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  1. Thanks for the headsup on that, but even if they ins companies have say, with the money to be made off the parks, they could pay the ins costs themselves as part of the overhead. Basing off an estimated overhead cost, the park would only need to sell about 600 passes per year or about 2 per day on average to break even and not cost the state money. I know if this project sees the light of day here, there will be many many more than that. The other thing is that if California can have a state owned ORV park system and be successful, then why cannt New York?
  2. I have only begun to brush the surface of this monumental task. Through the beginnings of my research efforts over the last few months, I have discovered that there are several states West of the Mississippi River that have one or more state owned ORV parks or recreational areas. California for example has 6 such parks they own and operate. However here, east of the Mississippi River, ORV parks are few and far between. The ones that we do have here are privately owned and can get to be expensive due to insurance and liability issues. What I am proposing is a lower cost option for the Northeast USA. With all the bad press we in the off-road community get due to those among us that fall in the 10% rule, we have fewer and fewer land and trails open and available to us. Let those of us, who are true enthusiasts, band together to petition the State of New York to repurpose some of the state land and reopen them as an ORV/OHV Recreational area. These parks could be multi use parks that allow for all types of OHVs. The scope of the parks would allow our community to safely and responsibility enjoy what we do. Today’s off-road community member for the most part is nothing like our fore-fathers. We are responsible stewards of the land that we trek on. We are always trying to preserve what we have for future generations to enjoy as well. Let us band together and show the government that we are not the people that lead to the decisions of land and trail closures. There is a huge unknown (to the gov’t) need for safe, LEGAL, OPEN places for us to enjoy our sport and hobby. By the State of New York opening parks like this, it will be a win-win for everyone. The state government will generate more revenue for their budget and the off-road community will get low cost LEGAL, OPEN places to enjoy taking our vehicles off-road. Here is the link to the online petition: State owned Off-Road Vehicle Recreational Park Petition Thank you to all who view and support this project. Don
  3. edited the 1st post to include a brief description of the photos... as soon as i get more from the other jeeps, i will post a few more pics
  4. LMAO, yea that is my XJ... the one and only... many try to copy, but there is nothing like the original LOL... my jeep goes just about everywhere i do
  5. yea there was another section with smoke coming out of the ground near the cemetery were I took some pics of the tombstones. we saw some that dated back to the late 1800's and there was one as recent as 2009. being on that closed section of road was a lil eerie and humbling... it puts in perspective just how insignificant we are and that there are forces bigger than us that will change our best laid plans...
  6. here is the link to the pics... http://offroadpassport.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4236#post4236
  7. On 22May10 I went to Centralia, PA to do some exploring and see what was left of the town. I got to spend an afternoon driving some of the trails. I plan to go back so I can see more of what I didnt get to this time around. Just a note, some of the trails that I was on were barely wide enough for me to make it... Here are some pics I took from the trail ride I did... I will post more and I am waiting to get a copy of the other pics taken by the rest of the group... there were 4 Jeeps total with at least 5-7 cameras taking pics... we had 7 people in the 4 Jeeps... it was a good time by all... Edit: Explanation of Pics... the 1st two pics are of the closed section of Rt 61 from the underground mine fire the 3rd pic is of my jeep parked a little ways up from the cracked and rippled section of road the 4th pic is the group that showed up for the trail run we did the 5th pic is a church that we could see on a hill off in the distance, full zoom on my cam for the pic the 6th pic is an old tomb stone written in Russian from what a friend of mine said the last 3 are pics of the other jeeps and mine from the trail
  8. yes, it was intriguing, but also kinda erie too... I will post some pics as soon as i get them downloaded off the camera and do a small write up... building wise there was only a small handfull of houses left and it didnt look like much, didnt get any pics of that, but I got plenty from the trail ride we did through the area we could legally get into...
  9. ok, this will be my last post here about this trip. after this, just show up at the designated places and times or catch us on the road. I have to change the FRS channel because of the 3 radios i have one of them only goes to channel 14. so to make sure we are all on the same page, here is the trip info. I will be leaving Rensselaer about 0630. I am planning on getting to the New Baltimore service plaza on I87S by 0700 from there I will wait about 30 min for anyone else to show up then it is back on the road. I will be getting off of 87 at the exit for I84W towards Scranton From there, I should be in the Scranton area by about 0930 and following for I81S I will be following 81S to exit 119 and hooking up with Rt 61 to Centralia There is a gas station in Ashland, PA right were 61 makes a 90* left. I believe the address is 300 Centre St, Ashland, PA 17921. At that gas station, I will wait another 30 min then off to centralia. While on the road, I will be monitoring CB channels 16 and 19. While I am stopped and waiting, I will monitor CB channel 16 and channel 14 on the FRS Radio. My handle is Bandit, give a shout if you are close to see if we are still sitting or not. I am hoping to be in Ashland shortly after 1200 and in Centralia by 1300. I look forward to seeing whoever shows.
  10. There is a gas station in Ashland, PA that I will stop at to wait instead of down near exit 119 on 81. the address I could find for the gas station is 300 Centre St, Ashland, PA 17921 I will be there shortly after 1200 and will wait 30 min unless you chime in on the FRS or CB to let us know you are coming. in addition, if you are going and have not said so here yet, PM either me and i will give you our cell number if you dont have any other form of commo. I will check back to see if there are anymore posts or pms friday nite, after that, just show up.
  11. Checked the weather and it will be in the mid to upper 70's for Sat with a chance for "isolated" T-storms. As mentioned before, I will be leaving my house about 0630 and stopping at the first fuel plaza on Rt 87S past exit 23. I will wait there for about 30min before getting back on the road. After that there will be one stop for fuel in Scranton area in PA, then I will stop again for another 30 min once I get to exit 119 on Rt 81. I am planning on being at the fuel plaza by about 0700 and exit 119 by about 1200. The exact route I am taking is 87S to 84W to 81S then the back roads to Centralia. If you have not already said you going, just show up at the times and places mentioned. I will have FRS and CB both set to channel 16 for commo. Give a shout out on either. If I am on the road, I will be flipping between CB channels 19 and 16. I look forward to seeing everyone there. I do realize that there may be some that are concerned about being legal and all, I have looked into it and other than the few residents that still live there, there is no land that I could find that was privately owned. So unless there are posted signs or the like found there should be a good time wheeling for all. In addition I do plan on getting out and looking at the closed section of the original Rt 61, this would be on foot of course. Now as far as I know, the trip list look like this... Trip list: Bandit1- XJ with Cell, CB, and FRS for commo Andy and Lori- regular car with cell for commo (they will ditch the car and ride in Bandit1's jeep when we get to centralia)
  12. I was in Centralia about a month ago and didnt know it and didnt have time to explore the area. So, I am planning a trip this month to go down again with more time to explore and maybe get some wheeling in. For those who dont know, Centralia was a coal mining town back in the 50's and 60's and due to a mine fire that has never been put out. PA tried to close the area and evacuate the people living there, to this day there are still a hand full of people still living there in their homes. May 22, 2010 Centralia, PA trip I will be at the first service plaza south of RT87 Exit 23 I will also be monitoring channel 16 on the CB and FRS radio My handle is "bandit" give a holler when you are close I am planning on arriving at that plaza about 0700, but I will wait 30 min from the time I arrive or 0730 what ever is longer. the route I am taking is from Albany area it is 87S to 84W then 81S to Exit 119 on 81S. Once at exit 119, I will pull over and wait about 30 min again to see if anyone else arrives. Apx time for exit 119 should be about 1130-1200. Again once to exit 119, I will monitor channel 16 on the radios. If all goes to plan, I should reach 81S in Scranton, PA about 0930. As I drive I will flip between 16 and 19 on the CB if you want to join us on the road. The only other stop will be for fuel either in Scranton or the town we go through on our way to Centralia. I look forward to this trip as the more I look up and read up on the town the more excited I get. It will be nice to be able to take the time to explore and know i am in the town or whats left of it. copy and paste the following list and add your info Trip list: Bandit1-XJ with Cell, CB, and FRS for commo
  13. so do you know what that stuff is. I might do this to my XJ....
  14. Bandit1

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    no, corp 8.25 in rear, and D30 up front... thanks for the offer though....
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