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Found 4 results

  1. 1/9/2021: 11th Annual Holiday Party Trail Ride BBQ Gift Exchange Cookie Contest: near Carefree, AZ: 4x4 Easy Hey everyone!!! It's time for Offroad Passport's Annual Holiday party after the Holidays! Join us for a short easy trail ride and big time fun! There's BBQ'd burgers & dogs and a potluck lunch, the infamous cut-throat white elephant gift exchange, and the annual cookie contest (AND JUDGING - YUM!)! After all the fun and excitement we'll exit to Bartlett Dam Rd, probably airing up by mid-afternoon. It's a fun day with your Offroad Passport friends! MEET UP: 9:30 AM at the Shell gas station on Dynamite Road & Alma School Rd. Map link here... Note: You may want to get gas at a different place first though since that Shell is SO 'spensive! Trail Info: we'll be heading to the same spot as last year, but taking a slightly different route. i think this will make for about a 1 hour trail ride. the trail is still rated "easy", but you do need 4-wheel-drive. we'll exit towards Bartlett Dam Rd again which means the air-up spot is only about 20 minutes away after the party is over. This is a Potluck event! Offroad Passport supplies Hamburgers and Hotdogs (not the buns). Let us know what you can bring to contribute to the lunch (see sign-up below)! We'll also need tables, trash bags, etc. NOTE: There is no 'Desserts' category since the Cookie Baking Contest covers that! Potluck Sign-up: Hamburgers & Hotdogs: The Offroad Passport Team + brats/sausages from curbjumper Charcoal & Lighter Fluid: The Offroad Passport Team Hamburger & Hotdog Buns We estimate that we need 5 packages each of Hamburger and Hotdog buns. 1. Shellback91 - 3 Packs Hamburger Buns 2. KC4X4 - 3 Pack Hotdog Buns 3. 4. . Condiments (Ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc.) 1. Scottl - ketchup, mustard, mayo 2. KtroubleA - Onions, tomatoes, lettuce 3. Trail Toy - dill pickles & sweet pickle relish . Cheese for the Hamburgers: 1. johnpa 2. . Sides/Salads/Appetizers: 1. 4x4tographer 2. ob1jeeper 3. Curly 4. Bradywgn71 - sweet BBQ meatballs 5. . Chips, etc.: 1. Shellback91 2. GetNout . Soft Drinks: 1. spencerhahn 2. GetNout 3. . Ice: 1. GetNout - 2 bags 2. . Paper Plates, Plastic Cutlery, Napkins, etc.: 1. Trail Toy - paper plates and plastic cutlery 2. . Bottled Water: 1. 4x4tographer 2. Bradywgn71 . Trash Bags: 1. lofreqjeff - trash barrels, trash bags, trash hauling when we're done. Basic rock star! 2. . Tables: 1. 4x4tographer 2. ob1jeeper 3. Curly 4. Trail Toy 5. lofreqjeff 6. KC4X4 Enter the Cookie Baking Contest! Bring your homemade cookies! The cookie with the most votes wins some Offroad Passport Swag (1 T-shirt & 2 Round Decals!) + Mystery Prize! NEW THIS YEAR - Kid's Gift Exchange!!! Bring 1 wrapped gift per kid that costs around $10. The big people will randomly number the gifts, and put all the numbers in a hat. The kids will each draw a number to see which gift they get. No stealing or anything, just a fun surprise gift. Trading is allowed after all the gifts are open, if any of them want to. See Attendee's list below for kid's ages. Gift Exchange: Bring wrapped gift(s) to participate! $20 suggested limit. No limit on number of gifts per person. 4x4, Expedition, Camping or White Elephant! Have fun with it but please bring something YOU'D love to win. Take a number for each gift you bring. The highest number goes first by opening any present. The next highest number may steal the first gift or open another one and so on until all the gifts are open. A gift may be stolen no more than 1 time per round, and is completely frozen on its 3rd steal. Additional Info: This trip is subject to cancellation or postponement due to rain CB channel 4 -or- GMRS channel 17 (462.600 Mhz) -or- ham simplex 146.460 Mhz No Pets! With the large group, mingling, food and BBQ grill, this trip is not a suitable place for pets. Please leave your dogs/cats/falcons/etc. at home for this event! Holiday Party Merch Specials: Since the cookie contest winner gets to pick out a shirt, we're bringing all of the ORP schwag! Let us know if you want to buy something. Men's Light Weight ORP Tshirts - 2 side print: Gray $13 White $10 Attending: @dzJeepChic & @Number7 @theksmith @4x4tographer & @Yodamom + 2 Girls 6 & 10 Yrs. @shellback91 & Mrs.Shellback @ob1jeeper& @Ladybug @Curly @Bradywgn71 & @kaspily @lofreqjeff & Mrs.lofreq & 1 Girl - 9 Yrs. @KC4X4 @johnpa +1 @scottL +1 @KtroubleA +3 @curbjumper @spencerhahn @GetNout +1 Just post a reply in this thread saying you'd like to go and we'll put you on the roster!
  2. We're afraid that continuing to call the annual event the 'Cinders', that it's going to confuse people, and they're going to drive to the Cinders even though we're at a different location. What should we name the big, awesome, salsa contest, games, shenanigans, annual event? Vote and discuss below!
  3. Offroad Passport Year-End Sale! Now through the end of the year, join the Club and get a FREE Offroad Passport Value Tee! Click for Club Info Get a year's worth of off-road adventures, a set of round decals (always included), plus a great shirt to wear out on the trail, for only $39! Valid for returning Club members who's membership lapsed! Includes $39 Gift Card purchases - makes a wonderful gift!! Includes Shipping. Choose Lady's or Men's Styles. Offer valid through 12/31/2019. Excludes renewals of current club memberships. The New member processing team will contact you to see which style/size you want; shirt will ship with decals packet. Click here to learn more and sign up - Club Membership!
  4. Offroad Passport Garage Sale Offroad Passport Tee Shirts $5.00 each! We sampled a new tee shirt vendor over the summer that did not meet our exacting standards. There's nothing wrong with these shirts per se, except that our logo isn't perfect, and some of them fit weird. We don't feel that we can sell them as Official Offroad Passport merchandise in good conscience. So to cut our losses, we're selling them at a fraction of their cost. There are many creative uses for tee shirts: Jeep seat back covers, shop rags, classy wall hanging, wrap your tools in them, plus so many more! And if you end up with a shirt you like to wear then, SCORE! These are ALL LADIES SIZES ONLY! They all have the Offroad Passport words logo on the upper left front, and the round logo on the back. Various styles described below. HOW TO SNAG YOURS: FIRST COME FIRST SERVED! Simply respond to this thread telling us which ones you want! We can either save them until the next time we see you or ship them to you at regular USPS rates. Ultra soft tri-blend tees: 1 Next Level Apparel - Olive size XXL, 2 Hanes Nano Tees - Light Heather Gray size L & XL Gildan Ultra 100% cotton tees: 1 Light Heather Gray size XXL, 2 Dark Gray size XXL & XXXL: 100% cotton classic tees Dark Heather Gray size XXL & XXXL (these looked a hellova lot better on the vendor's design editor!):
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