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  1. GMRS is where it is at IMHO. There is no test to take and the radios are intuitive and easy to use right out of the box.
  2. Wow. I suspect they won't have a hard time selling them no matter what the price premium is.
  3. Thanks to @4x4tographer for leading this run! I'm glad that @theksmith was able to go on my short but interesting bonus run. I decided to air up under the shade of the covered parking at the church at the end of the dirt road. While I was doing so a priest walked by and asked if my jeep was a diesel or just really noisy.......no joke!
  4. Going to have to pass on this run as well. Thanks for the invite and stay safe!
  5. Great shots! Thanks to everyone who came out. I didn't take pictures, so I will use this post in lieu of a formal trip report. We had great night time views of Black Canyon City, I-17, and even lights at the Sunset Point rest area. Wildlife was in abundance: a fox, two! skunks, a rattlesnake, bats, owls, quail, and numerous rabbits. We also had to go around a side by side that was abandoned in the middle of the trail. K2Man56 was having issues with his CB (we've all been there, right?). This prompted a discussion about the merits of CB vs. Ham vs. GMRS radio. Theksmith said that GMRS is becoming popular among the off road community while CBs are now less common. Always curious I did some research this morning. GMRS does make a lot of sense. There is no test to take like Ham, you just pay a small fee for a 10 year license. Unlike CB, you can use a hand held unit and you don't have to tune the GMRS antenna (mobile application). Hand held GMRS radios are also inexpensive to boot. Thanks again everyone for coming out last night!
  6. I saw that, I was just concerned since it still crosses the pipeline. We can decide Friday, the meetup spot and time are unchanged.....thanks!
  7. Black Canyon City Overlook - Night Run Join up for a night run to a scenic panoramic night time view of Black Canyon City! (sign up here)
  8. Trail/Area: Black Canyon City Overlook - Night Run Description: Black Canyon City Overlook is a 15 mile in/out moderate trail. It is Trail #37 in the Funtreks book: https://funtreks.com/off-road-trails/black-canyon-city-overlook/ The trail follows Moore Gulch, then climbs along a high scenic ridge to a remote overlook of Black Canyon City which provides great panoramic views. Deviating from the Funtreks route, we will start from the south off the Table Mesa road exit (apparently the routes near the gas pipeline now have access limited due to vandalism). The narrow and winding trail is generally easy with a few moderate spots. Don't hesitate to ask for a spot if unsure. Requirements: - Driver experience with moderate trails - 4x4 with low range, aggressive MT or AT tires (32"+), skid plates, and recovery points front & rear - Rig must be road-legal with all necessary safety equipment, current registration & insurance, etc. - CB or ham radio - Flashlight with backup light source - Social distancing (COVID - 19) Recommendations: - Lift (2"+) - Over-sized tires (33"+) - Bring water and snacks for you and your passengers Itinerary: - Meeting location: east side of the Table Mesa exit off I-17 (map here) - Meeting time: Friday 2020 09 25 at 5:45 PM (depart no later than 6:00 PM) Additional Info: - CB channel 4 / Ham frequency 146.460 - This run should take 4-5 hours - This run is limited to 5 rigs total (including trip leader) Sign-Up: Attending: 1. gearhead (trip leader) 2. theksmith 3. CAVU2 4. K2man56 5. ScottL __Black Canyon City Overlook_alt.gpx
  9. I have Ryan’s blessing to offer a short ‘bonus’ run (Skeleton Bones) after the House Mountain trail (time-permitting and purely optional). Skeleton Bones is close enough that we can stay aired down. The Funtreks site describes it as a one hour trail rated as ‘difficult’: https://funtreks.com/off-road-trails/skeleton-bones/ Please let me know if you may be interested in this optional, time-permitting run. Thanks!
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