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Where Are We Now?

Where are we now and where have we been?
You can experience the adventure from the comfort of your home! Just click on the SPOT icon next to a member's name in the list to see our trips in real-time as well as view past trip maps, photos and stories.

Offroad Passport uses the SPOT Satellites GPS Messenger to keep you informed as well as provide peace-of-mind for ourselves and our loved ones on each expedition. SPOT works in the back-country where cell-phones don't. Knowing that emergency services are only a push-of-a-button away lets us focus on trail challenges and the fun of exploring!

If you own a SPOT device, click here to be added to our tracking list. Click here to find out more about the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.

How Do You Share Your Adventures?
When traveling in remote areas, using a SPOT device is by far the simplest way to let people track your progress and be able to summon help if needed.

We also realize that for the same purpose, some of our members have spent time studying, taken the test and received their Amateur Radio license. If you are a HAM Radio operator running a mobile APRS rig for tracking, we would like to add you to the list as well!

What innovative way have you come up with to share your adventures? We can include you even if you aren't running a real-time tracking system. If you have a website where you archive your GPS tracks and share information from trips, let us know!

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