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  1. Hello all, I am new to the forums and finally have a little time to try and get to know some of you. I am new to the Jeep 4x4 community and thus far have found it to be a great one. Few Jeepers where I live. We have been going out after work or Saturday early morning from 7am to about 8:30 am. Found a trail (if you will) starts at Pioneer road. Has about 10 mild obstacles and a few hill climes, river bed crossing that can be as narly as you want. Ends at new river road. Not much to see but can be done before the family wakes up or you have to head off to work. This video is about the existent of it, not crazy. Just fun. Video is of my brother in law driving my Jeep. http://s814.beta.photobucket.com/user/Ducken331/media/Jeep/VIDEO0022_zpsaef1df31.mp4.html Again I am not by any stretch of the imagination an off road expert or trying to lead a "Jeep Event." However if you are pressed for time on the weekend or after work like myself, this little run can be fun and done in as little as 45 min to as long as 1.5 hours
  2. IT ON FOR FRIDAY JANUARY 25, 2013 AGUA FRIA NATIONAL MONUMENT TRIP: Hopefully the weather will be OK and we will have dry trails.. Again this is an exploration run, moderate trails, and we plan to break into two groups. The groups do not have to be equal so when we get out there you can decide. Please let me know if you still plan to make this trip. We can up the number to 15 jeeps. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Agua Fria/Tonto Forest Indian Ruins Hunt" This Trailride is Moderate MEETUP LOCATION(S)/TIME(S): 8:45 a.m. Bloody Basin Road Exit, MP 259, East Side Exit highway, proceed east on Bloody Basin Road approximately ¼ mile to the “air down spot”. Check over your vehicle and air down We plan to depart by 9:15a.m. Depart Promptly Please WHAT TO PACK: - Enough water for those in your vehicle - Seasonal / appropriate clothing (enclosed shoes, lightweight jacket, hat, etc.). - A Full tank of gas can be gotten at the Chevron or Shell station at Cordes Junction, Exit 261 - Lunch - Folding chairs for lunch - Camera and extra batteries - 1st Aid Kit (which you should always have on any trail) - Tools and additional emergency supplies (which you should always have on any trail) - CB Channel 4. HAM 146.590 simplex TRAILRIDE DESCRIPTION: We will travel SE on Bloody Basin Road approximately 11 miles to the BLM Stand. We will then turn south on BLM 9014 to the intersection of BLM9014/FR 611. At this point some will head west and some will continue south onto FR 599. All trails are on lava base crossing grassy plains. This area is not difficult but the trails are rough and they do take time. Some hiking will be involved as we look for the sites. Currently the plan is to run two groups: Group One: Will actually explore found ruins. There will be short hiking involved but not difficult. Ruins include Pueblo La Plata, Pueblo Pato and Rattlesnake House. If time permits, explore farther down BLM 9024 along Perry Tank Canyon out to the Agua Fria River. Group Two: Will proceed south into unexplored territory towards the Brooklyn Ruins and mine site. After exploring this area, some hiking involved, we will proceed south to the Squaw Creek ruins site and attempt to find ruins and petrogryphs. I hope to be back on I-17 before dark but it will be a long slow drive back from the Squaw Creek Site. Group 1 will have a better chance of making it back to the highway early. The long range plan is to find several interesting ruins in the area and plan a 2 or 3 day trip next year to the sites. Attending: azjeep4me slyDawg Ladybug mbuckner Curly Larry K russ sam white Nelson Avery Scrambln Jim Saltman Johnpa kmayesaz On Stand-by:
  3. When: 06-Feb, Wednesday Where: From Hwy 79 to Superior Time: 0900 Meetup: Hwy 79 & East Cottowood Canyon Road Map: http://maps.google.com/maps?daddr=33.178858,-111.351854&hl=en&sll=33.178876,-111.351929&sspn=0.006851,0.009602&mra=mift&mrsp=1&sz=17&t=m&z=17 CB: Channel 4 Ham: TBA #of vehicles: 10 max Bring water, food, camera, jackets, rock hammer, etc, etc. Fuel should not be an issue depending on your departure point; last place to top off is Gold Canyon or when we come out at Superior you can get some fuel there. One more item: If you are going to be hammering on rocks - BRING AND WEAR EYE PROTECTION; and a pair gloves would not hurt either ..... The roads are rocky and rough ... no extreme wheeling that anyone shoud be concerned about ...... but with the latest rains, who knows until we get there .. We will start at the meetup location, head east on Cottonwood Road, exit in Superior. If you have any question(s), do not hesitate to ask. If you want to tag along, let me know on this thread. Confirmed: mbuckner ladybug Saltman & Marianne SlyDawg
  4. We're going to run Elvis in FJ Saturday to celebrate my bday coming up next week. This trail is rated difficult. There are by-passes to most of the obstacles. I haven't been on it for years so really can't say what trail conditions are going to be like. Plan to be out all day. Bring plenty of water, lunch, basic tools & spares, camera, etc. Rig minimums: 32" tires and at least 1 locker (unless you're some sort of rock-whisperer & don't need no stinking locker ). Meet: Price Rd. & Hwy. 79 Map 9:30 AM Post to this thread to sign up Trail Leaders: dzJeepchic & Number 7 Attending: theksmith scottL
  5. 1/5/2013: Holiday Party Trail Ride, BBQ, Gift Exchange & Cookie Contest (Near Scottsdale, AZ) 4x4 Moderate Join us for a great time at our annual "Holiday party after the Holidays." We'll take a short trail ride back to the Quartz Hills where we'll have a BBQ lunch, a White Elephant gift exchange and a cookie contest! The trail is rated moderate and is appropriate for most high-clearance 4x4 vehicles. There are some shelf-road areas on decomposed granite than can be a bit of "pucker factor" and require careful tire placement. We'll gladly spot you anytime you need a second set of eyes. After the fun, we'll head back out the same way we entered and should be finished by mid-afternoon. Trailride to the Quartz Hills is a very scenic area. The trail is moderate, stock vehicle friendly with a few challenges: a rocky portion up a shelf (nothing scary) and some careful tire placement on decomposed granite where good articulation is key (a little pucker-factor here!). Spotting provided when needed! Part of the trail criss-crosses a stream that may or may not be flowing, again, nothing scary or dangerous. Pot Luck BBQ - Everyone bring something to grill & a dish to share. Due to lack of grill space, we've asked that everybody try to stick to hotdogs (unless you have special dietary needs). Some people could bring hotdog buns, chips, plates, napkins & forks, etc. instead of a side dish and it would be fine. Cookie Baking Contest - Bring your homemade cookies in a container with your name on it. Please cut your cookies into quarters (or bite-sized pieces) so everyone may sample them. The cookie with the most votes wins a prize! Gift Exchange Bring wrapped gift(s) to participate! $20 price (suggestion) limit No limit to the number of gifts per person 4x4, Expedition, Camping or White Elephant theme; let's have fun with it! Take a number for each gift you bring The highest number goes first by opening any present The next highest number may steal the first gift or open another one and so on until all the gifts are open A gift may be stolen no more than 3 times per round Meet: 9:00 AM - Depart for trail 9:30 AM (or when everyone is ready) Shell/Circle K Shea Blvd & Monterey Dr., Fountain Hills, AZ (S. side of Shea, W. of Hwy. 87) MAP Trail Leaders: Number 7 & dzJeepchic - Condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo) TheKSmith - dogs, buns and ez-cheese! and maybe some chips & dip Attending: gearhead Desert 4x4 - Tater Salad CAMartino (tentative) scottL Bradywgn71 - Chips (Meeting at Beeline & Bush Hwy.) MARS lofreqjeff - beverages; waters, soda's & ice lazarus - chilli, crackers & paper bowls Cloudjc K7VZ & family - veggie tray Ladybug - broccoli chicken salad & green tomato relish Mike & Marianne - fruit salad rc_maniac curbjumper - Johnsonville Sweet Italian sausage and buns jasonsutton1 - plates, forks and napkins mynnr1 kmayesaz johnpa GOTMTNS - few packs of hot dogs and some buns (Meeting at Beeline & Bush Hwy.) In-a-rut - Coleslaw schip2009 - hummus and pita chips...and those 'pinwheels', the tortilla wraps with the yummy stuff inside RandyT - milk for the cookies Riddle251 To sign up, simply reply to this thread!
  6. when: 9am this sunday December 30th. where: meet at the FJ trails staging area just off the intersection of Hwy 60 and Hwy 79 at Florence Junction: drive south on Hwy 79 about 5 miles. Turn left at the flagpole between mile markers 144 and 145 at Cottonwood Canyon Road. what: Plan to run the first part of martinez cabin necessary to get to Jack Handle trail. this trail is a short 2.2 mile loop connected to martinex cabin and just about the only difficult rated trail from the AZ wells book i haven't done yet. Attendees: Number 7 & dzJeepChic scottL theKsmith Bradywgn71
  7. It's looking like we have perfect conditions in the mountains for a day in the snow. I have been waiting for a chance to get back up to Williams and December 22 should work fine. In the past I have done a run from Williams to Sycamore Canyon Viewpoint. It is a very scenic drive and last time we did it, we were the first on the roads and had untracked, virgin snow for the entire way. We will meet at the Williams parking lot at the corner of Grand Canyon and Railroad. The parking lot is across from the Pine Country Inn. Meet up will be 8:00 am and we must leave no later than 8:30. Or join us earlier for breakfast at the Pine. The least expensive gas can be had at the Circle K store in the middle of town. This will be an all day trip so bring warm clothes, and food for the day (on snow trips, it never hurts to bring extra). Wiper blades working? We plan to come up on Friday night but we have not picked out a motel yet. Otherwise you will be looking at a long day of driving. Mikey
  8. Agua Fria National Monument This coming Wednesday, Dec. 12, I am planning to lead whomever is interested on an exploration trip into and around Agua Fria National Monument. We will meet at the Bloody Basin Exit off I-17, (MP259), at 9:00 am and air down for our adventure. From the air-down site it is 11 miles to the BLM turnoff (9014). This monument contains 71,000 acres and more than 450 archeological sites. Most of these sites are located along the perimeters of Black Mesa and Perry Mesa. Although the ancient Indian sites have walls that are piles of rubble many are still impressive and several are surrounded by a multicolored carpet of broken pottery. Many of these ruins also have clusters of petroglyphs nearby; most about 50 feet or so below the cliff edges. We will be exploring the area south of Bloody Basin Road on Perry Mesa. This area is composted of several in and out BLM marked trails. The trails could be rough meaning slow speeds, 5-10mph, so we will not be able to cover the whole area. Presently I am looking at Bishop Creek overlook, Upper Perry Tank Canyon and Lousy Creek overlook and then back to Bloody Basin Road. Depending on time we can add areas or subtract stops. I plan to be back at the air-down site on or before 4:00pm. Plan on bringing lunch, snacks , water and good shoes as there will be some hiking involved. The closest gas will be at Cordes Junction. Attending: azjeep4me Ladybug mbuckner dzJeepchic & Number 7 Curly SlyDawg Desert 4x4
  9. At Offroad Passport we occasionally go out exploring an area completely new to us, and we call that 'Splorin'. When we go out 'splorin', we really don't know what trail conditions are going to be, so we rate those trips as 4x4 difficult. We might be overrating this area - it might only be moderate, but we'd rather err on the side of conservatism. Everybody who signs up does so with the understanding that we might get into difficult terrain. We're going to explore trails from the meet-up toward Camp Creek. If you go plan to be out all day, bring plenty of water, lunch, snacks, sun protection, camera, tools, parts, recovery gear. Trail Rating: This trip is purely exploratory, which is why it's rated 4x4 Difficult. We do not know what we will encounter. Meet: Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 9:00 AM Depart for trail 9:20 (or when everyone is ready). S.E. corner of Cave Creek Rd. & Bartlett Dam Rd. Map Trail Leaders: Number 7 & dzJeepchic Attending: scottL balljointnut - Tentatively ehall gearhead Desert4x4 Post to this thread to sign up!
  10. 'Welcome AORC' Trail Run (4x4 Moderate) (Near Superior, AZ) When & Where: Saturday 10/13/2012 Meet at the Rest Area (Next to Los Hermano's) in Superior, AZ at 8:30 AM. Map to meeting place here: http://goo.gl/maps/NGvKI Itinerary: We'll head south from Superior on Highway 177 to the start of the trail. We'll stop to air down and have a driver's meeting before continuing on the scenic 20 mile loop. We should be off the trail around 4:30 - 5:00 at the latest. Please plan to be out all day. Bring lunch, snacks, plenty of water, sunscreen, camera, etc. Trail Description: The Walnut Canyon trail is #57 in the original AZ Wells book. The trail makes a loop but enters and exits the highway at the same point. It is rated a 2.5 - 3, Moderate. There are some washed out and rocky sections, a few steep climbs. The trail is in the wash much of the time. Required: Any high-clearance 4-wheel-drive vehicle (most trucks and SUV's) All-Terrain style tires Front or rear tow-points CB Radio Recommended: Skid-plates for low hanging areas such as the transfer-case and gas-tank Swaybar disconnects A small "budget-boost" style lift Leading: TheKSmith Number7 & DZJeepChic Attending: lofreqjeff J.R. justheatherb - 'Anybody have an open seat?' MrVTX bradywgn71 lt1rocks klaykrusher hurricane balljointnut (tentatively) coyotesfan gearhead - providing open seat to justheatherb MARS pbailey184 balljointnut C-Fish sl33p3r zzmikey wldc10 scottL Red Tacoma azscout schip2009 alainsnyder Just reply to this thread to sign-up - this run is open to everyone!
  11. Come have breakfast and then run a short trail near Payson, AZ. Join us for both or just the trail ride! Itinerary Sunday, September 23 BREAKFAST: Meet at Laura's Small Cafe in Payson at 9:00 AM. Please bring cash to make splitting the bill easier! Map: http://goo.gl/maps/KqkaJ TRAIL RUN: Meet at the cafe at 10:30 AM if you want to just come for the trail ride. We'll do a quick driver's meeting in the parking lot and then head up the 87 as a group to the trailhead. The run should take about 3 hours. We'll pick up the trail just a bit North of Payson off the 87 and then end up on a road that will take us right back into the middle of Payson. Bring plenty to drink and some snacks. You might also bring a lunch to eat at the end of the trail if you want to hang out for a few in the shade there. Trail Description This trail is rated easy, probably a 2.5 on the 5 point scale. It is mostly dirt and gravel with some well rutted places and some spots have small shelfy rocks. The trail is suitable for stock high-clearance 4x4 rigs (Wrangler, Tacoma, etc.), or other 4x4's with a small budget lift. Skid plates would be helpful on lower vehicles. A set of tow-points (front or rear) are required just in case. 95% of the trail is fairly wide, but the final river crossing is not suitable for full-size trucks. Leading: theksmith Attending: klaykrusher J.R. lofreqjeff Just reply to this thread to signup!
  12. Hi all, I wanted to tell all of you about a benefit run Copperstate 4 Wheelers is hosting on Saturday September the 29th. Copperstate 4 Wheelers is hosting a benefit trail ride for a special family, The Hauer's. Les and Denise's son Ryder has had a difficult course, being in and out of Phoenix Children's Hospital for nearly a month. Ryder is 2 years old and suffers from a progressive and degenerative mitochondrial disease. Ryder is having multiple medical issues that include gastro-intestinal problems and efforts are being made for him to be fed through a gastrostomy-jejunostomy tube. Les, Denise, and Ryder have all gone through genetic testing to try to determine the exact name of his disease and are currently awaiting results. Ryder and his parents have been through a lot and could really use our help. Denise and Les are both teachers. Unfortunately, Denise had to leave her teaching position at a local elementary school to care for her children, especially Ryder. I have been allowed to share their story. You can also follow Ryder's story on his blog: http://rydersjourney2009.blogspot.com/ Copperstate 4 Wheelers is hosting this benefit trail ride to raise money for the Hauer family. The trail ride is being held Saturday September the 29th on the Montana Mountain trail near Superior, Az. The meeting location is the Desert Rat Truck and Offroad center at 4453 S. Rural rd in Tempe, south of the US 60 at 7AM. We will depart for the trail at 9AM. An offroad vehicle is not required however a 2wd vehicle in good running order with medium to high ground clearance is needed. For example, minivans and lower passenger car type vehicles are not recommended. Licensed and street legal side by sides, ATVs, motorcycles, and other offroad vehicles are certainly welcome. Participants should bring lunch. There is a big area on the top of Montana Mountain that is a nice place to stop for lunch. Also bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and a camera. I anticipate the trail ride itself will take 4 hours not including travel time from Desert Rat (approx 45 mins). There are 3 ways to donate to the Hauer family. The first way is through a bank account to be opened at Wells Fargo bank. The second way is through donations the day of the event. Lastly, contributions can be made through purchasing Ryder run stickers, or through a silent auction being held the day of the event from 7AM to 830AM. We have some really great sponsors so far including: Sierra Expeditions, Rigid Industries, Xoskel, The Arizona Diamondbacks, Barlow Jeep Rentals, and Desert rat. We hope this sponsorship list will continue to grow. We could really use your help and hope you can spend the day with us to show your support. To contribute, or if you have any questions, you can contact me through PM or you can email me at chad@copperstate4wheelers.com. Thank you, Chad, Copperstate 4 Wheelers.
  13. Prescott Ride in Alto Pit... This Sunday (08/19/2012) a group is getting together for a dirt bike and quad ride in Prescott at the Alto Pit. Meet us between 9am and 10am. This is an area with over 14 miles of trails. The location is just West of Prescott. To learn more about Alto Pit, obtain the driving directions, and view photos and videos go to: http://www.riderplanet-usa.com/atv/trails/info/arizona_02781/ride_df3b.htm I have a Blue FJ and a Kawa 250f. There is a main staging area where we will be meeting other riders between 9am and 10am. There are over 15 different trails and we will go on several rides during the day. Reply if you plan to attend and we will keep an eye out for you Sunday for a fun day of riding. Twich50.:mobile:602-909-7873 (call with any questions)
  14. Hi all, help us to support Crown king on July the 14th. This run is being hosted by NAXJA. For questions, you can contact Rick at chevynova-71@hotmail.com Thank you, Chad.
  15. What: Night Run! we can do a little loop in the hills from upper sycamore (sugar loaf) to lower and then go over to the play area, there are often people partying there. this would be a moderate trail, 4x4 definitely required, no rock-crawling but there are some serious ruts that require good articulation (so have at least a basic lift, real all-terrains or better, and disconnects). should be maybe 2 hours. When & Where: meet at 7:30 PM at the Shell / Circle K on Shea Blvd just before Hwy 87 in Fountain Hills (map...) Other Info: bring snacks and plenty of water/drinks. be sure to bring a headlamp or flashlight in case you need to get out and spot an area. the moon is over half full, but won't rise till nearly midnight, and we should be done well before then. CB Channel 4 HAM Simplex 146.46
  16. We will go up to the Vermillion Cliffs NM on march, 18th and 19th for a trail run there. Planned is the 'South Route', which connects different overlooks along the rim of the Vermillion Cliffs with spectacular views. The next day we plan to go into Bushhead Valley. There is not so much known about this valley, but it is supposed to have very colorful rock formations. If time is left, we could also go up to Powells Monument. The trails are mostly sand trails. Most of them are usually easy, but some of them might be difficult. We will stay in the Lee´s Ferry´s Lodge. There is also a campground nearby (Lee´s Ferry´s Campground: http://www.camparizona.com/Campsites/NorthCampsites/Lees%20Ferry.htm), where fishing should also be possible. Here a few pictures from the Vermillion Cliffs region: Participants: ChrisD + Astrid mbuckner Start on march, 18th is 8am at Lee´s Ferry Lodge (directions see: http://www.vermilioncliffs.com/).
  17. UPDATE: Thursday March 22, we will run the Coke Ovens trail near Florence, AZ This is a moderate trail. Most of the trail is easy, but a couple of moderate obstacles without bypass make this a 3 out of 5 rating overall. Meet at 9:00 AM at the Chevron Gas Station on S. GoldField Rd., Just south of the US 60 (last exit before the freeway turns to highway). here is a map... We will run up to near the Coke Ovens and then exit via other trails near Superior, AZ, finally taking the 60 back into the Phoenix area. This will be a long trail day, be sure to bring lunch, snacks, and plenty to drink. Attending: TheKSmith (Leading) ChrisD Number 7 & dzJeepchic (tentative) thatoneguyaz (tentative) ------------------ Hi, me and my wife are coming down to the Phoenix area in march and would love to do some trails in the Phoenix or Florence Junction area. As we are not familiar with the trails there, we would like to meet a few people for this. If anybody would take the lead, this would be even perfect. We will arrive on march, 20th and would leave Phoenix on march, 23rd. Thanks, Chris
  18. We're going back to the Superior area - taking Telegraph Canyon Road down past the Ajax Mine to an Amethyst Mine Ladybug told me about. We're starting in Superior this time. BTW, we discovered that gas is cheaper in Superior than in Apache Junction, so we're going to fuel up out there. Saturday, March 10, 2012 Meeting Time: 9:30 AM Meeting Place: In Superior, AZ at the rest stop located at the Superior Police Department (map...) Plan on being out all day - bring lunch, lots of water, sun protection, camera, rock hound stuff, etc. Trail Leaders: Number 7 & dzjeepchic Attending: azscout Bradywgn71
  19. Saturday, March 3, 2012 Picket Post Mountain, Superior, AZ 4x4 EZ Rockhounding Run Meeting Time: 9:00 AM Meeting Place: U.S. 60 & Goldfield Rd. Southeast corner Chevron Gas Station Plan on being out all day - bring lunch, lots of water, sun protection, camera, etc. Trail Leaders: Number 7 & dzjeepchic Attending: Dennis & Sherry Reznor PEShaw48 Bradywgn71 gearhead
  20. Will rendezvous @ the Harley-Davidson shop in Mayer @ 0900 and depart @ 0930. Cell: 480.540.9782 CB: Channel 4 2M: 146.48 simplex Attendees: mbuckner azjeep4me theksmith-maybe dead end joe I have never been to this area so we will be doing some exploring, wondering around, stopping when someone wants to, basically taking our time. Below is a link for some history: http://www.apcrp.org/POLAND/Poland_Mast_II.htm Please let me know if you are interested in going. Best regards, Mike
  21. Join us for our Annual Holiday Party after the Holidays! We're going on a scenic EASY Trailride near Four Peaks to a place where there's a sweet area to Bar-B-Que, have a CrAzY GiFt ExChAnGe, AND A Cookie Baking Contest! Trail Rating: This trail is rated 4x4 Easy. Pot Luck BBQ - Bring something to grill & a pot luck dish to share. Cookie Baking Contest Bring your homemade cookies in a container with your name on it. The cookie with the most votes wins a prize! Gift Exchange Bring wrapped gift(s) to participate! $20 price (suggestion) limit No limit to the number of gifts per person 4x4, Expedition, Camping or White Elephant theme; let's have fun with it! Take a number for each gift you bring The highest number goes first by opening any present The next highest number may either steal the first gift, or open another one and so on until all the gifts are open A gift may be stolen no more than 3 times. Meet: 9:00 AM @ Shell/Circle K on Shea Blvd & Beeline (S. side of street just W. of Hwy. 87) The more the merrier! Sign up by posting to this thread! Attending: Number 7 & dzJeepchic theksmith & Crew Maddogjeeper taggart_lumpy & Family Desert 4x4 klaykrusher K7VZ & Family Ladybug scottL & family
  22. Who: Respond to this thread to sign up! What: Trailride on Upper Woodpecker Mine trail & possibly Lower Ajax Mine trail [time permitting]. Where: Florence Junction. When: Saturday, 12/31/2011 8:30 AM Why: Because that's what we do. Meet: U.S. 60 & Goldfield Rd. Southeast corner Chevron Gas Station at 8:30 on Saturday This is an all day adventure. Its hard to say what time we will be off the trail because any number of unknown factors determine that. Plan to be out all day, pack plenty of water and food! Trail Leaders: Number 7 & dzJeepchic Attending: Maddog scottL theksmith Macinyart
  23. Looking to do a day run during the week...first run (97 TJ) and not sure what I might need to add for future runs? thanks,
  24. Sunday 12-11-11, We will run the Log Corral trail to Bartlett Lake have lunch and bs for awhile and go back out the same way. I plan to be off the trail at 3 ish. This is difficult run and locker or lockers are a must. Lift and 33 inch tires are recommended. We will meet at 8:30 am at the Shell-Circle K on Shea Blvd. and the Beeline Hwy. George Post to this thread to sign up. Trail Leader Number 7 & dzJeepchic Attending azscout scottL Maddog Krusher Macinyart is only doing the first obstacle
  25. Saturday, Nov 12th, Overland Journal is having a get-together at their place in Prescott. A day trip and BBQ. I don't have all the details right now but will post up as I get them. Anyone else interested?
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