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  1. I want to make an off-road documentary some time, its just a matter of having the time to commit to it. Like I said, I am so busy lately with work/school I can't find time to do anything it seems I know exactly what you mean on not having time to finish, videos take a lot longer to make then most people realize that is for sure.
  2. Thanks! Yes, I am doing pretty well right now, especially considering I am fresh out of high school (FHHS class of 2010). I am actually considering doing an LLP if the workload increases any further. I have heard talks around the Crandall office of a third client for me. Time will tell how that one goes though. I personally am experienced with the Final Cut Studio application set.. So Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Compressor, and DVD Studio Pro. I am currently working on learning to use Adobe After Effects for my special effects. At SCC Film School, we primarily use AVID Media Composer so I am beginning to learn to use that program as well. Phoenix
  3. Yep! I am an Artichoke! And hello to you too George/neighbor! Glad to be here! Allen, right now my motion graphics experience is a bit amateur, I created the logos for Crandall and the other company that falls under Crandall. I hope (long term speaking here) to get into mostly feature length films in Hollywood. I am still ironing out the details with Galloway, they are in the same office building as Crandall, so it works out well. I do believe they will be doing video updates on their site as well as video biographies on the Galloway staff. Don't quote me on that as I have not yet gotten a project list.
  4. Ok.. So here I am.. For those of you who do not know me.. My name is Phoenix and I live in the Fountain Hills. I drive a '90 YJ and have learned to drive it with half the parts not functioning. Little bit about myself.. I am a full time film student at SCC (go chokes!) with aspirations to get into special effects/motion graphics. Of course that means that I will have to subject myself to the lib-city of Hollywood. When I am not at school, I am working part time for Crandall Corporate Dietitians making training videos for them. I also am currently in the works of finalizing my contract for my second client, Galloway Asset Management. So needless to say, I am quite busy during the week. With that said, I love to get out and wheel my jeep.. I have a few things I need to fix before I can take it back out again, but I will get to it with time/money. If anyone ever needs a hand wrenching on their rig or anything just let me know, I am free weeknights and weekends (with proper notification). Thanks for your time.. Phoenix
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