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  1. When I started wheeling everyone used CB, which was replaced by HAM because of clarity and range issues. Now GMRS has apparently usurped HAM because of that pesky test, lol!
  2. Was able to limp home, thanks in no small part to @WILL E and @Trail Toy. Looks like I am buying a new alternator, lol!
  3. See you tomorrow. I may opt out of FR 12 (Willow Canyon) depending on the time if that is okay. Thanks!
  4. Great day with no dust! Thanks to Ryan for leading!
  5. I prefer to stick to the original meetup time of 9 am......got a tupperware party that night.
  6. Another vote for Safelite as well..........
  7. Join us for an evening / night wheeling trip as we run the Black Canyon City Overlook spur trail. Enjoy the panoramic views at the end of the trail from a night time perspective. We may even catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife! SIGN UP HERE
  8. I jumped the gun on this signup....please remove me from the list. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks.
  9. So I found this webpage that lets you get a free month trial of the premium version to check out: https://www.gaiagps.com/premium/?PROMO=MVUMPROMO
  10. Nice! Remind me before the next run and I'll bring you those tire / wheel covers.
  11. Whatever is chosen, they need to be cleaned / changed more often than you think if you run a lot of trails.
  12. We had a great trip to see the Fort Tule ruins! The weather was great once the sun set (with no wind I might add). We left early enough that everyone was able to see the Fort Tule ruins before it got dark. We also had another side stop to check out the old USGS gauging station in Humbug Creek, which I navigated in the dark without getting lost this time! I didn't take any photos, but hopefully @4x4tographer @Trail Toy @lofreqjeff @K2man56 have a few that they can add to this trip report. I want to thank everyone again who was able to make it out last night!
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