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  1. Wow, excellent photo's! It looks like a great trail, and that you guys had a really fantastic time:) I love a good adventure putting. Especially when you capture the moment in pix or video. Very good! Do you have any GPS data (or other details) you can share? I want to do this on the bike! This was way more challenging than the route I suggested. Thanks for sharing! Jerry
  2. That sounds like fun! Maybe others in the area would like to have a get together as well.... anyone else interested? Let me know. We can figure out what works in order to plan it! Regarding "Happy Trails"... No, sorry I haven't - BUT you can fill me in on the details over a hot Cup O' Joe Do you like coffee? We have some of the best in the world and happy to brew some up!
  3. Arg... I already paid it in.... Otherwise I would do this with you : )
  4. Every once in a while, I get an email about a really cool product. As is the case with Banshee Horn currently on Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a site where people can pitch their idea or product to others. The main goal is to collect funds to start the particular project. Peter Olt, the creator of the Banshee Horn, is an electrical engineer and a motorcycle enthusiast and saw a need. The need for a 135 decibel automatic air horn. The cool part is that the regular horn still works, but if the button is held down longer the Banshee Horn activates along with flashing headlights. It consists of a control system the size of a matchbox and a compact air horn. If you help Peter launch this product, you’ll get the Banshee Horn at a discount. Here’s how it works: For $39 you get the the control system and for $69 you get the complete package of control system plus the air horn. He intends to sell his product for around $89 after the Kickstarter project ends. Let’s get this product onto the market and save some money while doing it. Products like the Banshee Horn could save your life. Click the link below to visit his Kickstarter site and see the Banshee Horn in action. You'll need to take action right away... This KickStarter ends January @ 10:02pm! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/153591688/banshee-horn-safety-system-for-motorcycles-cars-an?ref=live Ride Safe!
  5. It's really a privilege to be associated with Off Road Passport. Kathy & I expect to join in on a few of the adventures we've read about here in the weeks ahead. It sounds like this would be a big fun thing to join into! Regarding our adventure site; All our video's are online and free to watch. We never charge for this. We believe what we're doing is adding to OUR adventure by having our extended friends around the world join us virtually through the video's we produce. Plus, it might help educate occasionally : ) We are always looking for the unusual, out of the way places few want to visit... mostly because it's either too dangerous or would take too long to get to. When you have a chance, visit our website and have a look. We've won top awards in the film festivals we've entered. Here's a link: http://www.XpeditionsTV.com All we ever ask is a comment in our guestbook;) and to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to stay connected as we roam about. These are easy to find links at XTV. I am wondering if there are any others here who ride off road on any kind of bike. I'm certainly not a hardcore off road type... in fact, I tend to be a bit timid right now. I only started riding again after 14 years without a bike. Kathy & I originally had the concept of motorcycling the Atacama Desert (Chile) later this year or next, which is why I chose the BMW Adventure. Anyway, I think it would be big fun to get together with folks who share an interest in riding, and there are so many great trails around the Cottonwood/ Jerome area. I haven't a clear idea how to proceed, so if any reading this have ideas please share. BTW... There are some really amazing looking jeep trails going up the south side of Mingus mountain that I'm told 4X4's find challenging but not impossible. Regarding a bike for Kathy.... I bought her a BMW GS 650 twin. It was a bit large for her tastes, so now we're looking at the Suzuki DRZ400. As for our Suburban... It's stock. BUT (!) we have taken that thing into some of the craziest places over the years. It's our off-roader:D and hasn't let us down once. It now has carefully etched desert pin-striping. We acquired that a few days ago as we tried to find out way down something that could be a road through the desert had there been a dozen more steers. I was amazed at its agility at backing up on a mountainside... Kathy is sometimes crazy adventurous! Thanks for the warm welcome... And thanks to everyone for this great forum. We look forward to staying in touch, and ocassionally contributing. Best Wishes Jerry;)
  6. Hi Folks -- After looking over the Off Roads Passport website I decided it might be a good place to hang out for awhile : ) This seems like a great place to meet folks who enjoy getting away from the city. A little about me... well, us both; Kathy and I spend quite a bit of time looking for lost cities in south America, then documenting them (video), and finally coming home to edit the material. Once finished we place these videos online for everyone to enjoy - and it's all at no cost. Aside from this, we recently moved to Cottonwood (Az) and have started locking around this area. There are so many dirt trails, roads, and out of the way places... and we love motorcycling. I think this will be a great place to be. I'm an electronics tekkie guy, and Kathy is amazing at logistics (getting us in and out) and researcher (gets the best details). She also an accomplished videographer and editor. I ride a 2003 BMW 1150 GS Adventure. We're still looking for Kat's ride when she isn't riding with me. I think it would be really fun to find others interested to ride these and other trails. I know this is predominately a 4X4 site, but hoping Off Road Passport might also include those of us with adventure in our blood, and a motorcycle ready for the next adventure. I look forward to hearing from anyone interested to join up sometime : )
  7. Hi -- I'm new to Off Road Passport and just read your post... so, I figured I would just jump in! One of our favorites is Perkinsville Road. Not exactly Sedona, but close enough that you might consider it. I have a BMW 1150 GS Adventure and a Chevy 4X4 Suburban, and have explored this area in both with no issue other than getting cold while on the bike You'll see incredible scenery! Sedona is to your east, and Sycamore Canyon is truly incredible to see from atop the mountain passes. OnGoogle Earth you're looking for "Jerome/Perkinsville Road" - also known as Forest Service Road 318. A few miles down this road you'll see a sign indicating you can continue on straight, or turn left. It's another dirt road (Forest Service Road 318a) leading toward Chino Valley. You might consider this one as well if you wanted to extend your mountain driving. If you opt for this route, instead of going toward Williams and I-40, you can easily hit 89A and return to Sedona via Jerome. Continuing toward Williams on FSR 318 levels out for quite a ways leaving the mountains behind you. There is still a lot to see on this road... it's truly spectacular, but it isn't exactly mountain driving. Food? Like Coffee? You might want to stop by The Flatiron to "coffee-up" before you head out. They close at 3pm... don't wait until you drive back through later in the day. For a great gourmet Mexican food meal you'll want to stop by Quincy. It's pricy but well worth the cost. For less expensive fare head over to Pepe's in Cottonwood. The food is very reasonable and the quality is fantastic! You might want to consider eating Breakfast here instead of in Sedona. Jose (the owner) makes his own Chorizo, and it's the best I have ever had!!! The food is not all that spicy though... If you want it "warmed up" you can ask for his green chile sauce (out of this world good). Here are details I pulled off a website in case you're interested... Perkinsville Road Forest Routes 318 and 173 from Jerome to Williams. This 50-mile jaunt will put a smile on your face without rattling your molars too much. The first 26 miles are unpaved. In good weather, you can handle the trip in a car, but a light truck or SUV is advisable. The twisted road descends Mingus Mountain and straightens out as it nears the Verde River in Perkinsville. Along the way, impressive views of Sedona's red rocks and Sycamore Canyon's buff-colored buttes will distract the driver. North of the Verde River, the road climbs the Mogollon Rim into the Kaibab National Forest. Allow about two hours. GETTING THERE: About 115 miles from central Phoenix to Jerome. Interstate 17 north to Arizona 260 at Camp Verde, west to Cottonwood; west on Arizona 89A to Jerome. Go west on Jerome's Main Street past the post office, following the signs to the Gold King Mine, a tourist attraction. Turn right at the top of the hill just before the mine gate. TIP: Take an Arizona Atlas & Gazetteer map book or maps of the Prescott and Kaibab national forests. This is a good alternate route to the Grand Canyon. It also makes a good day trip with a return route through Flagstaff and Sedona. I hope this helps you have an even more fun time! Best Wishes Jerry & Kathy Wills executive producers Xpeditions TV
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