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  1. Too far for me for just a day trip. Would make for an interesting weekend with camping involved though.
  2. Here are the pictures I got. Not many, and not very good unfortunately. you can see all the rest of the pictures here; http://s28.photobucket.com/albums/c201/rc_maniac/Labor%20Day%20camping%20trip%202012/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ36
  3. firewood shouldn't be a problem I hope it's enough, i can't get anymore before I leave in the morning.
  4. Ok, here are the few pictures I took, Airing down Some of the beautiful scenery A washed out gate Ken going over the first obstacle Beautiful canyon walls the artisian well pictures at the saddle Look carefully, that's the road down there, steep, rutted switchbacks. Lots of fun. taking a picture of Ken taking a picture of me the last climb out of the loop I had a great time. Enjoyed the company and the new scenery. See you at the cinders this weekend! Bret
  5. Hey Chuck, good to see another friend over here. Wana go camping next weekend?
  6. yea, i belive it is. Welcome to passport!
  7. yea, its still an option, but most come with one. We have one guy in our group that has a 2wd and it came factory with a rear locker.
  8. Thanks! Soon after I got the lift kit installed, I started calling it that. My wife loved it so much, she went out and bought a Sulley figurine and I glued it to the dash. LOL!
  9. Hey travis, Welcome over here at passport. We'll have to meet up at the cinders for sure. I'll be up there the whole weekend.
  10. Hay Travis! Glad to see you over here.
  11. thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I signed up for the cinders camping adventure, so I'll get to meet you all very soon. I also want to encourage my AORC friends to come. It's not too late to sign up for this. I can't think of any better way to spend my labor day weekend than to go camping and wheelin' ! Looking forwards to it.
  12. Hi everybody, my name is Bret and I'm one of the AORC members joining you. I love wheelin' my Fj, camping and just hanging out. I have a heavily modified Fj cruiser that I use to accomplish this goal. I just signed up for the cinders camping adventure for September. So I am definetley looking forward to some fun and meeting new friends. I just came back from Sedonafest this last weekend. We had a great time up there on some new trails we'd never been on. I returned home with about 50 pounds of mud clinging on the underside of my truck. Broken arrow: I've got a 6" lift and running 35" Nitto trail grapplers. They are being turned by 4.88:1 gears with lockers front and rear. Back way to Crown King: I call my truck "Sulley" named after the big blue monster from the movie Monsters Inc. Looking forward to running with you guys!
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