plates, and recovery points front & rear - Rig must be road-legal with all necessary safety equipment, current registration & insurance, etc. - Flashlight with backup light source - Bring water and a meal / snacks for you and your passengers - the plan is to eat when we reach the overlook Recommendations: - Lift (2"+) - Over-sized tires (33"+) Itinerary: - Meeting location: east side of the Table Mesa exit off I-17 (map here) - Meeting time: Friday Oct. 7th, 2022 at 4:45 PM (depart no later than 5:00 PM) Additional Info: - GMRS Channel 21 (462.700 Mhz) - This run should take about 5 hours - This run is limited to 6 rigs total (including trip leader) - This run is subject to cancellation due to weather Attending: 1. gearhead (trip leader) 2. guest #1 3. guest #2 4. 5. Trail_Trekker 6. K2man56 Standby / Tentative 1. Black Canyon City Overlook.gpx
  8. Okay, that makes sense now.......thanks @Curly !
  9. Can anyone help me figure out what those tabs / ears (highlighted in gold) are called? They are attached to the double cardan U-joint bearing caps so you can bolt the U-joint to a yolk. But how are they attached to the caps? Do you have to buy special U-joints to get them? I have searched the internet with no luck....... @Curly ? @ob1jeeper ? Thanks!
  10. That is a long haul. Fuel prices at the time could be a factor, but definitely interested. Thanks Marty.
  11. Glad you all had a good time! I'm sorry I missed it. Thanks to everyone who helped lead, spot, tail-gun, etc.!
  12. I've had good luck with these: Rugged Ridge 15104.53 Tire Deflator Kit I painted a reference mark that lines up with the exhaust hole once I got them set to make sure they stay where I want them. I just used pliers to snug up the retaining ring.
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