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  1. The start is the hardest part. You go up a hill near the beginning that is interesting at the top is a sign that says"Primitive Road" With the appropriate response of "No Sh!t" written on it. Not much after the sign.
  2. Flux Canyon There is another yellow FJ with a star but without the circle around it, and yes I was down there a couple of years ago also.
  3. I am planning on a camping trip this weekend and was wondering if anyone new if there is a trail from Elephant Head to Lochiel. I have a Coronado Forest map but it looks like all the back roads end around the observatory. We plan on leaveing the interstate just south of Canoa Interchange.
  4. Great adventure and nice looking cat-dog
  5. New here, thought I would share our trip. The trail is open, it is easy, safe, and a beautiful drive. Bisbee is a treasure. We have never seen such a cool interesting little town. Well worth the drive. We camped just above it. We then hit Tombstone and the Ghost town trail. Some pics A mountain on the way down to Nogales Loaded up The border The wife doing some reverse illegal immagration The border thing Camping above Bisbee Boot Hill lurking FJ
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