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  1. Sign me up please. Can we do the run without participating in the 'Jeep Badge of Honor' program? thanks!
  2. Wow.....only three days away! I can't wait! @theksmith @SonoranWanderer and @CAVU2 I will see you all in Oracle at 10:30 AM this Saturday. It's not too late......we still have room for one more!
  3. This is now the site used to get the permit: https://luke.isportsman.net/
  4. It is....you have to get a permit, but it is free.
  5. Here are at least four that I remember on the west side of the Copper mountains. There are others but I can't recall where:
  6. Thanks Ryan. I can be there at 1 PM. If for some reason I am not (Jeep breaks down) do not wait for me. Thanks!
  7. Hi Ryan, Do I have the option of only running the Big Horn Mountain Trail if I show up around 1 PM at the staging area? Thanks!
  8. FYI.....this weekend's travel advisory: https://apps.azdot.gov/files/WeekendRestrictions/WeekendFreewayTravelAdvisoryMap.pdf
  9. Hi Ryan, do you mind uploading the gpx track (unless I missed it in the first post)? Thanks!
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