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The Community Forum

Our primary offering is a free community forum dedicated to the planning and discussion of offroad adventures.

Upgraded memberships are available for those wanting additional forum features like signatures, photo albums, larger avatars, and much more! Click here for more details.

The Premium Club

The Premium Club features such perks as exclusive professionally led trips and events. We do all the planning and organizing; you simply show up and enjoy the adventure!

Multi-day expedition-style trips are our main focus, but there are plenty of day runs, how-to clinics, and tech-days as well. Sometimes we even open up our exploratory/scouting trips to Premium members (great for those that like to really explore the unknown). We also have the occasional non-OHV outdoor adventure! Just envision the Premium Club as an extended family whose members all share a passion for the outdoors and OHV.

To join the Premium Club, simply purchase a Premium Forum Membership Upgrade (the forum upgrade includes membership in the club)! Click here for more details.

Other Products & Services

Check back soon for a complete list of Offroad Passport's products and services, including personalized offroad trip planning, guide services, and product testing.