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  1. Well the wife shot this idea down when I ran it by her, so it looks like we will have to wait until the fall. Sorry about that everyone. I should of checked with her first.
  2. I'm still game as long as at least one other Jeep wants to go. Fuel is cheap right now. Do you have a preference on the weekend? thanks
  3. I am planning to lead a weekend trip to run Charouleau Gap next month, so I am taking a poll to gauge interest for the last three weekends in April 2020 (before it gets too hot). I would describe the trail as somewhere between moderate and difficult, requiring at least 33" tires. 'The Step' and 'Kissing Rock' can both be bypassed, but at least one traction device is definitely required to climb 'The Escalator' (we would run the trail clockwise from Oracle AZ and camp one night) . Write up is here: https://www.jeeptheusa.com/charouleau-gap-35.html Thanks.
  4. Is there any way you can upload the gps .gpx track to this thread? Thanks.
  5. Looks like you can upgrade me to 'confirmed'......thanks!
  6. Please remove me from this run.....jeep is down and won't be back up in time.......sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.
  7. Uh......not sure how I got out of this unscathed........
  8. That was a fun trip even though I got owned by the first obstacle. I've finally decided to put some sort of locker in the rear axle, but most likely not in time for Moab. It only took me 14 years to figure out that limited (unlimited) slip is not optimal for rock crawling.
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