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Found 5 results

  1. 1/7/2023: 13th Annual Holiday Party Trail Ride BBQ Gift Exchange Cookie Contest: near Nothing, AZ: 4x4 Easy It's time for Offroad Passport's Annual Holiday party after the Holidays! Join us for an easy trail ride and big time fun with your Offroad Passport friends! We'll be grilling burgers & dogs for a potluck lunch, plus there's the infamous cut-throat white elephant gift game, kids gift exchange, and the annual cookie contest (and judging, yummy)! We're returning to Nothing, AZ again this year, with an easy desert trail ride to see some neat mining ruins before the party starts! Meet-up: 9:30 AM at Nothing, AZ (an hour north-west of Wickenburg). Map link here... Note there's literally nothing there (just a dirt pull-out), so fuel up & stock up on the way (in Wickenburg for most of you). Trail Info: Easy 4x4 trail with a couple small obstacles (see here for more info...). A high clearance street-legal 4x4 is required. We'll run the trail to visit some mining ruins and then head back out closer to Nothing for the actual party. We should be airing up back at Nothing by mid-afternoon. Other Important Info: Sorry, No Pets! With the large group, mingling, food, fire, grilling, and eating, this event is not suitable for pets. Please leave your dogs/cats/falcons/etc. at home this time! This is a Potluck event! Please see the sign-up list below and let us know what you can contribute. Subject to cancellation or postponement due to rain. CB channel 4, or GMRS channel 17 (462.600 Mhz), or ham simplex 146.460 Mhz Bring your cash if you'd like to get one of the new style ORP shirts at a discount! Click here for details... Bring a White Elephant Gift! Bring a wrapped gift to participate! $20 suggested gift value. 4x4 or outdoor/travel related gifts, or just something fun, but please bring something you'd actually love ❤️ to win!! Take a number for each gift you bring. The highest number goes first by opening any present. The next highest number may steal the first gift or open another one and so on until all the gifts are open. A gift may be stolen no more than 1 time per round, and is completely frozen on its 3rd owner (i.e. after its 2nd steal). Kids Gift Exchange: Please let us know the number of children you are bringing and their ages! Bring 1 wrapped gift for each child you bring (let us know the ages when you sign up). Try to bring a somewhat age/gender neutral gift that costs around $10. Adults will randomly number the gifts, and put all the numbers in a hat. Kids will each draw a number to see which gift they get. No stealing or anything, just a fun surprise gift. Trading is allowed after all the gifts are open, if any of them want to. Enter the Cookie Baking Contest! Bring your homemade cookies! Everyone gather to eat cookies and cast votes NOM NOM NOM!! The cookie with the most votes wins a NEW Offroad Passport T-Shirt! Potluck Sign-up: When you sign up, please let us know what potluck item you'll be bringing. Suggested foods listed below. Remember, ORP brings the burgers and hot dogs, and there's no dessert category because the Cookie Baking Contest covers that! Hamburgers & Hotdogs, A Grill, Charcoal & Lighter Fluid: - Provided by Team Offroad Passport Potluck Items Needed Hamburger Buns & Hotdog Buns: @Scott and Kim Miller 4 packages hamburger buns @Jbjr 3 packages hot dog buns Condiments (Ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc.): @Riddler ketchup, mustard, relish and mayo Cheese for the Hamburgers: @Jeep XO Sides/Salads/Appetizers: @4x4tographer & @Yodamom Potato Salad and Pasta Salad @Ladybug broccoli salad @Bradywgn71 Mac & Cheese @mbuckner 7 layer dip and tortilla chip appetizer @Riddler chips and homemade salsa Chips, etc.: @Mick Bowers Milk to go with cookies (duh): Soft Drinks: @Kenneth Johnson Ice: @SonoranWanderer Paper Plates, Plastic Cutlery, Napkins, etc.: @theksmith Bottled Water: @Curly Trash Bags: @Jeep XO Tables: @4x4tographer @Curly @Riddler @theksmith EZ-Ups: @4x4tographer @Curly Comment in this thread to let us know you are attending. Please include the number of people in your party. @Number7 & @dzJeepChic (Leaders) 2 @theksmith (Leaders) 4 @4x4tographer & @Yodamom + kids = 4 @Curly 2 @Ladybug & @ob1jeeper 2 @Jeep XO 1 @Bradywgn71 2 @Mick Bowers 2 @SonoranWanderer 1 @mbuckner 1 @Kenneth Johnson 1 @Riddler 3 @Jbjr 2 . . .
  2. We're interested in exploring the many pristine beaches along the Sea of Cortez, from San Felipe to Loreto in Baja de California, Mexico. We would be posting this as a ORP Club trip limited to 5 or 7 vehicles including leaders. We expect to be gone a week to 10 days, depending on what the group decides. This will be posted as easy 4x4, but will be required to have recovery points and some lift. EDIT: Looking at this more closely together, @Number7 and I think we would prefer to only go as far down the coast to about El Colorado, if that far, going from San Felipe to 2 or 3 other beach 'campos', and mostly hanging out, before heading back the same way. If we altered the trip to less distance, and 4 - 5 nights of beach camping (gone 7 days max) would you still be into going @alexshel44 & @shellback91 We are researching all the beach camps and hotels along the way for prices and amenities. Crossing the US Border We plan to cross the US Border into Mexico in Mexicali. We will stay together as a group until everyone is through the border and visa office. You will need a US Passport or a US Passport Card We will check in at the border to buy the required visas (depends on number of days we decide to stay) San Felipe - what Rocky Point used to be From there we'll go down to San Felipe for the night, either camp or get rooms at one of the many places to choose from. https://en.sandollarresort.com/ The next day we'll embark upon our journey to discover lazy days and fish tacos at pristine deserted beaches. We will explore along the coast each day until we decide where to stop for the night. There are camp sites and little hotels all along the way. If we decide just to stay a whole day and swim, we will. We'd like the trip to be fluid, and take shape along the way rather than have a set agenda. Some of the campos and points of interest: Leave San Felipe and drive MX Hwy 5 south along the sea of Cortez, stopping along the way at cool places. We will at times take dirt roads to beach coves. Several we've noted in google maps: Bahia Santa Maria Jenny's Beach Resort https://chenowthlegacylodge.com.mx/ After more consideration of this trip, the points of interest below are further than we intend to travel this time: San Francisquito Bahia de los Angeles Daggets Camp ground has palapas with fire pits, and there's running water and hot showers (I have found that there are many campos with showers and toilets in various states of repair) Bahia de los Angeles Museum Puerto San Francisquito Playa del Barril Bahia Concepcion Homeward Bound On the way home we can either go back the way we came, or we can take MX Hwy 1, which goes along the Pacific coast to Ensenada and Tijuana. We can talk about this before going and come up with a plan. There is not a lot that I want to see on the pacific side per se, but I'm not completely adverse to returning that way. The area around Ensenada is noted to be very beautiful. If someone wants to go on this trip but they can't be gone that long, they could go back early with another member. So if you want to go home early, pair up with someone who also wants to leave early. We'd prefer if everyone stays in pairs at least! Considerations: ~You will need Mexican pesos to buy things and tip people. There are several easy ways to obtain them: Purchase pesos at the border - usually fees and higher than going exchange rate I opened a WISE account, moved some US Dollars into it, and converted them into MX Pesos at the going rate for a very low conversion fee. When I get to the MX border, I'll go to a regular ATM to pull out pesos, and I'll use my WISE debit card wherever I can for food, gas, etc. You can buy pesos from your bank if you have a debit account at one of the big national banks such as Chase, Wells Fargo, BofA, etc. ~We will be monitoring US Travel advisories and news from Baja prior to the trip, and will cancel/postpone in the event it's not safe to go. Post in this thread if you'd be interested in going Interested: @Number7 & @dzJeepChic @alexshel44 @shellback91 @ob1jeeper @Ken Ford @Goose
  3. until
    It's time for Offroad Passport's Annual Holiday party after the Holidays! Join us for an easy trail ride and big time fun with your Offroad Passport friends! We'll be grilling burgers & dogs for a potluck lunch, plus there's the infamous cut-throat white elephant gift game, kids gift exchange, and the annual cookie contest (and judging, yummy)! We're at a new location again this year with an easy desert trail ride to see some neat mining ruins before the party starts! Open to Everyone: Details and sign-up thread here...
  4. Here are some pictures from the trail ride yesterday. Thanks everyone who came out to enjoy the day! The weather was beautiful, and we had a nice day. Along for the ride were: @klaykrusher @Eugene @GRUNT @gearhead @lofreqjeff @curbjumper @Number7 & me. See all my pictures here: Montana Mountain Pictures Here are a few Grunt is already trying to pick fights 🤣
  5. We're going to run the Coke Ovens Loop New Years Day. Full day run with lunch along the trail. It has been a long time since we have seen the Coke Ovens, it will be interesting to see what condition they're in now!! Club Members: Sign up and more info here...
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