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  1. Can we meet you @ the Bush hwy and Beeline? No need to get off hwy we can fall in behind you as you pass by. What channel will you be on in the morning? (CB)
  2. Diane I have a buddy with a 2013 jk rubi that want to go with us as well.
  3. So glad to be home and not moving! Thanks for the good times everyone, had a real good time.
  4. Nate It would be an honor to come on this run and help you celebrate your birthday. Sign me up please!!!
  5. Hello, I will be with the Lophat group, meeting at the Q/T at 6 am. See y'all in the A.M.
  6. Its official, I'm in for this run. Everything worked flawlessly on Lower terminator.
  7. Hi Diane, I'm interested in running this trail with you guys, getting my lift put on thurs @4wheelers supply. Going to do a shakedown run at Table Mesa this weekend hopefully. I went with a 4.5 inch lift and 35's. I'm still going to need a few things, so can you add me as a maybe. Should have it all done in time though. Thanks Karl
  8. Had a great time today, got to meet some real cool fellow jeepers. And a special thanks to LOPHAT for all you do!
  9. Good morning, Nate put me on the fo sure list. See ya at the QT. Karl
  10. Hey Mr LOPHAT, what would be your thoughts on a 2004 tj rubicon totally stock going on this run? Just bought it and was looking to test it out this weekend. thanks
  11. Rush


    MP 207 just east of renaissance festival headed torward florence after the last big rain we had. And the inside looked just like the outside LOL! Totally lookin forward to getting out!
  12. Rush


    Just wanted.to say hello, new to the site.I have a 1995 yj, 2.5 inch lift w/33's. Six banger and 5 speed. Look forward to wheelin with the group soon.
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