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quick tip: checking alignment by yourself

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it can be a pain to check your rig's toe-in by yourself since you usually end up needing a second person to hold the tape measure...


instead of trying to reference off the center of the tire treads, just grab 2 bungee cords plus a couple 4ft sections of 1/2" angle steel and arrange a piece on each front tire like so:




then you can easily hook the end of your tape measure on the steel at the front and rear edges of the tire, making it an easy 1-person job!


just be sure if you have sidewall tread that you align the steel between the tread blocks so it's contacting the same area of the tire at front and back.


going off the tire is good for a quick check... but you can use this same technique to do a more precise alignment too. just remove the wheels and hook the bungees to the knuckles so they hold the steel flush against the outer surface of the hubs.

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Also, fasten the angle iron across the center of the tire. Great post Kris.

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