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$9.00 per year

Access most site features and content.


  • Does NOT include access to trips/runs/events
  • 50MB for photos & files + 25 private messages
  • No waiting between searches!
  • Custom avatar & signature
  • Create + edit discussions/events/albums
  • Access community file share
  • Eligible for most contests & promotions
  • 2 decals included
  • Badge: v2-supporting.png


Show your support and become part of the community even if you aren't able to join us on any Club adventures!

$39.00 per year

All site features + exclusive content, trips & events!


  • 250MB for photos & files + 100 private messages
  • No waiting between searches!
  • Larger custom avatar & signature + profile page photo
  • Create + edit discussions/events/albums
  • Access community file share + private club files
  • Eligible for all contests & promotions
  • 2 decals included
  • Attend member-only expeditions, trail runs & events 
  • Badge: v2-club.png


No mandatory club meetings or group-buys! Just a friendly bunch of responsible outdoor explorers. Club details

$69.00 per year

Includes most Club membership benefits plus extra features for businesses & organizations.


  • Required in order to promote or advertise any business, organization, product, service, or cause.
  • Badge: v2-sponsor.png


Please see the complete list of features & important details

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