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  1. Great pictures @theksmith So glad you had the wisdom to run this trail north to south! :)
  2. We had a great day on the trail. It had numerous challenging obstacles and great scenery. Thanks to everyone who came out and special thanks to Kristoffer for his valuable trail knowledge.
  3. That is the one I use. I had one side stop working, but it was a super easy fix to replace a broken reed valve. The thing does run HOT! lol.
  4. We had a great trip to the AFNM today to check out some ruins and petroglyphs. Thanks to everyone who made it out........saw some familiar faces and new ones! The weather wasn't bad at all! The petroglyphs were phenomenal! The trail down from the escarpment to the Brooklyn Mine has experienced some significant erosion.......the trail rating for that portion could now be borderline 'moderate minus'. But with some careful spotting everyone made it through with no issues. Here are a few pictures:
  5. I would see if Teraflex can send you replacements for the damaged parts and pick up a 22mm spanner wrench from Amazon?
  6. Did you try contacting Teraflex? I think their customer service / support is decent:
  7. Join us as we run the difficult Hackberry Creek trail near Superior, AZ, adjacent to Devil's Canyon. Enjoy the spectacular scenery while overcoming numerous challenging obstacles. This is one of those 'run it while you still can' trails since the entire area was apparently sold off to mining interests. This run is subject to cancellation due to inclement weather. Click here for details & to RSVP... Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options โ†’
  8. Join up as we explore a remote and seldom visited area of the beautiful Agua Fria National Monument. Points of interest include the Brooklyn mine ruins, which are juxtaposed near Native American Indian ruins and petroglyphs. The trails should be suitable for any 4X4 vehicle, however, this run is subject to cancellation based on inclement weather since there are some water crossings and we don't want to damage the trails with deep ruts. SIGN UP HERE Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options โ†’
  9. More views as we hike down to the canyon: Enormous cottonwood on the canyon floor: After what seemed like an eternity we made it to the cliff house: Final picture:
  10. SonoranWanderer (Woody), CAVU2 (Kevin), Offroadfun (Jack), and Scott and Kim Miller met up with me in Mammoth Friday Nov. 10th to hike to the storied Redfield Cliff House. Thanks to everyone who decided to join me in this endeavor. The hike was well worth the effort with stunning views and scenery, but make no mistake, it was no walk in the park. The trail was overgrown, rocky, and washed out most of the way. Luckily, everyone made it home safely with no broken bones or dislocated joints (joking, kind of). :) Here are a few photos from the trip: Almost there: Enjoying the views from camp: We were treated to some orographic clouds the next morning: The following pictures were taken as we descended into the canyon: Kevin looking back at me and laughing because I am old, fat, and slow: :) Continued:
  11. Thanks for leading a great trip @Ladybug! It was good to see everyone! Don't have any pictures, but found a good article on the Saudi farm leases in Butler Valley: A Saudi company took as much water as it wanted during Arizona drought - The Washington Post
  12. I think @theksmith is correct......if you want to improve antenna performance you'll need some height. I've had great luck with this Browning BR-180 antenna. The performance is comparable to the Midland Antenna theksmith mentioned (both have approximately twice the dB gain of that stubby ghost antenna). I don't even see the dB gain spec listed for that Rugged Radio antenna on their web page....not a huge fan of Rugged Radio tbh. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. Join us for a night wheeling adventure just south of Lake Pleasant, AZ Friday October 6, 2023! SIGN UP HERE
  14. until
    Join us as embark on a short hike to explore the historic Redfield Canyon Cliff House. We will dry camp overnight in the rugged and remote Galiuro Mountains near Mammoth AZ. Click here for details & to RSVP... Note this is an Offroad Passport Club members-only event. View membership options โ†’
  15. Nice! I'm going to try a dual combo of DEET and bug bands. Fingers crossed we don't encounter bugs this weekend like we did at Buckhorn Cabin. ๐ŸฆŸ
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