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  1. Hi all. Count Mel and Shel in for this one. Been too long. We are missing getting out and Mel is itching to go camping. We hope to caravan with Jeff n Katie this afternoon. Hmm. And Mel will need to change or add a photo of the JT eh?
  2. Hi all... hope you have a great turnout and lots of fun as always. We will definitely make it to another outing eventually. Promise. Miss you all! Schip and mello_yello
  3. Please count Schip2009 and Melloyello in for this run. Just one vehicle though, as before. Will have to see about the optional Sunday trail. Hmm... That will be the weekend after my birthday also. So... lots to celebrate! Anniversaries, Birthdays, that's great!
  4. I'm usually not real good at this part so since i'm thinking about it and we are home, if for only time to pick up the pup and head off to Flag.... we made it home safely!! Had a great time, as always!! Thank you to Diane, George and Kris for everything. Great to see everyone again! Hope to see you again very soon! Shelly and Melaney
  5. Happy New Year to all of you in ORP!!
  6. We will bring a couple more bags of chips and salsa or dip. And another package or two of cheese. Unless there is something else that comes to mind that is needed. Looks like everything els3 is marked off... See you Saturday guys!
  7. Melaney and I will be there too. Will look on the other thread to see what is still needed. Melaney is baking cookies tonight. Going to probably go play in the snow tomorrow in Flag. Happy New Year everyone!
  8. Melaney and I are headed over in a bit. Will bring dogs and buns. Maybe brats. Not sure. See you all there.
  9. haha... I had to re-read my initial post, Jeff. I didn't say one thing about your not going... or going. geez, put me under the bus. Hmmm... is that a good thing that i caused you to worry though? Yeah! Hmmm... so are we setting up the tents nearby each other this trip again? (above re: to Jeff (lofreqjeff) post 4 weeks ago) See ya'll the 5th. I'll keep reading, i have ... 4 weeks of posts to get caught up on!! Okay, so no charcoal needed. Does that mean firewood is still needed? We can pick up a bundle in town on our way thru Flag Friday along with lighter fluid that i did see mentioned. Going to be a great turn out as long as possibility of rain doesn't sway anyone. We are excited for the cooler temps and especially hanging out with everyone again! it's been too long!
  10. Count us in for this one... Schip2009 and Mello_yello. Excited to see everyone!! And to be 'coerced' into driving down the hill. Should be up Friday sometime provided Melaney can get off work also. Sorry Grand Falls didn't work out. Was getting updates from Jeff. What a hassle. I've been there a couple times, when I lived up there. There were never any issues or anyone asking questions. But that's been... yeah, a few years ago. Everything is more regulated now. It's beautiful... just like a mirage, don't expect to see something like that up there. Huge when it's running. But $12 per person is steep, with the chance there not be water. Good call. Thanks for trying though to come up with other ideas for activities!! You guys are great!
  11. Yeah!! You all did join!! Welcome to the group. As you already know from your experience yesterday they are a great bunch of people. Knowledgeable, helpful and just a lot of fun! Look forward to another trip soon!
  12. Thanks for posting the pics, Diane!! Great trip and seeing everyone again plus a few unexpected friends too!!
  13. Hi Diane and everybody. Sorry we've been strangers but we would very much like to be a part of tomorrow's run. See you in the morning!! Schip2009, Mello_yello and the Big Blue Wonder Jeep.
  14. We'll pick up the last one, cheese and onion. And I'll make sure we hide the cheese way in the back of the frig so I'm not tempted. What kind do you think? Just plain ol american slices? Pepper jack? And the plain yellow / white onion right? Cool!
  15. Okay, well Melaney is concerned about being 'unbiased' if she's entering the cookie contest. We'll figure out someway to help out, no worries. Trash pick up with Jeff maybe
  16. Hi all - I'll check back later in the day to see what's been picked up (hamburgers/ cheese,onion / lettuce tomato / trash bags) But we'll take one or two of those on. Just forgot to discuss it with Melaney last night. Time may be a factor as I know she's wanting to do the cookies tonight but we have tentative plans too. So it might be the burgers / trash bags would be easier... Will check and post later. Thanks!
  17. Hi all - Count Melaney and I in for this one, of course. It was so much fun last year and we have not seen a lot of you in a while. Not much opportunity for visiting with Gearhead or Diane and George at Hunter's bbq last month. Was great to see theKsmith though! We'll see you all Saturday... Schip2009 / Mello_yello and Franken-fender in tow. Also I can help gather firewood or as a second option help with the cookie contest or the potluck items. Just no experience grilling... I'll check with Melaney, but I'm sure she'd be willing to help out too with the cookie or potluck situating or gathering of firewood too. Shel
  18. Yeah. The three of us came up today so as to escape the heat one day sooner. we are staying in a hotel tonight. No worries. I just paid my premium membership also. Been trying for about 45 mins. finally just created a PayPal account under Melaneys name and used her debit card.
  19. "You still have time to get your name on this list! We will also accept payment at the Cinders Event and add your name to the drawing! " I was just going to send you a message asking how late we could make payment on this to be entered. So should we bring cash to the event for payment? But then that won't count for the auto-renewal $45 right? It would be $50. Hmmm... Could we give you a cc #? Or actually i could try and do PayPal on my phone Friday en route up there... Would that count? Would you get the 'confirm' so that it would count I guess is what I'm asking... ? Sorry, 4 hours sleep and a large Dutch Brothers so I'm rambling big time!! Plus excited, way excited about this trip!!
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