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Found 19 results

  1. Hey everyone, I think it would be really fun to go check out the Average Joe 4×4 competition as a group. I've never been, but I've had a couple friends enter it, and it looks like a ton of fun. Some of you might even want to try out the track! I'm going to enter the competition dates in a poll. If you'd like to meet up and go, vote for every date you can make it. We'll see if we can get a group together. I'll be working on getting more info such as admission, entry fees, etc. More info here: http://averagejoe4x4.com/ A 25 acre Off Road Park THE AVERAGE JOE 4X4 COMPETITION PARK – Powered by Dirty Mayhem Offroad Club Check out our 3 new and challenging 4×4 tracks! Come out and view the Competition Arena Track to see if you would like to compete in the upcoming AJ4x4 season. Come play on The AJ4x4 Park Track and for those that just can’t resist getting Dirty take a dip into our new Dirty Mud Pit Track The Season Opener will be a family friendly event. The Average Joe 4×4 2019-2020 Season Schedule *Competition Dates will have an Alternate date in case of adverse weather canceling a competition. Season Opener, September 21, 2019 1st. Competition October 19, 2019 (Alternate November 02, 2019) 2nd. Competition November 16, 2019 (Alternate December 07, 2019 *Track Day December 14, 2019 (Alternate December 21, 2019) 3rd. Competition January 18, 2020 (Alternate January 25, 2020 4th. Competition February 22, 2020 (Alternate February 29, 2020) 5th. Competition March 21, 2020 (Alternate March 28, 2020) Championships April; 25-26, 2020. 9alternate May 2-3, 2020) Wants to Go: Number 7 & dzjeepchic
  2. Hey everyone, we are interested in running the Ducy Ershim Trail in central California next summer, and we'd like to know if anyone on here would be interested in going? This trail is on par with the Rubicon and the Fordyce (from what we've heard). We would most likely run the trail Tuesday through Thursday/Friday. We will have to do research on places to stay on the way, where to camp, where to get fire permits, etc. This is just a preliminary to see if anybody wants to go. Trail description: A very scenic trail that climbs to 10,000 feet at Thompson Lake, then rarely drops below 9,000 feet after that. You'll pass several excellent lakes offering good camping and fishing. Almost the entire trail passes through wilderness, which is just 300 feet on each side of the trail. Stay on designated routes at all times. Do not camp within 100 feet of lakes and streams. Carry a fire permit and fishing license if applicable. No target shooting anywhere along route. Pack out your trash. Located in Sierra National Forest. For current conditions call the High Sierra Ranger District at (559) 855-5355. Over ninety percent of this 30-mile trail is slow-speed rock crawling. The most difficult part of the trail is Thompson Hill (when driven uphill). It starts gradually and gets worse as you climb higher. Also very difficult are the last two miles of the trail, going south to north, as described here. Many other challenges await. The forest service recommends the trail be driven in a short-wheel-base vehicle with at least 32-inch tires and one locker. The fact is, even better equipped vehicles are seriously tested. Be prepared for breakdowns because help is a long way off. Never drive this trail by yourself. The trail can also be driven from the north starting at White Bark Vista.
  3. We are interested in exploring the trails in/around Parker AZ this winter; specifically, the trails they run at Desert Splash. We'd like to gauge everyone's interest in joining us. We're thinking something along the lines of going up on Thursday afternoon, wheeling on Fri, Sat, Sun, and return home Sunday night or Monday. George and I would most likely get a vacation rental, but there is plenty of great camping in Parker, including a state park that has full hook ups, and bathrooms. We don't know the trails up there, so hopefully somebody on here who does will be able to go. I will also invite a few of my Bullhead City 4x4 friends to join us If we get a group together. They know the area. Desert Splash is in early November, so we wouldn't want to go then. Please post up if you're interested, and your availability. Here's a link to an article about Parker Desert Splash that has quite a few pictures of the trails. https://www.off-road.com/jeep/feature/18th-annual-parker-4wheelers-desert-splash-53842.html
  4. Has anybody done these two roads or is or would be in the near future?
  5. My project at work was postponed until Feb 16-19 so I'm free to go wheelin this weekend - probably Saturday since Sunday is Super Bowl anyone interested? I don't have anywhere in mind, I just want to get out and have some fun!
  6. Is anyone else planning on heading away from town tonight to check out the 'Brand New' meteor shower? http://www.azfamily.com/news/national/Brand-new-meteor-shower-making-debut-Saturday--260438241.html Megan and I are planning on jumping in the car and heading away from the bright lights of the big city to check it out. Last time I went meteor shower viewing we ended up at Blue Point off Bush Highway. Might do that again since it was nice and quite, only a few other vehicles there. Might check out Phon D Sutton Rec area if its still open, I think they close the gate there at dusk. We need to go somewhere car accessible because Cecil is sick and will be in the hospital until Wednesday or Thursday. He is getting some much needed 200K mile service like valve cover gaskets, intake plenum cleaning, fuel injector rebuild, and a bunch of other little things while we have it apart to replace a bad knock sensor. Anyway - thats where we'll be if anyone wants to join us! We'll be in a red Toyota Solara, if you head out that way, come hang with us!
  7. Has anyone offroaded to Coffeepot Arizona? Looks to be between and East of Jakes Corner and Rye Arizona. If you drew a line from Jakes Corner to Young you would draw over (town?) Coffeepot. Also looks to be part of Hellsgate Wilderness area. Could be a nice day trip??? Thank You, bow7077
  8. it's become a tradition that every year we do a Thanksgiving camping trip! until last year we camped somewhere car accessible, fried a turkey, and visited a cave or 2. last year we only had a few rigs and did a local (Florence Junction area) wheeling/camping event. is anyone interested this year in doing a Thursday thru Saturday camping trip for Thanksgiving? if you are interested vote yes in the poll and post where you want to go! we have a couple ideas already: - Bandera's Ice Cave near Grants, NM. this is a lava tube cave near a dormant volcano that has ice in it permanently. i'm sure there is an established campground somewhere near there that we could stay at and then the entire trip would be car accessible. - Middlemarch Road area - near Tombstone, AZ. supposedly the abandoned mine there resembles a cave due to it's size. this would likely require a high clearance vehicle and be dispersed camping in the middle of nowhere. Kartchner caverns is also right next door and they now have the Big Room open which was closed on our last visit.
  9. Hello, I just joined the group, it sounds like a lot of members like to take expeditions, to various places. Do any members ever take trips down to Mexico? I just recently bought a jeep cherokee and would like to take it down to Copper Canyon and explore some more down there. Thanks Bob
  10. Has anybody heard of this? Is anyone interested in going? I don't know if it's worth the full ticket price ($265/person) as most of the workshops and such are already filled, but a day pass is $15, and only $35 for all three days. http://www.overlandexpo.com/
  11. saw it in the latest issue of 4wheel drive magazine p.14, pertaining to running the rio grande road? looks super easy, and lots of good scenery? anyone read that? have you or do you know anyone who has done it? wondering if anyone would be interested in trying it out sometime between december and february? p.s. i didn't actually read the article! i looked at the photos looking for ideas for a future project but it looked interesting...
  12. anyone going to Jeep Jamboree 6 this saturday @ Airpark Chrysler/Jeep? i found this flyer after stopping by to pick up my replacement leak detection pump the other day: Participants must pre-register and sign a waiver the morning of the event. bring 1 non-perishable food item including dog or cat food, blankets and towels for the Arizona Humane Society as an entrance fee. i'm told they'll have an RTI ramp and lots of customers bringing they're jeeps out for show and shine while others do the charity run or both. i am planning to attend and left a message for Mary at the dealership to find out which trail they plan to run for charity. i'll post more information as i recieve it to this last minute event.
  13. We're headed there for one of the days, [down from all three and all the clinics] and wanted to know if anyone else was going? http://www.overlandexpo.com/
  14. If anyone is interested, this looks like it may be fun. Rocks & Road Tour There is an event in the lower left corner of the main page. This event is called "Owner's Playground." As I understand it, you can take your own vehicle through a small course that Jeep builds. Once you sign up, you get a barcode confirmation sheet you must bring. By signing up you also get registered for a Sat.Radio and a GPS drawing. Overall, I was thinking it would be fun if we went as a group. I signed up for Saturdays(27th) run since I am working on the 25th and 26th. Anyone want to go with me? Attending: Grunt azscout JKGoose macinyart GOTMTNS jburns stuckey
  15. I saw some pictures of a bunch of Jeeps on a trail called 'Dishpan', and it reminded me of Rubicon type terrain so I started doing some research. I found it's a trail near Lake Arrowhead, CA in the San Bernardino Mountains called 'Dishpan Springs'. I found this trail report on My Jeep Rocks from 2006, just after the trail reopened after the '04 fire. There are a lot of trails like this in San Bernardino Mountains and it's not too far; we should do a trip over there. This looks like a fun technical trail. d
  16. On our last premium trip to Canyonlands we were discussing how beautiful the area would be covered in a light snow... then in the most recent issue of Overland Journal there's an article on some people snow camping in The Swell area of Utah (which is right next to the Canyonlands Maze area we were in)... this got me looking more in to this "The Swell" and thinking maybe we could head up there for a cold weather exploratory run in January or February... anyway, we should definitely hit up this area sometime next year, there are supposed to be some really neat slot canyons and petroglyphs... here's more info on the area: http://www.americansouthwest.net/utah/san_rafael_swell/index.html http://www.sanrafaelswell.org/gallery/gallery.php http://www.4x4now.com/trutss.htm http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1216/is_4_207/ai_78901490/
  17. I know it's Easter weekend, but anyone free either day and want to run something? anything easy to medium difficulty would be fine...
  18. I'm looking to hike in to Reavis Ranch on Saturday, March 27. This would be my first time hiking this trail and I'm looking to see if anyone is interested. The hike I'm planning is going to be around 13 miles. It will be a lot. Part of this trip is driving up Montana Mountain Road. It's a dirt road and is very easy. My plan is to head out to Montana Mtn Road around 8am. You need to make your way north to Roger's Trough...the hiking trailhead. I want to hike in and I hope to make it all the way to the Ranch. I have never gone in from the south...only from the north. This is one of those trails that you head out the way you came. I plan on keeping a close eye on the time just in case. Is anyone interested? Has anyone done this before and have any good info? If I can't find anyone else I may end up hiking in the McDowell's (north of Scottsdale). Here is a link to the trail on hike arizona. http://hikearizona.com/decoder.php?ZTN=270 John
  19. If the current snow stays around for the weekend, then Aimee, Brady, and I are going to go up to Flagstaff on Saturday (12/12) and hit the Cinders to do some sledding and wheel around in the snow a little. Anyone want to join in? I also may try to go up to the Mogollon Rim Road myself Tuesday or Wednesday if it's not closed, it's usually beautiful there when it first snows. Let me know if you aren't working during the week and want to join! current road closures and conditions here: http://www.az511.com/hcrsweb/hcrsweb.jsp current images from the Mogollon Rim area here: http://www.az511.com/hcrsweb/files/rwisCam522008.html current images from Flagstaff here: http://jan.ucc.nau.edu/~wal2/webcams.htm
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