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  1. Join us for an evening / night wheeling trip as we run the Black Canyon City Overlook spur trail. Enjoy the panoramic views at the end of the trail from a night time perspective. We may even catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife! SIGN UP HERE! photo credit: 4x4tographer (Ryan)
  2. photo credit: 4x4tographer (Ryan) Description: Black Canyon City Overlook is a moderate 7 mile spur trail. It is Trail #37 on the Funtreks site. The trail follows Moore Gulch, then climbs along a high scenic ridge to a remote overlook of Black Canyon City which provides great panoramic night views, and we will also have a 'Hunter's' full moon. Deviating from the Funtreks route, we will start from the south side of the Table Mesa road exit and navigate switchbacks to traverse a ridge before joining the main trail. The narrow and winding trail is generally easy with a few moderate spots. Wildlife viewing opportunities have been abundant on this trail in previous years. This is a long trail, hence the early start time. We will be stopping on State Trust land, so get your permit here if you don't already have a current one. Requirements: - Driver experience with moderate trails - 4x4 with low range, aggressive MT or AT tires (32"+), skid plates, and recovery points front & rear - Rig must be road-legal with all necessary safety equipment, current registration & insurance, etc. - Flashlight with backup light source - Bring water and a meal / snacks for you and your passengers - the plan is to eat when we reach the overlook Recommendations: - Lift (2"+) - Over-sized tires (33"+) Itinerary: - Meeting location: east side of the Table Mesa exit off I-17 (map here) - Meeting time: Friday Oct. 7th, 2022 at 4:45 PM (depart no later than 5:00 PM) Additional Info: - GMRS Channel 21 (462.700 Mhz) - This run should take about 5 hours - This run is limited to 6 rigs total (including trip leader) - This run is subject to cancellation due to weather Attending: 1. gearhead (trip leader) 2. guest #1 3. guest #2 4. Scott and Kim Miller 5. 6. Standby / Tentative 1.
  3. Okay, that makes sense now.......thanks @Curly !
  4. Can anyone help me figure out what those tabs / ears (highlighted in gold) are called? They are attached to the double cardan U-joint bearing caps so you can bolt the U-joint to a yolk. But how are they attached to the caps? Do you have to buy special U-joints to get them? I have searched the internet with no luck....... @Curly ? @ob1jeeper ? Thanks!
  5. That is a long haul. Fuel prices at the time could be a factor, but definitely interested. Thanks Marty.
  6. Glad you all had a good time! I'm sorry I missed it. Thanks to everyone who helped lead, spot, tail-gun, etc.!
  7. I've had good luck with these: Rugged Ridge 15104.53 Tire Deflator Kit I painted a reference mark that lines up with the exhaust hole once I got them set to make sure they stay where I want them. I just used pliers to snug up the retaining ring.
  8. Moderate 4x4 Friday night run, south of Lake Pleasant, AZ. Trail begins with a great overlook of west Phoenix then drops down into a wash with several moderate rock crawling type obstacles. Click HERE to sign-up Please note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options →
  9. See you soon @Trail Toy , @Large_Marge , and @Rawhyd ! Looking forward to it!
  10. Thank you both! Seeing lots of it on Amazon when I search for wiring, but it sounds like pure copper is the safer bet. I'm adding more LED lights btw.....they are so inexpensive might as well, lol!
  11. I have a question about the suitability of copper clad aluminum (CCA) wiring for automotive applications. It is significantly cheaper that pure copper wiring, but are there any reasons to avoid it? I have checked on the internet and found a lot of different information. Thoughts @theksmith @SonoranWanderer ? Thanks in advance!
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