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  1. Please remove me from this run.....jeep is down and won't be back up in time.......sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.
  2. Uh......not sure how I got out of this unscathed........
  3. That was a fun trip even though I got owned by the first obstacle. I've finally decided to put some sort of locker in the rear axle, but most likely not in time for Moab. It only took me 14 years to figure out that limited (unlimited) slip is not optimal for rock crawling.
  4. When I got home yesterday I saw a trip report that it has been out there at least a month. I'm shocked it hasn't been torched by now! That's what tends to happen to rigs left abandoned on the side of the trail........
  5. Today Kevin (CAVU2) and I ran Crapshoot at Table Mesa. There are only a couple of obstacles and we failed to get any pictures of them. However, we stumbled upon this abandoned Jeep from Colorado on the side of the trail. There was a chain around the rear bumper and it looked like they were trying to pull him out sideways, instead of forward?: The vehicle was stuffed full of camping gear. There was also a pressure washer on the ground. Kevin said the vehicle had a 'prospector' bumper sticker which would explain the pressure washer. This was strange because there are no claims, prospects, or mines anywhere near this area: We also stumbled upon a nearby laptop that apparently belonged to our hapless prospector. The optical drive contained an interesting DVD. I wanted to take it home, but Kevin thought otherwise and I told him I left it behind.........or did I?
  6. Open to Everyone: Sign up and more info here...
  7. Trail/Area: Crapshoot Trail at Table Mesa 12/21/2019 - Winter Solstice run Description: Crapshoot is a 7.5 mile trail with a moderate section and a difficult no-bypass obstacle. This is Trail #40 in the Funtreks book: https://funtreks.com/off-road-trails/crapshoot/ . The trail (west to east) starts from the intersection of BLM 9952 and Table Mesa Rd (9997). It runs generally south until it intersects BLM 9954 where we will turn left and begin our trek northeast back to Table Mesa Rd. The moderate obstacle, moderate section and difficult obstacle are on BLM 9952. - The first moderate obstacle is a short limestone, soft-surface, steep climb with no bypass. - The moderate section is a long, loose-rock, shelf road climb that peaks on a hard-right, blind turn to a steep, long, loose rock descent. - The difficult obstacle is a long section of loose rock, steep decent with a no-bypass ledge drop off. Trail leaders can offer line advice and spotting assistance. We will be stopping at both obstacles to allow drivers not familiar with this trail to view and decide their preferred lines, get advice, and arrange spotting as desired. Requirements: - Driver experience with moderate to difficult trails - 4x4 with low range, aggressive MT or AT tires (32"+), skid plates, and recovery points front & rear - Rig must be road-legal with all necessary safety equipment, current registration & insurance, etc. - CB or ham radio Recommendations: - Lift with good flex (2"+) - Over-sized tires (33"+) - we will take a break for lunch on the trail, so pack a lunch and chairs - Bring adequate water and snacks for you and your passengers. Itinerary: - Meeting location: east side of McDonalds on northeast corner of I-17 and Carefree Highway (next to Albertsons) - Meeting time: 9:00 AM (depart no later than 9:30 AM) Additional Info: - CB channel 4 - HAM frequency 146.460 - This run should take 4-5 hours. - This run is limited to 5 rigs. Sign-Up: Trip Leader: - gearhead Attending: 1. CAVU2 2. 3. 4. 5. StandBy: 1. 2. 3. GPS track and table mesa map: _Crapshoot.gpx Table-Mesa-Route-Map.pdf
  8. The benefit of having a new neighbor that does body work.......
  9. I'm so sorry to have to cancel this trip, but I don't feel it is worth the risk of attempting to run a flooded creek. We can always try again on a later date. My apologies again. Thanks.
  10. I would stick to a 2m radio (no dual band) to keep it less complex and less expensive. I would look at Kenwood, Yaesu, or ICOM radios and avoid the cheap Chinese junk. https://www.eham.net/reviews/ is good for reviews, but you shoudl definitely go to Ham Radio Outlet on 43rd ave and Peoria......they are super friendly and helpful.
  11. I'll take this one: Ultra soft tri-blend tees: 1 Next Level Apparel - Olive size XXL Thanks.
  12. Westbound Interstate 10 closed between 51st and 75th avenues in west Phoenix from 10 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Sunday (Sept. 29) for work on the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway interchange.
  13. How about Sunflower mine loop? Prefer Sunday if possible. Thanks.
  14. Check out these trail listings (with GPX tracks) around Kingman and Lake Havasu. I've never heard of many of them like Tyro Mine, Devil's Dip Parallel, McGuffie Cabin, Cerbat Crest? Maybe some candidates for the proposed winter run in that area? https://www.jeeptheusa.com/kingman-jeep-trails.html https://www.jeeptheusa.com/lake-havasu---parker-jeep-trails.html
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